Friday, May 26, 2017

chatter : 2pm album cover and GG

2PM Gentlemen's Game (Chess Board theme)
Logo Design is "GG" chess king piece
GG ☆ GG ☆ GG ☆

2016-09-13 release :
9=g=G=鬼 (Ghost) ~ 13=一個耳朶 (one Ear) =一個鬼 (Ghost) (provided by TG fans reb13 ~)
Reb13 private letter me on her thoughts after watching Promise's MV.
"Thoughts after watching Promise's MV, the feelings I felt was: tired, don't want to play chess (the game) anymore, want to get marry.  TG's relationship is like a chess game, each move is made with so much caution and has to consider so many different sides and directions, like skating on thin ice, too much worries to all sides, very tiring.  Weren't lots of flowers being tossed (other women) in the MV, Only one rose (GG) remained, the last scene was a Church (marriage), Promise in a marriage."  ~ Reb13 (Translated by me)
Right Now  ~ I always ~ Together
Lyrics: Whatever you want, whatever you wish, I am ready
The movie light box on the background (Wordings are same on both sides):
☆☆☆ x ☆☆☆ (3 stars are on each side of the light box)
Left most box:☆ I will ~ never ~ let your ~ hands [go] (this line hardest to see, not 100% sure)
Middle box: Tonight ☆ I will ~ protect ~ your smile
Right most box: ☆ Everything is set ~ and Ready Now ~ Baby I'll Be
MV's ending scene was a "Church". ☆ With Logo: GG King Chess Piece. (in the sky) ☆ Promise ☆ 2PM
my main point is:
Don't tell me those G(s) are not the same G.
Dear fellow TG shippers,
Just want to share some pink bubbles I saw on our lovely couple TaecGui.
Have a wonderful day, y'all.
@packmule3  I miss your funny posts, hope you are doing well.
-- haha1549 sept 20 2016

Brilliant analysis...what more can I say...I give you an agree nod :D

-- bouquet78 sept 20

Wow!! I love the connection!!:wub: -- korchick sept 20 

kind of funny but when I first saw @haha1549 post, I had just woken up and thinking "huh"... just couldn't understand and thought GG was short for gentleman's game. ... kekekeke... and then somehow, seeing the image in your post @korchick made me see that G in the chess piece (top of the chess piece near the king's crown, it looks like the king is folding his hands almost) is similar in design to how guigu does her GE on items. interesting indeed! so just to check - this is how a king usually looks like in chess.
so the GG design to the chess piece in the poster is deliberate. they could have easily chosen a more curvy, cursive way to include G in the chess piece -- sort of like adding vines in the background or etched in the base. so interesting indeed that they chose the very angular design of G that guigui uses.
:wub: -- lmangla sept 20

well they have the same thought right? :D -- angelangie sept 21 

same thought? you mean they learned to write the letter 'G' in the same way? :P -- lmangla sept 22

hahahah same way?
it was always the same for them :) as different as they are they are still the same too :D -- angelangie sept 22

the G for Gentlemen's Game, they just modified it a bit so that it wouldn't be too obvious... shhhhh! LOL 
Image result for shhhhhh 
-- mikoshine sept 22


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