Thursday, November 19, 2015

fan art: showing off

hahaha i love this photo edit :D
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chatter & sleuths: Jun K's album "girl I miss you"

(cr: 2pmalways) ~ [INFO] Jun. K's 2nd Japanese Mini Album 'LOVE LETTER' Tracklist! All 8 tracks are composed & written by himself!
CSibGQYWoAA92q7.png:large have a look at the song titles. on guigui's birthday, JunK tweeted #GIRLIMISSYOUWITHME . his followers wondered if it was a song he was working on for his album. we meanwhile were giggling that he was perhaps playing messenger for someone's behalf on guigui's birthday.... so no idea why that hashtag but that song is not on this album.. maybe, that song #GIRLIMISSYOUWITHME  didn't make the cut! :P
ref: -- lmangla oct 30

chatter & sleuths: guigui frosts brownies for friends, fans and taec

Polyland FB status Updates
12th Oct 2015 - 9.25pm (TST) 10.25pm (KST)
鬼鬼 吳映潔 今日活動照來了!謝謝今天前來的媒體大哥大姐們。
GuiGui WuYingJie today event pictures is here! Thanks to all the media sisters and brothers that turn up.


socmed: guigui shares magazine cover with ha ji won

GG FB Status Updates
30th Oct 2015 - 12.08pm (TST) 1.08pm (KST)

socmed: guigui in Look In

this post of hers makes me delu giggle...kekeke.. what about you?
guigui FB (oct 27, 2015)
she posted a link to lookin website with her bday trip pics from japan
caption Translation: Want to travel already.
hmmm...... someone is in japan for a concert. so she want to travel now, later? :P
-- lmangla oct 27 

chatter & sleuths: taec speaks chinese

Oh..has anyone seen the latest real2pm? Taec spoke a sentence about the weather in chinese. I guess he's more and more comfortable now speaking in mandarin:P. -- taecgui4real oct 29

socmed: taec and the ferris wheel

taec posted this yesterday (oct 27) (no caption) ~ do you see what I see? ;)

fun: chansung takes a peek

at the airport.. (not sure when ) -- look at chansung's cheeky grin. what did he see on taec's phone? tongue-yahoo-emoticon.gif?1301949014
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socmed; guigui in hat to hengdian

guigui facebook Wednesday, October 14, 2015 4:58 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption: 蹦橫店 [plane icon]
translation: Jump to Hengdian 

socmed: guigui wants dimsum

guigui facebook Sunday, October 11, 2015 12:22 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption: 我也想點點心,大家快去吃點心吧!
translation: I also miss Dimdimsum, everyone, go quickly and eat dimsum!
PS: I think this is a dimsum restaurant in Taiwan... can anybody confirm? :)

socmed: taec's dog is fast asleep

tweet #2: oct 16, 2015
caption: 놀다지쳐 잠들었다ㅋㅋㅋ
translation (2pmalways): Got tired while playing and fell asleepㅋㅋㅋ
is he referring to himself or the dog?
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-- lmangla oct 17

fan reports: taec at osaka castle

Taec and his osaka castle pics... hehehehe
** from fan report: 2PM was having "higher" concert in Japan

news: taec and nickhun's friendship

an old article from Jan 2013 but found it a fun read. :)

TaecKhun for Vogue Japan, Interview about their friendship

Friends in Song, Two of a Kind
The first story of 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nichkhun’s friendship.

Asia’s #1 Beastly Idols 2PM.
Member Taecyeon is Korean raised in Boston, while Nichkhun is Thai raised in California. This is the first time they're sharing the story of their friendship from the past to now, and to the future. They will be sharing the stories of hardships during trainee period to the topic of marriage in the future.
“To thank the fans that have been supporting me, I composed my first song. ----- Nichkhun”
“The new album will reflect our opinions and choice of songs. ----- Taecyeon”
2PM first appeared in Vogue Japan on the August 2011 issue. The photoshoot was held in Tokyo during June. After the earthquake, many foreign artists deferred their Japanese promotions but 2PM went ahead and came to Japan. On the roof of the studio in Aoyama, Tokyo, the decision to do a photoshoot with the concept of energy and flight has resulted in an overwhelming response from the readers.
During the two years after, be it Japan or Asia, the world has seen huge changes. At the same time, the members have all matured. Their 5th single “Masquerade~” released last November achieved Record Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) Gold status almost immediately (100,000 records sold). Their "Legend of 2PM" Arena tour also began on January 11th. On April 20th and 21st, it is confirmed that their first show at the Tokyo Dome “Legend of 2PM - Tokyo Dome” will be held. 2PM’s One Point Korean Lesson is a fixed program on NHK and it has increased their exposure on the national level.

2PM members Taecyeon and Nichkhun both grew up in the United States. They came to Korea when they were 18, and now at 24, they are the new Asian stars with supporters from Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. As teenagers in America, did they anticipate such a day that they would be stars whose influence spread all over the Asian market? The concept for this photoshoot is how they behave backstage before a performance. In the relaxed atmosphere, we were exposed to their true selves.

news: taec interview in More November 2015

cr: 2pmalways
am not posting the whole interview. just taec's bit. to read the full interview translation, see here.

[TRANS] 2PM Interview MORE November 2015


Cool and sexy “Suit Men”
The two tall guys dressed in stylish suits as lovely as a sigh♥
“I wear suits daily for my drama, so I’m not keen on wearing them right now (laugh).” - Taecyeon
Although I like them, I usually go for simple and casual.” - Chansung

Heart? Looks? A passionate talk all about women’s charms!

socmed: Eric PDnim gets book from guigui

Eric PD-nim just posted this on his Facebook
caption: 짐 정리하다가 발견했다. 지난번 상해에서 귀귀가 준 선물!
incidentally found out what Emma gave me at last meeting in Shanghai. 
guigui's message reads:
Dear Eric Oppa!
So happy to see you, looking forward to our next meeting!
Thank you!


chatter & sleuths: taec when he invites a girl to his room

from the concert in Japan ~ fan report 

I give up trying to find the list of the songs taec performed :tears: But I do remember it was the songs he wrote :)
these are some things I found last night while lurking on twitter... hehehe