Wednesday, October 21, 2015

socmed: guigui and spiderman

Connect the dots:
Oct 4: guigui wants spider man
Oct 7: guigui posts a spiderman pic from osaka, asks fans for suggestions for trip in December
chatter: who is spiderman? fans point out 2PM in Japan for a concert.

 Guigui fb Oct 4 : 我想要蜘蛛人啦。
Translation: I want Spider Man.
(cr: @chinlylin newsblog)
it says "feeling 任性" with a smiley with shades. what is that supposed to mean? @mikoshine ~ any interesting comments on FB? am wondering who or what is spider man.. this is not the first reference to spider man..was it during her birthday, she was playing around with a spider man mask and giggling in a store? is it who I hope it is? what do you think @angelangie @packmule3 @korchick @jwand @akasia @bouquet78 and others?... -- lmangla oct 4

news: taec wants a pretty hard worker

[am only posting the bit that I found funny and interesting. to read the full translation, go here]
2PM Elle Japan interview (cr: 2pmalways)
—Jun. K is responsible for composing the lyrics and music for the new single “HIGHER.” First of all, please tell us what thoughts you had behind this song.
Jun. K: It’s a song about a man who realizes the importance of the opposite sex a bit too late. Because she was there for him, he became used to the high.
—What kind of woman takes each of you higher?
Wooyoung: Someone pretty.
Chansung: My mom!
Jun. K: Someone hardworking.
Nichkhun: Someone who isn’t lazy.
Junho: Someone with a good personality.
Taecyeon: To summarize, someone who is pretty, makes me feel good when we’re together, and is a hard worker like my mom…….
Junho: There doesn’t exist a girl who is that perfect, though. That’s what everyone thoroughly yearns and hopes for (laugh).
he always gives such long complicated answers unlike the other lads... kekeke... makes me wonder if he is thinking of someone specific....what do you think?
128 -- lmangla oct 2

socmed: guigui at the carousel

GG FB Status Updates
1st Oct 2015 - 5.36pm (TST) 6.36pm (KST)
Turn turn turn, turn to the place I want to go, alright?

news: taec on ellejapan IG

uh, thought he likes to sleep... ^_^
(cr:2pmalways / ellejapanIG)  

(* in IG clip: ) taec: my favourite time of the day is 5AM. It is because I can hear everything waking up. 

socmed: guigui chef, while taec in china

Connect the dots:
26 Sept: gugui buying vegetables
26 Sept: Taec in china for Keihl event
chatter: it is both chuseok and mid autumn festival and they are both in china at the same time in different cities.

GG FB updates:
26th Sept 2016 - 6.32pm (TST) 7.32pm (KST)
Trans: Over obsessive little chef

Monday, October 5, 2015

socmed: guigui with lookin glasses and interview

guigui changed her display picture.. seems like she really likes glasses now. wonder why? ^_^ does she even need glasses in the first place?
guigui fb: Sept 9 at 1.14 TST
translation (cr: @chinlylin,
Translation: The latest fashion trend will be on the web, and my own personal section! Everyone can go there to follow me if you wish (3 hearts)

and here's taec in his glasses... ^_^

spoof: sleep deprived

I like how our couple cope with sleep deprivation while hard at work with filming.
Taecyeon tries to keep his eyes wide open while Guigui fools around with her big eyes.

socmed: guigui changes display pic

GG Changed her FB Avatar
13th Sept 2015 - 12.36pm (TST) 1.36pm (KST)

-- angelangie sept 14

this reminds me of the poster that taec posted on her birthday when he was excited to meet ha ji won.

chatter & sleuths: taec rocks on with assembly costars

rock on pose from assembly set with his costars. he even teaches it to others... so who taught it to guigui? :P
cr: 2pmalways/owner

chatter & sleuths: the puzzle game

this is from bomi's IG. she is taec's costar in assembly and they were all playing this game to decide who would pay for coffee. looks like it was a good set to hang out with as they are all having fun.:)

reminded me of okcat's poster... if anyone ever had a doubt if taec had a hand in designing these posters, we know! :)

socmed: breakfast and lunch

GG FB Status Updates: 12th September 2015
7.29am (TST) 8.29am (KST)
Translation: Morning, what will you guys be doing after breakfast? Please answer

GG Weibo Updates: 12th Sept 2015
12pm (TST) 1pm (KST)
Translation: Afternoon, what will you guys be doing after lunch? Please answer

has she got okcat's disease? kekeke? asking about lunch and dinner just like okcat... :phew: -- lmangla sept 13

hers is on breakfast and lunch lols....cause she is a morning person -- angelangie sept 13

fanart: lollipop


socmed: stars, chocolate, and goodnight

Connect the dots:
Sept 5: guigui posts goodnight with alien tattoo and star
Sept 7: taec has hot chocolate with rock on pose
Sept 7:  guigui posts a goodnight while lying on a pillow of stars

Guigui FB Sept 5, 2015. 12.22 AM TST
caption: 晚安,橫店!
(cr: @chinlylin, Translation: Goodnight, Hengdian!
  -- lmangla sept 6

spoof: curtains, eye glasses

Here you go, @Lmangla.

spoof: confessions of an avid fan


news: taec chose hansel and gretel theme in 2PM MV

does this interview make you giggle with taec's cheesy comments? how did you feel?
cr: taecthaifangirl
[Trans] 2PM Interview – Daily News Newspaper (Sep3,15)

‘2PM’ Speak Out from Their Hearts, Fame is not as Important as Love that We Have for One Another.
Just Look Back, “Thai Hottest” Still Wait Here at This Home, Always.

