Saturday, March 5, 2016

news: taec for audi & spiderman

oooh, Taec for Audi Korea

[NEWS] Ok Taecyeon, Lee Jinwook appointed 2016 brand ambassadors for Audi Korea cr: 2pmalways

-- mikoshine feb 1

socmed: his dog, her dog

his puppy is really growing up.. and doesn't that kind of look like a taec expression? hahahahah.... is that why they say owners and pets start looking alike?
taec twitter, jan 30:
caption: 새침떼기 표정~
(2pmalways translation): Coy expression~
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-- lmangla jan 30

socmed: taec, emma and bing

Bing translates one of the words as emma!

(alerted by torreydinh; photo angelangie)
taec tweet: jan 25
caption: 응? 옥수수? SK브로드밴드? 머?

interview: taec's type: cute short girls

Instyle Feb 2016 interview with Nickhun and Taec
translation and cr -- egle0702:


After crossing over to Korea from Thailand and the U.S. it’s already their 8th year working together. At some point, the youths in their early 20s who were so full of enthusiastic vigour have become professionals at what they do, growing into charming men with a sense of composure in their hearts. How many times the same-age friends must have understood and accepted each other during this growth. The talk about their friendship that felt like listening to a comedy.

Catching up

Taecyeon: Both of us have done a lot of sports. Khun might’ve as well decided to become a professional golfer in the future; he’s so much into it together with Chansung, while I’m taking up Pilates to cultivate flexibility.
Nichkhun: It’s also been a while since just the two of us met. Since we see each other often when we work, we don’t meet up that much during our time off. The conversations in our mobile chat group also get cut off one by one.

chatter & sleuths: taec gets teased during 2016 greetings

Are they teasing ty?  -- nata0412 jan 24

spoof: fur coat

Couple Fur Collar Coat
  -- biruangel jan 8

socmed: guigui, sunglasses and what?

GuiGui Facebook on Tue, Jan 12 at 11.09pm (KST: 12.09am)
Caption:   What?
  -- biruangel jan 13

socmed: taec's meal and phone case

taec's twitter
Look at all that food! kekekekeke