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funny! taecgui dream

I dream of GuiGui posted on Facebook,  picture of herself with Taecyeon ate Korea food in Shanghai together XD -- spicystrawberry april 8

chatter & sleuths: okcat cushion in zoomin during visit

updating the blog and noticed this:
dec 30:
: Long time no see, nyang♡
ref: http://taecgui.blogspot.com/2015/04/okcat-long-time-no-see.html

is this the same cushion that shows up here on march 13?

ref: https://taecguinews.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/zoom-in-fb-31315-at-219-pm-tst/

my first thought: are they sharing joint custody of this okcat doll and send it back and forth?

@PeggyW ~ you have seen this doll at the zoomin store right? what do you think? same cushion? did it have a red dot? how big is it actually? what were your impressions of the store? did folks find out how the store got the okcat cushion? -- lmangla april 25

news: taec likes wine, whiskey, dislikes coffee

OK, found it!
this is the translation from nuneo2dakay.blogspot.com

[TRANS] COSMOPOLITAN - 6 Men Coming Together as a Whole Again, 2PM

6 Men Coming Together as a Whole Again, 2PM

Making a new phrase ‘Beastly Idols’ and starting the syndrome after their debut in 2008, 2PM have become matured men even more. The warm moment when the 6 men who have been bragging each of their ability through solo, acting, album producing, etc gathered as 2PM.

t’s been a long time since we met in 2009. We asked you what you think you would be doing 10 later, do you perhaps remember your answers?

Junho Didn’t we answer that we’d be in the army? Haha.

Taecyeon I can’t remember at all...

Taecyeon answered acting, singing, radio DJ, having a coffee business. Nichkhun answered being married and having a business. Jun. K answered to keep engrossed in music, and being married! Chansung answered acting and singing, Wooyoung answered to be the world’s best musician. And Junho asnwered launching clothing brand, composing songs, producing, singing and acting...

Jun. K When did you say we answered this? Euhaha.

Taecyeon Worst of all I didn't even like coffee that much so I wonder why did I say that? All of us didn't give it more thought.

guigui on sina.com -- still admire taec?, learning korean to order food

Have everyone post this? Guigui promote her book on Sina.com.tw

news: guigui on her book and WGM -- "fallen in love with taec"

20150329 Guigui interview on her book and WGM

-- cannakat april 22

20150329 Guigui interview on her book and WGM

The questions are done in voice over, so don't know if it's really the questions that Guigui was asked.
Title of video: Exclusive, Guigui's most real side in private,  fallen in love with Taecyeon in WGM

variety: taec and guigui promote chinese WGM

Gui Gui filmed a promo for the Chinese WGM. Right now it is only available on the network's official website. LINK

It may not play unless you are registered with the network's website. I hope a YouTube version will be available soon. -- jwand april 17

wow if even if the Chinese WGM they get her to help with the promo it means alot, this actually means alot, means GG had indirectly had managed to establish herself a network in China market.

at the same times i went through it @jwand it seems like Taec had also film a short promo for it LINK -- angelangie april 17

socmed: taec releases chocolate song with yerin

Connect the dots:
april 15: taec's song in Japanese "chocolate duet"
dots: contains the lyric "you are my chocolate" -- a line famous from guigu's old drama

Taec's tweet  @

My favorite gal and Co-producer/songwriter for the song Chocolate~~ 백예린~~~ 나고야까지 와줘서 고마워~~♡
Trans: Baek Yerin~~~ Thanks for coming all the way to Nagoya~~♡


variety: guigui in cooking show makes korean food

Guigui on the cooking show 20150413

news: taec in couple shoot for high cut

cr: http://www.soompi.com/2015/04/14/2pms-taecyeon-and-lee-yeon-hee-pair-up-for-intimate-couple-pictorial/

2PM’s Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee Pair Up for Intimate Couple Pictorial


socmed: guigui: gaga and GE love sleeping

guigui facebook update, Saturday, April 18, 2015 7:20 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 小GAGA愛睡覺!GE也愛睡覺!
translation: Little GAGA loves sleeping! GE also loves sleeping!image 

-- mikoshine april 18

socmed: guigui's questions on love, crushes

GG posted this question on weibo and FB "你們有偷偷喜歡一個人過嗎?"
Translation either: Gui Gui FB post: Who do you have a crush on? or Do you secretly like a man?
can someone translate it any better?

