Friday, May 26, 2017

chatter: the spiderman mystery

random: did anyone ever figure out who was her spiderman?.....
last year:
2015.08.11 - Joanna Chiao Wishes Gui Gui a Happy Birthday
Joanna Chiao: “Dear ‘carefree ghost’~ Although you left us to go on a date with Spiderman [depressed] during this important day, I will give you my blessing. [cake] I hope that in the days to come, regardless of where you are, you will be happier and happier~ I also hope that, regardless of where we are, we will always be able to reunit every year to celebrate 8.11 [heart] Love u u [blow kisses] @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie” ( cr: )
wait a minute, she left her bday celebration to go on a date?


2015.08.26 - Gui Gui Spent Her Birthday with Spiderman
Fans Idol Wu Ying Jie: “Good morning, everyone! On 8.11, our @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie went to Universal Studios to spend the day with Spiderman~ See our #Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie# make a pose! Her legs are flexible like Spiderman’s. [chuckle] Little piaopiao’s, do you want to try Gui Gui’s pose? [haha]”
(via Weibo ( cr: )
ah, this was the date? .... :sweatingbullets:... almost a year later
Gui Gui and Ah Da’s Trip to Seoul
Article and photos via LOOKin. Originally published on 2016.04.28
image Although I was in Seoul, Korea, I still missed my boyfriend–Spiderman. I took a photo of myself doing a classic Spiderman pose on the street so I could bring it back to him!
wait, what? she missed who?.... ^_^
  -- lmangla july 20 2016

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