Friday, April 1, 2016

connect the dots: thankful taec and guigui

always love their initial vibe :) they werent close with each other and while some said that GG and Taec are very much different from each other but we couldnt but notice how similar they are towards each other...
we can see here that Taec tends to smile off any discomfort that he may feel too...
I guess they are more similar than they are different somehow-- angelangie feb 29

they think quite similar... not sure if it is because they keep in touch (well she admitted that right?!) but both of them are in this "am thankful to be working" mode recently.... here's a recent example:

socmed: guigui meets with WGM cameraman

Guess what :D GG bump into the cameraman for GWGM when she was filming for 'Crime Scene Investigation' variety show in China, and she send PD-Nim Eric :D which he in turn post it into his facebook
cr: 유호철 (Facebook)
귀귀가 중국촬영도중 우결세계판때 카메라감독을 만났다고 보내온 사진
Emma sent me the photo with camera man whom she worked with in GWGM

  -- angelangie feb 27

news: Jun K letter to taec shows their close friendship

[Trans] Jun.K's "LOVE LETTER" for Taecyeon @ FujiTV Next
cr: owner
seeing this video letter makes me see how Jun K would act as Taec's wingman/messenger/postman....they sound quite close no?

socmed: taec, guigui and valentine's day

GG FB Status updates
14th Feb 2016 - 8.20am (TST) 9.20am (KST)
Happy Valentine's Day

fan art: the force!

heheh something for the laugh....may the force be with TaecGUi :D
cr: as tagged
-- angelangie feb 12

socmed: taec and his niece

taec twitter: 9 feb: 조카가 넘마니 컸당~~~~~ 꺄~~~~
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is that a minne mouse outfit his little niece is wearing?-- lmangla feb 9

news: guigui, taec email each other

HAHAHA............anyone got the FG magazine? @chinlylin are you still there? :D
anyone who got it should read page 57 ^_*
but well :D

not fair! you can't leave us hanging... what is going on? ;)
-- lmangla feb 3