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interview: gugui birthday party press conference "my husband"

I feel extreme happy to get back to Taiwan.  During my training in Korea, I am with my agent, coworkers, and teachers almost daily.  My new album should be published by beginning of October in Korea.   It will be available in Taiwan as well.  The album is included in both Korean & Chinese language; the song styles have both fast and slow type of songs.

Guigui says, all songs have been recorded completely.  She let few of her friends listen and they like it.  The music/singing lesson makes big differences.
It seems getting younger ages of female k-pop groups in entertainment industries in Korea now.  Many young girls became as popular k-pop idols and they not even graduate from high school yet.  Today, Guigui turns 27 years old (28 yrs old in Korea).  People ask her if she gets age pressured.  She replies – “NO”, coz I have a baby face.   She says, most of Korean see her by looking, they thought she just have 16 or 17 years old.  People get surprised when she says she is 28 years old already.  Therefore, she has no fears about her age’s even stand by all Youngers.
鬼鬼生日發願結婚生子 晨翔、胡宇威都是... 分享分享留言列印 A-A+ 2016-08-11 18:07 聯合報 記者杜沛學╱即時報導 「鬼鬼」吳映潔簽約韓國經紀公司後,這2個月在韓國接受歌唱特訓、準備發片,11日生日當天特別回台與粉絲相見歡,「黑澀會」時期的姊妹小薰、小蠻也驚喜現身當嘉賓。鬼鬼自嘲太久沒講中文,面對台灣媒體聊開了,甚至大談過往戀情,也不避諱被問到圈內緋聞胡宇威與晨翔。 鬼鬼的生日願望包括再買5棟房、將發的專輯獲得好成績以及30歲前結婚生子。但滿27歲的她坦言,現階段生活不適合戀愛,每天練唱、上韓文課,時間已經被佔滿,直呼「很不開心」。至於最想跟哪位韓國男藝人合作?她難得嬌羞點名T.O.P。 小薰祝她早日找到好對象,更脫口:「不要再找一些有的沒的了。」鬼鬼事後解釋,「有的沒的」應該是指和對方交往時間不那麼長,但過去的對象都一定是互相喜歡才在一起,沒有好或不好。之前被拍到與晨翔同進出傳緋聞,鬼鬼再次強調與對方只是朋友,現在偶爾也會聯絡,也不避諱與對方合作,和「另一個前男友」胡宇威也不怕尷尬,但直呼不想再與過往對象連在一起。 今年生日鬼鬼在台北買了了一間房給自己當禮物,透露花了300萬裝潢,最近剛完工,可惜都在韓國工作,沒時間住。她坦言也有在首爾看房子,希望能買一間之後蓋成民宿,認真表示不知演藝工作能維持幾年,要為未來找「後路」。
Two of her close friends from “Hey Girl” came to her birthday party to celebrate with her.  Guigui was surprised by them.  They both brought gifts to her, a cake with big nipples (it means congrats her, young girl turns to a woman); and a Chinese princess costume (Guigui always wants to be a princess).
Guigui’s birthday wishes are below: 
She wants to buy 5 more houses, Sell well her new albums and she wish to get marry and have a baby before/on her 30 yrs old.  She admits she is 27 now, currently is not a good timing for romance.  She is too busy; her time is all occupied by singing and learning Korean. 
She most wanted to be able to work with is TOP still.
Her friend wish Guigui will find a real love and Mr. Right soon.  Open wide your eyes for a real love. Guigui also mentioned about Chen Shieun who has scandal with her couple of month ago in her apartment Taiwan, they are friends only.  Same as Hu, she didn’t want to relate to him anymore.
Guigui bought a house for her birthday gift in Taipei this year.  She spent NT$3,000,000 remodeling.  She hasn’t got a chance to live there yet due to works in Korea.  She admits she is looking houses in Korea as well.  She has been deep thought about her future, who knows how far/last long her entertainment careers will be. - minkmaseti aug 12, 2016

