Friday, May 26, 2017

Guigui as MC in M-Count in Shanghai

From CJ E&M's instagram and Guigui also shared the same video on her weibo :) - mikoshine may28, 2016

it's the first time I've heard someone call her Ying Jie... most people just call her guigui... hehehe ^_^
something interesting during her MCing :)
Cao Lu was asking her which Korean celebrity she liked and took her a few seconds to say she liked TOP... then she asked Cao Lu the same question and Cao Lu answered she likes her husband, Jo Seho and then guigui quickly wanted to change her answer and said, "Ok Taecyeon!" kekekekeke
- mikoshine, may 29 2016

hehehhe yea she said Ok TaecYeon :D since Cao Lu supported her husband so she did the same for her own husband :D - angelangie

Yes!! She said it loud and clear..haha..
She was drop dead gorgeous in that red pink dress. Simply stunning. However, did the stylist not coordinate the MCs outfit? Coz Cao Lu dress was in skin toned color. Compare to GGs, she was bland.
I also love the fact that she met with Hong Ki..hahaha...she seem still struggling in her korean though. -- taecgui4real

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