Friday, May 26, 2017

socmed: taec , ghost and gui

30 june 2016: taec twitter: 싸우댜 귀시나  (translation 2pmalways: lets fight ghost)
kekekeke... this is how bing translated it for me... "Fight multiple ear: I" hahahah... multiple ear? as in gui gui ? :lol: - lmangla june 30 2016

Actually i would like translate 싸우댜 귀시나 to be : lets fight with me, miss gui
I know he wanted to act cute but somehow he typed it in different meaning from the original : 싸우자 귀신아 // lets fight, ghost. But i might be wrong, let me cc it with @minwooluv78 , -- pshop july 1

kekeke.... this translation is even better! hahaha... so last week, she was saying don't be angry and now this week, he says, lets fight?!! :D
guigui fb: june 21, 2016
caption translation: Don’t be angry! Feed you salty caramel ice-cream (heart emoticon)
how would you translate it @minwooluv78 , @korchick ? -- lmangla july 1

is this their new way of teasing each other? being angry and then fighting? LOL -- mikoshine july 1

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