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socmed: okcat and yeoncat

now, they're finally introducing the pink girl cat, Yeon Cat, okcat's new friend... hehehe

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PS: If someone could help translate this, that would be nice ^_^ 

I am working on it :D
In summary, it is an introduction.
Ok Cat's girlfriend = Yeon Cat (pronounced  "yeon" like Taec Yeon
It takes me awhile to copy all the Korean over to translate... but basically that is what this is about :)
-- korchick july 6

The caption : introducing okcat~~~
Please treat these two okcats wel >_<
The  poster : 
Okcat, finally met his friend at greece
2015.3 while Okcat ceo's trip at greece he met an adventure partner, yeoncat
Name : yeoncat
Likes : okcat, okcat ceo
Speciality: sushi (??. My self note I have no idea for this. Maybe she is a pro for sushi making) -- pshop july 6

thanks @korchick and @pshopbba_thumb.gif
so the CEO met her in greece... why greece though? hmmm... and also, what's with the sushi as specialty? kekekekeke lxhtouxiao_thumb.gif
  -- mikoshine july 6

You are welcome, ~~  i will help translating if i know the words, this is like practicing my self learning for korean.
 The rational reason for greece, he went to greece with his family last year on march . That is where he met yeoncat. 
The delulu reason : i am giving it back to you, hohoho..
About sushi, i still have no idea for this, maybe we should wait for another comic/post to know what it meant -- pshop july 6

maybe it is eating sushi? hahaha..... :D
meeting with friends, they had sushi...
and they both love going to japan and eating the food there....
image  ref: 
-- lmangla july 6 

So totally new to this forum or only knew that she was in WGM until like few weeks back (cause was really into crime scene, then few interview mention WGM and got interested). Once started to watch the show, knew I was doomed, it totally got me addicted to it and like staying up late to repeatly watching the show past few days ever since knew about it.
The main point is saw a Chinese translated of YeonCat saw from:, the characters of YeonCat was really interesting I must say:
◤160706 OKCAT官方推特更新◢向大家介绍Okcat的女.猫.友啦喵~~~️( Introducing Okcat's female cat friend[cat girlfriend])
也要给YEONCAT多多喜爱噢喵>_< (Please give Yeoncat lots of love to nya>_<)
Okcat,在希腊遇见朋友啦!(Okcat met friend in Greek!)
2016.03 Okcat和玉社长一起在希腊旅行途中 仿佛命运一般 遇到了冒险搭档Yeoncat!!(2016.03, During their tour in Greek Okcat and OkCEO, as if fate(destiny),   met with adventurous partner Yeoncat!!)
热爱冒险和旅行的Okcat的女猫友!(Love adventures and travelling, Okcat's cat girlfriend)
性格爽朗 活泼向上 不害怕危险 (Lively personality, up bright, not scare of danger)
勇敢无双的Yeoncat 虽然偶尔也发生一些事故 (Yeoncat who are brave, sometimes do cause some accident)
和Okcat在一起就没有害怕的 (but if together with Okcat there is nothing to fear)
LIKE:Okcat,玉社长(Ok CEO)
SPECIALTY:寿司 (sushi)
For the sushi part ppl in the Chinese forum are suggesting that maybe she is good at making sushi (remember the ep where the TG and Go are making rolls and GG's one is the best rolled of the three)
It would be better if there are people translating it again cause my English not that good some translation from Chinese might be kinda off. -- crazeiumi july 6

thanks for sharing this @crazeizumi .:)
So yeoncat is also a bit clumsy and tends to cause some accidents... sounds like someone we know, right? hehe ;)
and guigui's new post, she became a cat.... kekekekekekeke (and it seems like the cat was really in the poster... LOL) -- mikoshine july 7

hehehehe....official ad by Mio :D is it really cute :D

-- angelangie july 7

did folks see this? kekeke.... what do you think? ;)
taec twitter: june 6: 여.고.친
translation (2pmalways): Girl. Cat. Friend.
(he retweeted this image from okcat) -- july 9 lmangla

bef had been promoted to YeonCat :D:D:D -- angelangie july 9

hahahahha.... poor bef.. but I liked bef! :D -- lmangla july 9

hehehhe....well at least BEF became bigger right? :D -- angelangie july 9

well, bef became pink!!... :D
guess his greece trip was good because he came back re-charged and re-focused on how to further okcat... so yeoncat from greece. but why add another character? is he planning to have lots of characters within the okcat lot I wonder...
but doesn't this pic remind you of poor bef? (ducky in the middle) -- lmangla july 9

and at least now they're the same species... LOL -- mikoshine july 9

now  you talking the same language ^_*
There is a lot of same suddenly dont you think? -- angelangie july 9

these similarities makes fuels our ship... hehehehehe :grin: -- mikoshine july 9

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