Thursday, May 12, 2016

news: choc interview: guigui's ideal type is mr. sunshine

Guigui's March 2016 Choc magazine interview.
The girl before our eyes has become more mature and more charming! It has been at least five months since the last time she had a photoshoot with us. You can strongly feel how she has changed since last time. Not only is her figure more firm, but she also has a mid-length bob haircut. Her fashion sense has heightened, and she even gives off a feeling of strong, charming femininity! While shooting, she was the happy highlight of the place, just as usual. She says that she has the most optimism. I think that being able to maintain a cheerful mood is the best shortcut to making yourself beautiful!
[Gui Gui is popular with others in the entertainment industry, and her cheerful personality makes her really popular among guys too! Because of this, her love life has always been a highly followed topic by her fans. This article will allow you to know her better!]
When I’m in love, I turn into a little woman, a kitten! I would be willing to do anything for him, things that I would not normally do for myself. I’ll help him organize and plan everything. Even if he doesn’t think of it yet, I would already help him do it! My ideal type is 180 degrees of sunshine, but also a little bad. And he also can whine and be doted on! I would look at his looks first, but I would get to know his personality afterwards!

news: guigui signs with CJ E&M

More info re. GG's new company: From
2016.03.03 - Gui Gui Will Be Signing Under CJ E&M!
Fans Idol Wu Ying Jie: “#Fans Idol Celebrity Preview# 16.03.07 Event | #Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie# will be having a press conference as she signs under the South Korean company CJ E&M on 03.07. I will be there! I will also be holding a live broadcast of the event~ Please await it!”
At the end of 2015, Gui Gui’s contract with Polyland International Entertainment expired. Gui Gui has served as one of Polyland’s artists since 2011. Afterwards, she was unsigned and worked with her new manager, Joanna Chiao.
Today, news has been released that Gui Gui will be signing under the South Korean company CJ E&M on March 7. Whether Gui Gui will be signing a full contract or a partial contract is currently unknown. CJ E&M, the largest entertainment company in South Korea, has a film division that has produced a number of films and dramas. The company’s music performance division manages a number of artists, including Eric Nam and Roy Kim.
(via Weibo)
I also discovered something. According to wiki, TvN is also owned by CJ E&M. lol.
The shows, Reply 1988, Cheese in the Trap, Who are You? [Taec's show, remember?] and Three Meals a Day [cough. cough] aired on TvN.  

socmed: guigui in korea, taec has grilled pork

GG FB Status updates
2nd March 2016 - 11.23pm (TST) 3rd March 2016 - 12.23am (KST)
Good nite Korea

news: guigui's special project, wants a caring guy

Gui Gui 2016 Choc Girl Magazine Interview:
Q: What kind of goal do you have planned for your acting career?
A: I actually have zero plans for acting this year, but I will still have acting works coming out. This year, I’ll be focusing on something else! [mysteriously smiles] It’s a secret! But this thing has always been a dream of mine, and I’m currently preparing it. Because this is a dream unknown to others, I hope that everybody will support me in it, no matter what! I’m planning to announce it in the summer!
Q: What is your biggest wish in life right now?
A: To be able to maintain an optimistic mind and to live happily every day! To find a guy that can take care of me, someone who I can dote and be doted on!