so my thoughts about this....when someone asks a question like this, it usually means they are asking themselves the question or already answered it and wants to see others' opinion. not long ago she admitted Taec oppa is her ideal man but there are some boundaries.. now she asks this question. WHO ELSE WOULD SHE BE TALKING ABOUT?? It sure isn't aaron yan or wang zi otherwise she would already admit to that.. since taec is an idol and they are far from each other. all she can do is admire him from afar. hayyyy jjinja! i'm so curious if taec likes her too.. i hope so

variety: guigui on date with xiao yan jie

GG in 'A Date with Xiao Yan Jie'

cr: uploader

-- angelangie april 13

photoshop: taec with guigui's book


news: wandering taec

some more translations... hehehehe

cr: as tagged
-- mikoshine april 15

what does this mean? has he been ditching them and wander off by himself and rendezvous with somebody we know? kekeke -- b8l8 april 19 

then JK said, for everyone's sake?  Taec corrected himself and said uummm for my sake! bwahaha i'm know i'm just reading too much into it but a shipper's heart can only hope! kekeke
-- b8l8 april 19

also, how does one even go on a trip for someone else's sake?    -- mikoshine april 19

news: oricon style interview: calculator taec, sleepy taec

i was lurking on Twitter and i found these translations...

when 2PM members are reminded of each other... Wooyoung's answer though...

cr: nuneo2daKAY and Bluemallow_20

-- mikoshine april 15

this is the last one i saw...

what 2PM thinks Taecyeon's great point is...

cr: nuneo2daKAY and Bluemallow_20

-- mikoshine april 15

socmed: guigui's choc article -- my oppa where are you?

last night's FB update, Thursday, April 9, 2015 9:36 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 每個月Choc 恰女生都有我的連載喔♥
translation: Every month, Choc 恰女生has my series oh♥

gg guests at chinese wgm

Gui Gui bumping into the GWGM PD in Shanghai is interesting. MBC is co-producing the Chinese WGM which began filming only two days ago. Gui Gui has a connection to at least one of the 3 couples. Kimi Qiao, who is paired with actress Lulu Xu, costars with Gui Gui in the upcoming movie Our Ten Years.
jwand, April 5

pdnim meets gg in shanghai

So Eric PDnim met with guigui in Shanghai 

from PDnim's facebook

unseen photos from kstyle


guigui in shanghai

looks like guigui has arrived in Shanghai 

cr: 炎亞綸_小冷 weibo and 鬼澤夫婦 Taecgui Couple

caption from 炎亞綸_小冷 weibo
Very shy girl, kept saying not to take pictures. Forgive me for still taking these photos. But I want to say you still look pretty and cute without makeup on.


guigui drama

In Gui Gui's current drama, her character's relationship with Ironhand goes back to childhood.
jwand, April 2

weibo: jump to shanghai

checked guigui's weibo and looks like she posted a different caption for this picture...

Thursday, April 2, 2012 8:11 PM [Taiwan Time]
caption: 謝謝你們的提問,期待下次微訪談!謝謝@新浪台灣 我要去整理行李了...明天蹦上海image
translation: Thank you for everyone's questions, anticipate the next mirco-interview! Thank you Sina Taiwan. I'm going to pack my luggage now... Tomorrow, jump to Shanghai image

GG re-weibo after William

GG re-weibo after William's weibo on 31st March - 8.22 pm (TST) 9.22pm (KST)

angelangie, March 31

Monday, April 27, 2015

FB: Important decision

Guigui FB update Wednesday, April 1, 2015 11:00 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 下了一個重要決定,希望我可以達成!先不要問是什麼...一個月後揭曉。
translation: Reached an important decision, hope I can accomplish it! Don't ask questions for now... Will announce after a month. 

pinkish/red shoes -- red riding hood connection

March 31

Guigui in Here comes KangXi

March 31

spoof: the spring flowers connection.


TY: Bound for Gimpo

Taec at Gimpo Airport to catch a flight to Japan.
cr: as tagged

The Four press con

March 31

GG: promoting photobook

March 31

In this video she talks about her involvement with the photo book. She's involved from start to finish and participated in all the discussions. A lot of what's in the book were her ideas. She also drew all the illustrations in the book.
Also shared 2 lines that she wrote in the book, 
"You can regret, but don't forget to look forward."
"Smile, and it passes" and explains that there's really no point getting upset, because that wouldn't help in anyway.

She explains a number of concepts in the photos, like the brother sister, half face with heavy makeup and the other half with no makeup.
April 1

Blackie meets Guigui

from Blackie's facebook

caption: 很開心看到鬼鬼現在有這麼好的發展⋯今天她在康熙說想要見我ㄧ面~其實是有點驚訝!但內心非常的蠻感動!從她17歲到現在,看著她ㄧ路的成長⋯除了替鬼鬼感到開心之外、也感到非常的驕傲!希望大家幫我多多支持鬼鬼喔!鬼鬼我永遠以妳為榮⋯⋯
translation: Very happy to see Guigui's very good development right now...Today, she said at Kang Xi Lai Le that she wanted to see me~ Actually was a bit surprised! But I was very touched! From when she was 17 until now, seeing her growing up...apart from Guigui feeling happy, I also feel very proud! Hope everyone will help me in giving lots of support to Guigui oh! Guigui, I will always be proud of you....