鬼鬼尺度大開承認:我人生中真有藝人的男朋友! 2016-08-12 10:17:42 瀏覽數:2,807 by 兩隻老虎 鬼鬼吳映潔昨天(11日)與粉絲歡慶27歲生日,剛從韓國受訓回台的她,與粉絲分享在韓國受訓的甘苦談,她在韓國將近2個月的時間,每周上2次韓文課,自詡「韓文有進步!現在會的形容詞比較多。」她也用韓文自我介紹了一番,當下她不忘糗好友劉以豪「我覺得他每次都講那幾句~」聊起和劉以豪的相識,她直言「也是朋友的朋友才認識」,她大方笑言「他是我的菜!不過我們的感情像兄妹,我把他當哥哥。」 生日會前的媒體茶敘「黑澀會美眉」的小蠻、小薰特別瞞著她到場送驚喜,除了送上波霸蛋糕象徵她從小女生轉變成小女人,也帶了一件「格格裝」送她,希望一圓她從小想當格格的夢想。好姊妹也祝她「早日找到真愛!」小薰則直言「不要再找有的沒的,眼睛睜亮一點!」她此話一出讓全場哄堂大笑,更讓鬼鬼尺度全開承認「我的人生中真的有藝人的男朋友!大家去摘錄就知道。」
Guigui has shown off her Korean at her party yesterday, she got a lot of improvement.  Now, she can use many adjectives and also, she was introducing herself by saying in Korean.
She and Jasper Liu are friends.  Guigui jokes Jasper is her style of friend.  They are like brother and sister kind of friends.  Guigui also says in her life, she really has a boyfriend who is in the entertainment industries.  You may able to search it.
  -- minkmaseti 

She really has boyfriend??? But why do their friend wishing her to find real love and mr.right soon??
Ohh..i wish her boy friend is the same as we think...pleaseee pleasee >.< -- pshop aug 12

What she mean is her past history love life she used to have boyfriend from the entertainment industry and say that it's a well-known fact they(the media) can go check about it.

Actually the whole interview the fun part is that. They were at first talking about xiao xun asking whether she had boyfriend who in the entertainment industry, GG then started saying isn't she the limelight today, then her other friends
xiao man: so you have boyfriend in the industry.
GG: Yup I have
Reporter: Ok Taecyeon
GG: Yes, erm no... Ok Taecyeon is...
Reporter: cover up
xiao xun: You just say yes will do [can't really translate this part original:你说对就是了]
GG: Ok Taecyeon is... it feels really like dating, but it's just a tv show
GG: But you all do know that in my life I did have boyfriend from the industry you can go search about it
Reporter: she disclose it
GG: I thought everybody knew about it?
Another highlight, cause don't know whether the video out yet or not saw it through live viewing yesterday, during the bday party there's a game round, the rule of the game is that GG have to use taiwan dialect to describe the words(can't use any other language). So the chosen fans is split into 2 grps. each grp have a pile of keywords. The grp that use the shortest time to finish guessing will be the winner.
In one of the grp one of their keywords is Ok Taecyeon, and GG describe him as "My husband" (in Taiwan Dialect) lol, it's also funny that fans just answer Ok Taecyeon like it's a very usual thing, I mean ppl who participate in the party most of them are purely GG fans or from other shipper not just TaecGui. - crazeiumi aug 12

LOL... so guigui's husband will always be taecyeon... kekekeke.. it's like the answer is the most obvious thing in the world :D  -- mikoshine aug 12

while delu me giggles, the rational part of me wonders how she feels... unless she was actually seeing him, won't it be tiresome and maybe even hurtful when folks keep linking her with him? like if she was interested in him and he rejected her or they broke up, won't it be sad? or if they weren't interested in each other, then it may be annoying? or a reminder that makes you sigh that they keep tagging her with him only because she is single? or maybe it is all part of being an entertainer and so no big deal?....
sometimes it is hard to keep the delu when they don't keep giving us little cookies to munch on.... -- lmangla aug 15

