Tuesday, February 16, 2016

socmed: guigui with GE in 2016

GuiGui Facebook on Wed, Jan 6 at 2.21pm (KST: 3.21pm)
Caption:     2016w/GE  ♥♥♥

snapchat: taec's christmas greeting?

160105 Taeccool1227's snapchat story! Instyle~~ 
when did he actually make this? does it look like a chistmas theme to you? and it reminded me of guigui's christmas greeting....
ref: https://taecguinews.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/guigui-fb-122515-at-431-pm-tst/

socmed: taec at the beach

Taec Twitter on Mon, January 4, 2016 at 6.47am (KST: 7.47am)
No caption ...
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-- biruangel jan 4

taec's wish for 2PM in 2016

2PM bucket list ~ some of the other lads had some personal stuff like visiting folks more often.... this was taec's
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Taec: korean comeback
(cr: purletpunk)

socmed: guigui goes to korea

guigui Facebook Monday, January 4, 2016 12:26 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption:  出花韓國與「他」結婚還結仇?請祝我們幸福 ;)
trans: Going to Korea with "him" to get married or become enemies? Please give us your blessings ;)
I'll post a follow up on this in a few minutes :) (something from the comments section)
-- mikoshine jan 4

socmed: guigui wishes happy bday

GuiGui Facebook on Sun, 3 January 2016 at 1.44pm (KST: 2.44pm)
Caption :   祝你妳你妳你生日快樂 (cake emoji)
Translation:  Wishing you you you you you a happy birthday (cake emoji)
  -- biruangel jan 3

chatter & sleuths: ghost emma and love letter

Ugh Soompi hates me. Cant post from pc so i'll keep it short. Keke Hope everyone had Happy Merry Christmas!!:D
Jun.k released his Love Letter mv. (korean ver.) 
Look for ghost Emma :lol::phew:
Guigui, wherever you are Hwaiting!!! Fighting!!! Its okay that u didnt wish Taec hbd on sns, since that other d-bag shares the same bday.  :P
  -- minwooluv78 dec 30

chatter & sleuths: eric PD meets taec

look who met up today :) Later today is MBC's year end show and 2pm's performing
caption:  mbc가요대제전에서 오랜만에 택연이를 만났다. 
met him at mbc korean music festival. 
cr: Eric-PDnim's facebook

wonder what he and taec talked about.... :D -- lmangla dec 31

fan art

hahaha this girl never dissapoint us with her photo edit :D
cr: 闵芳 (Facebook)