Friday, May 26, 2017

interview: guigui and her relationship goal

wow wow wow lols
okie guys this is freaking coincidence? :D
GG latest interview with Cool Magazine was talking about her deepest wish is to be in a relationship that she can openly admit or that something she can actually do it out there in the open without hiding! :D
Thinking cap on guys? :D -- angelangie june 2 2016

c-ent celebs seem pretty relaxed with letting fans know they are dating... so who is she interested in? a certain kpop beast? :D -- lmangla june 3

She said that? Which issue? Do we have a copy or a screenshot?  @Lmangla will need that for the blogs.
But if she's really in a relationship with Aaron Yan, what's stopping her from admitting it anyway? The Guilun fans will be so happy. So will the unnies/big sisters who just want her happily settled down with a boyfriend. ;) -- packmule3 june 3

i have the Cool Magazine pictures :D hehehehe :P it was in the last part of the interview :P for the June issue hehehe -- angelangie june 3

in this issue, this is the issue that she talked about r/s and her wishes that she wishes to come to light on her RS and also she love the feeling of holding hand in the public -- angelangie june 3

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