A lot of memorable impression still remains, even though it has already ended, for “2PM Fan Meeting in Bangkok ‘Take You Home Tonight’”. Kueng – Chalermchai Mahakijsiri, big boss of “411 Entertainment” had brought 6 young men “2PM”, leading by “Thai Nationality Super Star” ‘Nichkhun Horavejkul, along with his friends, Jun. K, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung, to meet closely with Thai “Hottest” (fan club’s name). Transformed Thunder Dome, Mueng Thong Thaini into happy home for these young men to warmly open up the door to welcome their fans. There is no way that I would miss the opportunity to conduct the exclusive interview with them, along with collecting the event’s atmosphere to share with fans as usual.

Q: How do you feel about holding this fan meeting?
- Nichkhun: “We are very happy to eventually hold our first fan meeting in Thailand. Actually, we need to apologize toThai fans for letting them wait for so long. We feel excited to get to meet Thai fans in Fan Meeting like this. Hope that fans will have fun with our talk session, and shows that we have prepared for them.”

Q: You have grown into fully mature men in this latest single “My House”. What do you think is the charm of this album?
- Jun. K: “This album is called “No.5”, which all members participated in composing 9 songs in this album. Besides, not only MV itself, but album’s concept, clothing, and performance are the ways to show our fans that we have grown up and be more appealing. And from now on, we will continue showing developments in producing the albums. May our fans please kindly anticipating.”

Q: In MV “My House”, there’s a mixing and matching of many fairy tales together. If you can choose any fairy tales to be put in this MV yourselves, which stories would you like to put in?
- Wooyoung: “I would choose “Lion King”, because it’s story that I really like.”
- Chansung: “I choose “Cinderella”, because it matches well with our MV. Actually, Cinderella is already in this MV, but if I have a chance to choose, I still include it in anyway (smile).”
- Junho: “I would choose “Aladdin”. I wanna dress up like Aladdin.”
- Taecyeon: “I choose tale of a Bread House “Hansel & Gretel”. It’s the story of a father who married a wicked stepmother. She tells him to leave his son & daughter in the wood, but the boy leaves the trail of bread crumbs to find the way home. But those bread crumbs are eaten by animals, so they cannot go home. Until both of them find a witch’s house that made out of bread and candies. At the end, siblings get rid of the witch. The reason that I like this story is because I want a house that made out of breads and candies, to attract ladies (smile).”
- Jun. K: “Personally, I like “Timon & Pumbaa” and I also like “Mercury and the Woodcutter”.”
- Nichkhun: “I like “Big Hero 6”. It’s the cartoon character that looks like a white balloon. The reason that I like this story, because he likes to take care of others’ health.”

news: guigui interview with girl magazine

I see that it hasn't been posted yet
GuiGui FB update 9/1/15 at 11:54 pm (TST)
Translation:  Girl Magazine quick questions quick answers.
Click for link to video clip direct from FB

Video translation:
Quick questions quick answers. Ready, start!
Q- What’s your catchphrase?
A- Oh no!
Q- You’ve work with a lot of good looking male artists including OK Taecyeon, Prince (Wang Zi from JPM) and Aaron Yan. If you really need to choose one to marry, who would you marry to?
A- I…I like them all.

news: 2PM interview with Thairath newspaper

cr: 2pmalways
[Trans] 2PM Interview - Thairath Newspaper (Sep2,15)

Close Up with 2PM just like at Home. Disclosed What Inside Their Minds That Haven’t Before Told to Their Fans.

No matter how many times they’ve come to Thailand, 6 handsome men of 2PM; Nichkhun Horvejkul, Jun. K, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung, will always receive hot welcome from “Hottest” or their fan club’s name. This time, Kung – Chalermchai Mahakijsiri, big boss of 411 Entertainment, has moved them closer to their fans with the first fan meeting “2PM Fan Meeting in Bangkok ‘Take You Home Tonight’” at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani. Exclusive event that have never been done before, with interview, games, and special songs from their latest album “No.5”, including “My House”. So the atmosphere will be just like in their home. 2PM has come to talk with “Entertaiment Team” once again at Chatrium Riverside Hotel, enthusiastically disclosed their feelings that have never mentioned anywhere else.

Starting from the story inside their houses in Korea, have they visited one another’s houses?
Junho: “We went to Taecyeon’s home, and my home. Wooyoung bought me painting of Thai artist, Nichkhun gave me figures, Taecyeon gave me cat’s house, Chansung bought me slippers.”
Taecyeon: “I wanna go to Nichkhun’s home. I have never been there (laugh).”
Chansung: “Mostly we will arrange meeting at home for Birthday celebration.”
Nichkhun: “Sometimes we will buy food and bring over.”