Monday, June 22, 2015

Ship's Horn ~ March 2015

Okcat with her dogs, food video montages, a shared dream destination -- that was the month of March. The month that was about food & travel...

cr: creator

spoof: couple headphones, coming over

COUPLE HEADPHONES.​taecgui%20couple%20headphones2_zps1fnkvn
-- packmule3 june 12

connect the dots: they like coffee

Remember this?  From @fangirl11 last year.  (@lmangla, do we have the plain collage somewhere?)

They're now into coffee.

chatter & sleuths: taec going to HK to promote okccat

I saw a couple of articles shared on Facebook, saying that TY's going to Hong Kong next month to promote Okcat... here's one of them...

chatter & sleuths: the rock band tongue

3 Meals a Day, 澤演說中文很好 很好
Credit to Vine by Young Sun

socmed: guigui waiting

GG FB Status Updates: 14th June 2015 - 11.34am (TST) 12.34pm (KST)
Translation: Are you waiting for me?

socmed: okcat at zoom-in

oh, look, it's Okcat in Zoom-In's FB post! too bad it's not guigui holding it though... hehehe :D

2PM song: my house

2pm's new MV, "My House" is out!
looks like they incorporated the different fairy tales into the mv...


Friday, June 19, 2015

Ship's Horn ~ April 2015

April was food lovers month on the taecgui ship ~ Taec sang a love song about chocolate while Guigui revealed she was expanding her language skills so she can eat more Korean food. Taec and GuiGui really love food no?! kekekeke


socmed: guigui 'eye five', the cat outfits

Guigui FB update, Friday, June 6, 2015 8:10 AM [Taiwan Time]
caption: Give me eye five!!!

connect the dots: you are my chocolate song

I did a little bit of research on this "you are my chocolate" because unlike many here who have been fans of Guigui from the start, I never knew of her until GWGM.  This is what I found from a blog.  All credit goes to the blogger, mega parura. (BTW, do you mind archiving this with the rest of the posts on chocolate.

chatter & sleuths: taec composes songs for album no 5

2pm 5th album User Guide
Looks like Taec composed around 3 songs and wrote the rap for a bunch of them... :)

MBC exec on taecgui

I think I guess why this MBC exec posted this.


dot: couple cellphone covers

Aha!  I finally found that couple cellphone covers I've been looking!


photoshop: couple grey jacket

hehehe nice job to the photo editor :D she is honestly really good :D , they still look good together despite it being photoshop :D
cr: 闵芳 (Facebook)

spoof: couple 5, guns, bows

radio: taec describes himself as realistic

have folks seen this interview? was it posted already? 150124 MBC C-Radio Idol True Colours (Taecyeon)

the bits I found interesting:
when asked to describe himself in 3 words ~ realistic, optimistic and happy
when asked for 3 flaws ~ realistic, stiff and uninteresting
he said that when he is super busy, he gets irritated and when he is free, he wonders what to do. so wish there was more order. wait, didn't guigui also mention something about wanting someone with a 9-5 job which has more order??? thinking alike?

photoshop: guigui, taec, earphones and drama

hehehe if only they change the male lead :D but no no of course now, we need to have our GG expose more :D
cr: 闵芳 (Facebook)

-- angelangie june 3

socmed: guigui celebrates children's day with tummy

Guigui's FB, Monday, June 1, 2015 at 4:52pm TST
Caption: 有巨嬰在我肚子裡?
Translation:  help please.  :)

chatter & sleuths: wedding stills on IG

OJOPIC_JEJUDO instagram posted couple of pictures of TG wedding at the JEJUDO after so long lols

taec pics for album no 5

taec's teaser pics for 2pm's 5th album :)
cr: JYP facebook page
-- mikoshine june 3

fun: taec and unrequited love

found this on Twitter... poor teac... hehehe

kekekkeke.... well, he was more successful with other nation... :P
-- lmangla june 3

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ship's Horn ~ May 2015

Welcome to the first edition. We hope to reminiscence and highlight some of the fun we had on our ship during the month. It was a crazy month full of transition as soompi moved from one forum software to a new one – needlessly to say, it was rather confusing but we made it to new shores mostly intact!

The squeals, the giggles and laughter ~ the posts and events that delighted us

March 20 rolled along and we waited to see what would happen – why? Because 520 is shorthand in Chinese for “I love you”. So what would happen this year? Guigui posted ‘520’with  a moustache heart. So who is mr. moustache? Well, we have our suspicions....



chatter & sleuths: taec and bracelet

is that a silver bracelet!?! :P where is @korchick? hahahahhaha

[Scans] Hanako Magazine (April, 2015) - Taec, Khun & Junho
cr: as tagged

-- lmangla june 1

spoof: display pics, black pearl, horses


Something white and pointy.  I remember Guigui described herself as a bunny.

chatter & sleuths: black pearl

remember that time when guigui went to Australia and she made that pearl necklace? That shop posted this a few hours ago on their facebook page
Latitude Gallery
caption: We recently had Gui Gui Wu visit our gallery in #geraldton where she was able to harvest an Abrolhos Island Black pearl and choose a pendant to put it on. 
What do you think of her choice?
#coralcoast #blackpearl #abrolhospearls@everythinggeraldton @geroair @guigui_wu 
from the link they posted, the necklace costs AUD $813.64 :o

​Now we can couple black pearl lol
Guigui's black pearl necklace and Taecyeon's baby goat black pearl :D:D:D -- cannakat may 29

TaecYeon's baby goat black pearl? where? -- angelangie may 29

​This one
-- cannakat may 29

For @cannakat,
-- packmule3 may 31

Thursday, June 11, 2015

news: taec in elle -- student life, easy going nature, marriage plans

pictures of Taec in a magazine hehehe :P now this is what you call manly hehehehehe :D
cr: as tagged & 鬼澤夫婦 Taecgui Couple (Facebook)

spoof: shibuya crossing, trolls, mr moustache

taecgui%20shibuya%20crossing_zpsqi5wiertI think the yellow oval designates the spot where GG would have been crossing when she took her picture last year. Neat coincidence, eh?  -- packmule3 may 23