Friday, September 25, 2015

socmed: taec selfie with thai outfit, guigui gives a muah

Connect the dots: 
aug 29: taec tweets a pic of himself
aug 30: guigui posts a muah!

Taecyeon twitter (someone kindly check the exact time.. thanks! )
caption: For those who didn't get to see this~
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2pm's having a fan meeting in Thailand today (I think) and I read a comment that he's wearing traditional Thai clothing :) -- mikoshine aug 29

spoof: making a heart, traditional outfits

Oh yeah?
This one is better.

commentary: fun: 2PM higher zombie poster and fanart

From 2PMAlways twitter
[INFO] 2PM's 10th Japanese Single "Higher" to be released on October 21! 
  -- mikoshine aug 23

is it me or does that look like ghost hands??? kind of spooky! :P -- lmangla aug 23

lol. Same here, @Lmangla. I thought they looked like blood-stained hands. Like zombie's fingers had just ripped apart dark red meat. Ugh!  -- packmule3 aug 23

2PM "HIGHER" fanart by กค ฮิดเดิลสตัน


comment: fun: best dressed

someone posted this on twitter yesterday
here are some pics of them yesterday at the airport going to Japan :)
and here's the rest of 2pm

socmed: guigui and the valentine day rose

Connect the dots:
Aug 20, 2015:  Qixi Festival also known as chinese valentine's day
chatter: why is guigui feeling romantic?

Thanks for the translation, @mikoshine.  Here's another one, please.
Guigui's FB: Friday, August 20, 2015 at 1:33pm TST; 2:33pm KST
Caption: 一個最浪漫的日子,七夕快樂❤

trans: A very romantic day, happy Chinese valentines day♥  -- mikoshine aug 20

socmed: taec updates his weibo

2PM is having a concert in Japan and it seems taec flew out yesterday or day before. am surprised that are no airport sighting pics. anyone seen any?
he also has been uploading in his weibo account. (cr:2PMalways) [have tough time figuring out date and time stamps and so if someone has weibo, please share..]

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2pmtaec: ah the photo didn't load (translation by 2PMalways)

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-- lmangla aug 22

so he finally updated his weibo after how many years (it's really just a few months...don't take what i said literally... hehehe)
PS: I have the same time as you do @Lmangla for when he posted them... -- mikoshine aug 22

Monday, September 14, 2015

socmed: guigui by the river

guigui facebook, Sunday, August 16, 2015 10:50 AM [taiwan time]
caption: 浪漫的地方♥
translation: a romantic place♥

dots: guigui in kyoto, repeating taec?

so taec likes to go to japan and post a pic from the same place with different expressions...
and now guigui seems to be doing that as well...

socmed: guigui kyoto video

guigui facebook, Friday, August 14, 2015 9:22 AM [taiwan time]
caption: 在京都的喜怒哀樂。
translation from guiguiwuyingjie.tumblr.comHappiness, anger, sadness, and joy in Kyoto.

such a cute, funny video but why is there anger and sadness when she is celebrating her birthday? unless she is missing someone special as well... ^_^ -- lmangla aug 16

news: guigui likes to go to korea

On the other hand, I was watching an Interview with Gui Gui and she talked about how she likes to go overseas every year, they asked her what countries she likes to go to, she said her must go countries are Japan, America and Korea because she has friends there.

Considering GWGM was her first time in Korea, I wonder who her 'friend' could be?

My delusional self tells me that her going every year at least once is to keep their very secret relationship alive. -- tieuyeunu aug 14

socmed: medicine and missing girl

Connect the dots: 
11 Aug: it is guigui's birthday
11 Aug: JunK posts a very interesting tweet. is that a song or an album name? or was he playing messenger? :D 
12 aug: taec meets ha ji won and posts a lot on twitter. one of the post has an interesting poster...

his fanboy dream of meeting Ha Jiwon has finally come true... hahahahaha
.....................caption: 아~~~ 햄볶아여~~~ 지원누님~~~~
translation by 2PMAlways: Ah~~~ This is happiness~~~ Jiwon nunim~~~~ 
-- mikoshine aug 12

@minwooluv78 @korchick ~ any idea what is written in the poster itself? the caption was translated but am curious why the man has a heart instead of a face...
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-- lmangla aug 14

socmed: guigui's birthday

Connect the dots:
10 Aug: guigui in Japan celebrating her birthday (to see all the posts, check the news blog)
11 Aug: guigui's birthday
11/12 Aug: JunK posts an interesting tweet while Taec posts a funny poster the next day while excited to meet Ha Ji Won
chatter: okspoiling?