I don't know I mean if she don't feel good about it  she will mention it right just like how she mention about don't want to be linked with her past (most probably love relationship) and if she really feels annoy or tired about it, I don't get it why during the game she have to describe Taec as "my husband" I mean I'm sure there's lot of other description she can use for Taec, other times she can't help it because it's other people who mentioned about Taec first. 
GG aside, I'm more curious about Taec's feelings... I mean people had been discussing about how he didn't mentioned anything about GG cause he wanted to protect her just like how he don't like to mention about his family to protect them or well cause at that time it's not like GG need to be exposed to Korean audience therefore he don't see the need to mention her?
But if he could send support truck for PSH who only work with him for like three days(? not sure, just check that she went on the show twice...) I don't see why he can't mention about GG ,who worked with him like for 3 months (total of around 14 days), at all in Korea ( I mean he kinda did for overseas interview twice I think...?) or in his twitter.
so I have a few thoughts:
1) He wanted to keep all those precious memories, his thoughts about the show to himself? Not wanting to share it with Korean audience?
2) They are not together at all, he have goods feeling about her but at the same time he can't really see her as just a friend (after getting down from the show) so he don't want to mention it? Just want to keep it in his heart?
3) (delu mode) They are together he just don't want to mention anything until their big day?
and come to think of it other then in the show before the proposal GG mention Taec as friend, I don't think I ever saw her stating Taec as friend anymore in any interviews after the show (correct me if I'm wrong cause I'm like only into this this year)
So I'm waiting to see if he's still going to keep quiet about it when GG's mini album is out. I mean GG have at least 1 song in Korean if I remember correctly she releasing her CD in Korea too. If they ever meet on show in Korea wonder how's their reaction will be. I'm sure GG will be her usual friendly self and greet him/them with a big smile. Not sure about Taec though... -- craziumi aug 17

great points @crazeizumi .; she doesn't encourage talk of her ex but she is happy to mention taec which does make you wonder... and actually taec's silence has always been interesting because he as well as JYP ent can be very vocal and move quickly to squash rumours. when she signed up with CJ&EM, the hashtag on IG by the president of the company had "ok taecyeon's wife". that really surprised me from a corporate perspective that a company exec would promote an artist that way. and what was even more surprising was the lack of reaction from taec or JYP. if there was nothing going on, JYP would have been swift to get them to remove the hashtag as to not create unnecessary rumours or gossip. instead, we don't get any reaction and neither is it ever mentioned except by us shippers... so when we look at things like that, it seems like these two have a great equation but we aren't sure where exactly that equation stands. of course, as the ship gets old, it is harder to simply be delu all the time and not have those rational questions as we don't have too many crumbs to discuss...
as for the truck to PSH, she is clearly in the friendzone. taec has sent his other costars like lee seo jin and his 2pm bandmates when they had dramas. so he seems like one of those guys who goes all out for friends. but when it is someone special, he is more likely to keep it private because some things are meant to be private... so while it is definitely frustrating that we don't get visible signs of support from him for her birthday or her work, the question does arise is why? for me, it is two options. a) he has no idea that she exists b.) she is someone special and he prefers to send his gifts privately till they are ready to tell folks.... the mystery behind her getting the macaroons were never solved, were they?
-- lmangla aug 17

For the hashtag or "ok taecyeon's wife“ I'm not sure about Taec's thoughts so I'm not going to think too much about it...
As for JYP(as a company) I'm thinking that they see it more as a merit then demerit, a collaborative opportunity?(I'm guessing only) I mean if you look up CJ E&M they have lots of things under them most of the show (even's Taec's current show) is under them, even some of JYP's concerts can be seen organised by CJ E&M too. M countdown and all...If you search back to some of the events that 2PM participate most of the time you can see CJ E&M logos there too.
Also one interesting fact is that one of GG's singing/audio instructor for her CD is from JYP(or should I say most of the case she took up are people from JYP) , can't remember if anyone posted the instructor's IG here(a pic of GG the teacher and another lady). In the IG the lady even hashtag Taec too.
So from the higher ups of CJ to the instructor of JYP using their hashtag together so casually got me thinking that maybe both company had an agreement to it? 
 -- craziumi aug 18

