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We Got Married Global Edition

we are micheoso and we love it! If you have stumbled on this site and wondering what this is, we assume that you have watched the global edition of We Got Married and are fans of TaecGui. This site is an archive for TaecGui fans, who are members of Soompithe online forum and hangout for all things related to Korean entertainment. The archive includes all the spazzing, the fun, the laugher and the tears as we watched the show and fell in love with TaecGui and the continued love and affection we have for them even though the show has finished airing. Happy reading!


super happy to report that the blog has been updated with the 2000 pages of thread 1!!!!!!!
while it does not contain every single post, it does do a pretty good collection of a collection of the chatter that happened. not sure who finds us so amusing to read but always find that our posts are all read -- the view count is over 200,000+  for the blog. so thank you! 

Please check out our new additions Love is section which contains a lot of love is taecgui style comments and the taecgui news which contains all the social media updates. we also want to thank the contributions of new members to our library team ..... 
-- librarians @b8l8 and @lmangla 


These are the compiled posts of pages 1-2000 (Part 1) from the soompi forum for taecgui. We will continue to update as we can but we may stop at any time. It does NOT contain every single post because we are neither the Matrix or the collective from Star Trek. The blog contains only a sampling of conversations that happened on the thread. 

Q.How did you select the posts?

A. As it was not possible to post everything, there was a certain amount of discretion that had to happen. Basically, posts were chosen on their re-read factor and that was gauged by the responses a post generated and the # of button (awesome/insightful/LOL) responses it received. We also chose to focus on more positive posts since it is more enjoyable to re-read those.

Q: My post was not selected but so many of X's posts are there

A: We have tried to include as many voices and responses as possible. Some people on the thread post a lot. 

Q. But I posted this awesome gif/photo. Why didn't you include it?

A. With over 1000 pages of posts, it was difficult for our human brain to recollect if something has or has not been posted. So if we missed it, sorry!

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