Friday, December 2, 2016

news: taec is her standard?

Lols....knew im going to catch your interest on that :D
lets see it is in this article :D
i wont translate the whole article i'm too lazy for it....but there will be 2 phrases that you guys will love :D
(GuiGui who was standing at the sides kept saying awesome, laughingly said [Just like my previous oppa TaecYeon (2PM Member) as handsome as great, can dance can sing, totally dazzling)

variety: taec's ears, nickhun and ceci

hi~  just wanted to share 2PM's short vid with Ceci Korea to celebrate Tony Moly's 10th anniversary.

look for it!! :lol:
in case you're blur blur and missed it you can take a peek below kekeke


socmed: guigui missing "you"

guigui facebook, Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:18 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption: 我什麼時候可以看到你?想像中的你 ♥
translation: When can I see you? The you in my imagination ♥

and she said this on the comments section
「你」不一定是人喔   [You] isn't a person
but someone replied to guigui's comment this
" Lets be honest, if its not for someone, why do you use a heart "♥"  hahaha.. you cant lie to us darling~~ just tell us, who is he?? "

-- mikoshine may 17

news: guigui choses taec

we've got another guigui video from Beauty Magazine and I think you all might want to see this... hehehe

the most important part of this is ------------------------------------
13103431_1009997062383242_19973350216231  cr:  闵芳
translation for each box:
1 - At what age do you feel like you'll get married?
2 - 30 years old
3 - Lee Minho vs. Ok Taecyeon
4 - Ok Taecyeon[She totally chose him without second thoughts while when she was made to choose between Eddie Peng and Aaron Yan, took her a few seconds to answer... kekekekeke]
5 - Ex-husband WIN

-- mikoshine may 5

guigui and food in seoul in iWalker

from that travel show where she went around seoul with that guy ahda ( 160428 GuiGui WuYingJie's Little World from LOOKin Taiwan website … )
cr: ms. sunshine
"Came to Korea to eat fried chicken,but of course have to try chicken ginseng soup too.i can feel i am recharged"
fried chicken? does anyone remember okcat's obsession with fried chicken usually on fridays?


spoof: couple coke / their thing

because they love coke -- she wants to share while he wants to have coke.... but isn't drinking fizzy drinks bad for you? like gain weight? rotten teeth?