Friday, December 2, 2016

news: taec is her standard?

Lols....knew im going to catch your interest on that :D
lets see it is in this article :D
i wont translate the whole article i'm too lazy for it....but there will be 2 phrases that you guys will love :D
(GuiGui who was standing at the sides kept saying awesome, laughingly said [Just like my previous oppa TaecYeon (2PM Member) as handsome as great, can dance can sing, totally dazzling)

lols the other phrase will be this
「好久不見鬼鬼,在片場一看到她,整個驚為天人,因為她變得超正,有散發女神的FU!」而鬼鬼則稱讚小樂說,「你才從小鬼頭變成大帥哥咧!而且人帥又會跳 舞,跟澤演一樣又帥又有才華,太迷人了!」而問鬼鬼當下如以前無理頭的個性,劈頭就問小樂,我是不是你的”菜”?小樂很坦白地大笑說,「當然是啊!而且是 女神天菜!因為我喜歡活潑會搞笑又帶可愛的女生,鬼鬼都符合這些條件,絕對是”天菜”等級!讓鬼鬼當下不知所措害羞了起來。
([It had been some times since last see GuiGui, when came to the filming location and saw her, it was like the whole place brighten up cause now she had turn into a real beauty, emitting some of those Goddess FU!] at the same times GuiGui also praise Xiao Le [You're the one that actually grown up, from being a boy into a dazzling handsome young man! Besides handsome, you can also dance, just like Taec who is handsome & talented, that is too dazzling!] At that moment, GuiGui clueless attitude, straight away ask Xiao Le, 'am I your type?' Xiao Le answered with a big laugh, [Of course! Moreover is a Happy Goddess! Because I love those girls that are active who can joke and also cute at the same times, GuiGui totally fit into the bill, more over it is definitely a heavenly dish quality!] which in return GuiGui turn shy suddenly.

-- angelangie may 20

ooooooooooo.......tell me more!
kekekke.... so she does not need to talk about taec but she compares anyway to taec? ooooooooooh, :D so is taec her standard for "handsome, can dance, can sing, totally dazzling"? :lol: -- lmangla may 20

I didn't know whether to laugh at your comment that TY is the STANDARD for dazzling looks, dancing and singing
or to laugh at that picture of Minho of Shinee (that IS Minho, right) who is another dubious standard for dancing and singing. (Okay, he is cute according to fangirls.)
 Sigh. Love is truly blind. :glasses: -- packmule3 may 21

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