Saturday, May 23, 2015

chatter & sleuths: taec and the lollipop at the airport

Taec arrives at incheon airport,Korea

socmed: guigui's important decision revealed.... to not eat snacks!

looks like guigui finally revealed what she decided a month ago... hehehe
Friday, May 1, 2015 3:56PM [Taiwan Time]
translation: The important decision I made a month ago was to not eat snacks, I violated it thrice! I know I'm boring, hahaha...

news: guigui's weibo chat -- will see 2PM concert if possible

Guigui had a weibo event last April 1. (I know, it's April Fool's Day).  I'm not sure if this was posted here already but here you go...
All credit goes to guiguiwuyingie.tumblr. Thanks!!
2015.04.02 - Highlights of Gui Gui’s Weibo Discussion Event 
Mr.ZhangQiSilence: “What have you been doing lately?”
Gui Gui: “I’m promoting my photo book.”
YukiYatu: “Hurry and tell! Reveal to us what you’re next step is. Will you have new dramas to film?”
Gui Gui: “My next job is going to Mainland China to film a drama.”
ManJiang9422: “Gui, have you been in contact with Taecyeon oppa?”
Gui Gui: “Fans always tell me what he’s doing. Haha.”
Joy_Sa: “Precious Gui, look over here. I’ve liked you for so long. Will you have a signing event for your photo book in Mainland China? [heart] Please reblog. [kiss].”
Gui Gui: “I’m planning it right now!!!”
JMCar_Men: “Gui Gui, will you have a book signing event in Hong Kong?”
Gui Gui: “I’m still in the process of planning it!!!”
MeetingAgainInJune: “Come to Mainland China more often! In this way, I’ll be able to randomly meet you more often!!! [rose].”
Gui Gui: “No problem!!!”
ZhangMoMoDependent: “A Different Kind of Gui Gui. I’ve posted a question, so here it is. Gui Gui, have you been happy recently?”
Gui Gui: “I’ve been very happy.”
I'mTiredAndIWantToSleep: “I really like the ShouYi Couple that you and Mao Zi Jun act as. …It’s so cute and so real! Will it be a sad romance in the future? Hurry and answer! Hurry and answer!”
Gui Gui: “I won’t tell you. Remember to watch it!”
GuiGuiSaysThatOppaIsJjandori: “Gui Gui, if you have a chance, will you go see Ok Taecyeon’s concert?” 
Gui Gui: “Of course!!!”
@angelangie, @mikoshine, @chinlylin, @cannakat, I wanted to copy and paste only the last Q&A from guiguiwuyingie.tumblr. Did I post the right one?
-- packmule3 april 30

GuiGuiSaysThatOppaIsJjandori: “Gui Gui, if you have a chance, will you go see Ok Taecyeon’s concert?” 
Gui Gui: “Of course!!!”
additional question
bouquet78 : So, Gui Gui, did you manage to turn up for your oppa's recent Shanghai Go Crazy concert, you can PM me your answer..:D
GuiGui : ............ -- bouquet78 may 1

socmed: guigui meets PDnim in shanghai

GG Weibo - 11.24am (TST) 12.24pm (KST)
@江苏卫视我们相爱吧 這禮拜日,我去找慌慌張張他們家做客啦!@乔任梁 我表現的可以嗎?
@JiangSuWeiShi 'We are in love' this week, I will go and find HuangHuang ZhangZhang and be their house guest! @KimiQiao how is my presentation, still ok?


news: guigui in SPOP -- bunny ears

New Still releases by 華流
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from guigui's book

One of GG Picture in her Pictorial Book, someone posted it into Weibo :)
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