Friday, July 24, 2015



Just want to pop in and say "Hi" to fellow TaecGui shippers in Soompi.
Here is my latest Photoshop work!!
Hope y'all like it!! :)
Hope you are doing well @Packmule3!! And Happy 4th!!
Wish all who could go to Gui Gui's book signing in Hong Kong on July 5th lots of fun!! :wub:
-- haha1549 july 2

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ships Horn ~ Jan 2015

A new year! What will 2015 bring to the ship? January was a fun, exciting month where both Taec and Guigui appeared to be happy and having fun. Taec was seen really enjoying himself at 2PM concert in Nanjing while Guigui was thrilled over a gift that was "so romantic".


Saturday, July 18, 2015

8: gif: guigui reaction even before taec can get to the proposal

a Q to those who have watched WGM -- did other couples have a proposal segment? always assumed that it was part of WGM since even hongki had a kind of proposal right?....since I have been watching WGM more regularly now, it struck me that maybe a proposal wasn't actually required but taec chose to do it which is why guigui was so surprised... -- lmangla july 17

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ship's Horn ~ Feb 2015

One couldn't help and wonder what was in store for the ship during the month of love that is February. While Guigui celebrated a happy no-valentine day with a post full of hearts and a love song about long-distance relationships, there was still plenty of little co-incidences to keep us smiling through the month of love....

image: guigui's post for valentine

variety: taec, pancakes and meeting first love

Taec showed his actual room on KBS Do As You Wish show... :) that part is from 5:18 - 9:00 
-- mikoshine june 26

fan art

another fan made arts by OKCat TaecYeon & Ghost Emma Wu Vietnam Fanpage (Facebook)

chatter & sleuths: taec ziplining in jejudo

I just saw this on 鬼澤夫婦 Taecgui Couple fb page...
it looks like Taec and Guigui went ziplining in Jeju during their honeymoon! :lol: we can't see guigui's face but i'm quite positive that's her on the first pic... hehehehe
clearer pic on website:제주+짚라인
-- mikoshine june 24

socmed: guigui, the girl in umbrella

Guigui facebook Tuesday, June 23, 2015 10:03 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption: 撐著傘的少女。
translation: Girl/Maiden holding an umbrella.

vid: my house and lyrics "I know"


The lyric of My House
-- wander17e june 23

I think this one focus on Taecyeon. Previously on M!Countdown focus was on Jun.K due to their outfit. Jun.K the only one wore coat - rest with normal. No it's Taecyeon. :D

-- spicystrawberry june 23

connect the dots: guigui's oppa picture

Thanks for this, @Lmangla!
I was looking for this oppa picture! And maybe @PeggyW can help us.  Where is the Chinese character for "big brother" here?  Did she write down, "really want a brother" or "really want a big brother"?
I think it's cute that she wrote down "OPPA" in capital letters, then a heart and an arrow pointing to what I assume is the Chinese character for "brother".  There's something insistent and blatant about this message. Similar to when we highlight something here in our posts or change fonts.  It's as if she wanted us to see the word brother... *just in case we miss her real message.*
Then, consider, too, that during her interview (this is in our blogs, too?), she was waiting for somebody to ask her about her "oppa" dedication. mwahahahahaha.  -- packmule3 june 23

socmed: guigui's moustache

couple collage
Top from alyssa秀卿 (Guigui's manager) weibo Jun 18, 2015
Bottom from fans twitter Jun 19, 2015
credit as tagged
-- wander17e june 22

Good one, @wander17e.
Is she obsessing about moustaches now?  -- packmule3 june 22

socmed: guigui's house

Guigui's FB post Tues, 6/23/15 5:22pm  (plz check my time :sweatingbullets:)
Caption: 我們這一家。  

Does the caption say "We're a family"? Or is what Bing says correct? "We in this house"  :lol:
 what's with the (Hi~) fives and peace signs? :D I know, You know, We know~