GuiGui FB update 8/10/15 at 1:58 pm (TST)
Caption translation:  Kyoto's yukata first experience
Comment translation:  It's a yukata not kimono!

socmed: doggy days

Connect the dots:
aug 11: taec complains about "dog days" - the last day of summer
aug 12: guigui changes her display picture to one with her dog
chatter: coincidence? :P 
guigui changed her profile pic on facebook :)
her new pic

spoof: flowers

-- packmule3 aug 14

news: guigui on taiwanese star wave -- gave taec meltdown

Has this been posted? I can't remember now....
If not, @lmangla, this is for our family blog, too. :)
Guigui’s Interview for “Taiwanese Stars Wave”

Friday, September 4, 2015

news: guigui priority is to have fun first

GG Short Interview with MingPao during her trip in HongKong for her Pictorial Book Autograph :)

Short Translation: GuiGui had not been in HongKong for 7 years and this is her first appearance for the first times after leaving HSHMM, they briefly mention about Painted Skin & The Four which she took part in, at the same times she said 'Having relationship is not my first priority, having fun is the main priority and then follow by work, she wont force love either let it be natural'
More pictures:

Thursday, September 3, 2015

news: ETToday interview ~ guigui keeps in touch with taec

In yesterday's live event, Gui Gui was asked if she was single and what type of guy she liked.
Her answer was she is single and likes someone who is over 180cm and weighed 65-70 kilos but most importantly it is someone who loves and cherishes her.
I wonder who that could be...hihihi
She also admitted to liking halfy kids and finds them cute but has not kept in contact with Taec due to their schedules.
What she looked like at the live event

connect the dots: chinese valentine's day

Speaking of Chinese Valentine’s Day…
Last year at exactly midnight of July 7th, OKCat posted this:
Then, a few hours later at 9:33 am KST OKCat posted this:
7/7 -!!!!!!
At 11:59pm shortly before midnight, Guigui posted this in English.
Maybe I will find happiness in my dreams.
What’s so special about July 7?

zoomin: phone covers

zoom in released these phone covers yesterday and the slogans remind me of okcat for some reason... kekekkke....
-- lmangla aug 1

news: guigui as a bride in dramas
自 封為「婚紗達人」的鬼鬼,每次拍劇差不多都會披上白紗,因此她自爆有婚紗恐懼症!問到當中最深刻的一次「婚禮」,鬼鬼表示在綜藝節目《我們結婚了(世界 版)》中,與韓國組合2PM成員玉澤演「結婚」最為心動,她說:「因為那時候我們還在海邊辦了婚禮、講了誓言,當時真的很感動!」
@mikoshine, please help for the translation.  something about, Guigui being a bride in a lot of her drama.  Asked her the most memorable one of her wedding.  You know that I know that you know her answer is Global we got married with 2PM Ok Taceyeon's wedding was so touching.  Because the wedding was set on the beach, made the vows.  so at that moment was so ( gando) moved.

socmed: guigui lying in bed thinking

Guigui's FB, Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 11:39 am TST
Translation from our @chinlylin:  Thinking about what? -- packmule3 aug 1

socmed: cat days! zoomin, cat colouring book, cat shirt

Connect the dots
July 28: zoomin posts okcat; guigui hits 'like' on the post
July 30: guigui posts a cat colouring book
July 31: guigui changes her display picture where she is wearing a cat print shirt
chatter: so many cats!!

Zoom In has been posting quite a few okcats lately, no? hehehehehe... this is the latest one :D
translation: A chance encounter...[ok hand sign] CAT [heart-eyed smiley]
and look who liked this post... kekekekekeke