Friday, June 17, 2016

news conference -- guigui signing with CJ E&M)

Heard it starts at 2PM! kekeke :D -- minwooluv78 march 7

some posters (is that what you call these? I''m not sure :( ) at the press conference... she looks really good in the pics... :w00t:


spoof: couple corn

kekeke.... is corn good luck or something? @packmule3 / @mikoshine ~ we need a couple spoof collage of this!!
jan 26 -- taec promoting his oksusu involvement.... with corn... and the caption that bing hilariously translated as "emma"
and now she's promoting iwalker..... with corn

news: "ok taecyeon's wife" signs with CJ&EM

i saw someone share a korean news article on facebook regarding guigui signing with CJ E&M :)
and look at the title the reporter used

‘옥택연 부인’ 오영결, CJ E&M 전속계약 체결…가수 컴백 트레이닝

according to Google translate:
'Mrs. Ok Taecyeon' Oh Younggyul, CJ E&M signed an exclusive contract...comeback singer training