@Lmangla here Got it from TaecGui Baidu Bar
Cr emmy0421
Chinese Translation cr to emmy0421 
EMMA 趙長君和我 (Emma 趙長君[Dont know who this Don't know korean too] and me)
世界版我們結婚了 是嗎? (Is it GWGM?)
這裡是和玉澤演甜甜蜜蜜的可愛鬼EMMA~ (This is cute Emma, who is all lovey dovey with Ok Taecyeon)
最近EMMA的專輯 講師和指導組 (Recently Emma's album lecturer and Instructor)
我的alibi(不在犯罪現場)準備收藏好 ~!!! 這段時間和 #JYP 練習生showcase (Going to hid my alibi~!!! This period of them with JYP trainee showcase)
準備為止~~~!!! 哈哈哈 啊~~~ (Preparing~~~!!!!! Hahaha ah~~~)
#EmmaWu #吳映潔 #鬼鬼 #我們結婚了#玉澤演 #WIPCOMPANY #AG聖恩(應該是人名) #cj #cjenm #CJE&M
無論如何今天也順利平安的錄音~~ 歌太好了^^
Rough Translation from what I see in Chinese... I think the poster is the one on the left in the picture the shorter one(not very sure) -- craziumi aug 18

So from the higher ups of CJ to the instructor of JYP using their hashtag together so casually got me thinking that maybe both company had an agreement to it?
it is strange isn't it? for me, it seems like they all know something we don't! hahahah.... usually when they collaborate or promote another artist, it is all very clean and clear because whatever it is, it is another company which means competition.. so if they are promoting their friends, it is very clear that it is a friendly gesture... but here? how come all sorts of folks related to the two companies are happy using their hashtag so casually?? does everyone know they are good friends and is that why they think it is okay to use their hashtag? it is an interesting mystery no? perhaps, we will figure it out one of these days...
136 -- lmangla aug 18

Definetely strange. you can see her facial expression is different everytime taecyeon's name is mentioned. In lookin vid you can see gg becomes shy when she names ze yen, lol (definetely different when she names aaron, her facial expression is normal).
And in YY live vid, you can see she blinks deeply and her body moves more than when the mc mentioned aaron. It means she feels nervous when ze yen name is mentioned. You can check it again by yourself guys, lol.  -- pshop aug 18

lets highlight it here: "GUIGUI'S HUSBAND WILL ALWAYS BE TAECYEON~~~"  ♡♡♡♡   -- pshop aug 16

Actually there's a show yesterday call YY Live and GG is in it. When she says that she and taec haven't contact each other for a long time I was kinda sad... but thinking back that whenever the same question is asked she always give a different answer
1) she got to know about Taec's status from fans retweet
2) they exchange greeting through mails
3) She didn't get contact number from Taec, so let keep things as a memories for that three months
4) They haven't contact each other for a long time cause he's busy and I'm busy...] oh well I really don't know what to think about anymore.
Then when showing her 4 guy pics... Taec, Aaron Yan, Liu Yi Hao, Wang Zi somehow I think she's like keep peeking at Taec's pic lol though cause AY pic is right beside Taec it make me unsure of but from the angle of if I want to believe that she's peeking at Taec's pic
Hopefully the video are out soon and people can look at it and help me verified if I'm right about her peeking at Taec's pic lol
  -- crazeiumi aug 16

her answers really have been kind of inconsistent, no? So makes you wonder if they really are still somehow in contact with each other privately or not... :grimace: -- mikoshine aug 16

It is out of our control whether they are still in contact or not, dont worry because they will meet again someday i believe. Since they work in the same entertainment world now. And ggui will use her aegyo to tease her oppa again that time, lol. I believe ggui, what is the use of choosing korean agency if she doesnt have an intentional motive hohoho.. lets take it slow~~ if they are fated they will stay together. -- pshop aug 16

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