Taec at Incheon Airport to and from Jakarta

Taec at Incheon Airport to catch a flight to Jakarta, for 2PM Go Crazy World Tour on March 28.
cr: as tagged

2PM re-signed with JYP

All 2PM members have re-signed a contract with JYP Entertainment. 

On March 26, JYP Entertainment told Newsen, "All 2PM members have completed the re-signing process. The duration of the new contract is from January 2015 to January of 2018." 

The agency rep stated, "We′ve discussed renewing the contract since the autumn of 2014 with the 2PM members. The members all expressed their wishes to re-sign, so they all renewed their contracts together." 

2PM will continue activities with JYP until January of 2018.
Meanwhile, 2PM has released several hits, such as 10 Out of 10, Again & Again, Hearbeat, Crazy, and more. The members have recently kept busy with individual activities.  

taec trolling at their recent concert in Jakarta

March 30

2PM: Goodbye Again

socmed: okcat with guigui's dogs!

Guigui facebook update Tuesday, March 24, 2015 6:12 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: GaGa and pooh pooh ♥ 뽀뽀

variety: dream of me in one point hangul

I am posting 2 translations from the 2PM's One Point Hanguel video program, they made a few episodes for their Japanese fan-base. 
It is along the lines of learning or teaching some Korean words and phrases via scenerios. 
2PM did the video/program in 2014. 

"Dream of me" 
The reason why the boys are selecting cards with phrases written on them... what you would say to someone who is leaving (on trip or traveling) it can be intrepreted that one is "breaking-up" or parting from each other. However, when JK did the intro it was more about going to separate places. 

2:39 background voice: TeacYeon-ah we are now parting..
2:42 TY:내 꿈꿔 Dream of me! 
Much laughter in the background as TY squats down 
2:48 background voice: That's style is 'Bad-Boy'/bad/rotton male/man {style}!!

connect the dots: pictorial book connections

Was looking at these picture and found some interesting stuff lol

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

She wrote in this one, "Don't worry about what others think! Okkk???"
She's playing with ok here, I can imagine her using something like this for teasing someone, it can be o kay kay kay, or o ke ke ke

connect the dots: the view and sunglasses


spoof: black shirts,

coincidence?!! Not my liking though
cr to uploader
-- wander17e march 10

news: guigui interview with COOL, taec travelling with family

Connect the dots:
Feb 26: [video released] When asked for a country she would like to visit, she mentions Greece.
March 7 -- traveling with family, Taec posts pics from Turkey
March 12 -- changes display pic to Santorini, Greece

Did anyone already post this short clip interview from COOL magazine?  

I'll provide translations later if no one does after I get home 

postcards: guigui promotes WGM

chatter & sleuths: zoom in gets okcat cushion doll

i'm back reading and trying to share some updates i'm seeing on facebook... kekekeke

look at what zoom-in just posted on facebook

caption: 又有新玩伴加入!!太開心
translation: a new playmate joined!! so happy

-- mikoshine march 13

socmed: guigui learning korean

GG Updates her FB!!!!!!! u Guys LOVE IT

GG FB - 11th March  2015 - 6.21 pm (TST) 7.21pm (KST)


Translations: First Korean Class

-- angelangie march 11

commentary: personalized exit


what kind of husband was I?
you know everything because you not talk a lot. you always know everything and because..mm, in my heart, I want you talking lot for me. Because you are you. I don't want to change you.

What kind is your wife?
very fun, very cute, very energetic, fun to hang around with and being with her was very fortunate. Finally, not the least, thank you for marrying me.


meant to post this earlier but forgot....so taecgui were the first WGM couple I watched and since then, have watched a few others. space and more experience with this show sometimes adds more perspective to the same episodes.. so it is interesting that looking again at their exit interview was how personal it is in comparison to some of the other WGM couples. instead of just co-worker goodbye stuff like you worked hard and well wishes for the future, there's "because you are you. I don't want to change you." and "thank you for marrying me"... both of them really personalized it, including taec. trying to describe it better but not able to find the words. @korchick @packmule3 @jwand and anyone else still awake ~ help!


-- lmangla march 12

news: guigui admits potential guy had appeared

Translation of article: http://www.ettoday.net/news/20150310/476244.htm

Guigui wants to marry after being single for 2 years, shyly admits that potential guy had appeared
2015/03/10 08:17Female star Guigui Wu Ying Jie started out in girl group HSHMM, worked in films, TV and music after flying solo. Recently years she shifted her focus to China, slowly working her way up from supporting roles to lead roles, gaining popularity. However, there wasn't any  good news from her love life, recently she self imploded in an interview, that actually there were potential guy(s) around her.

Caption: Guigui admitted that for the past 2 years that she has been single, there were potential guy(s) that she was sort of seeing, but mostly have no further development.

news: guigui wanted a twin brother

Translation of article:

Guigui switches between male and female, just wants to have fun while single
2015/03/09 02:27:15

Wu Ying Jie, released her personal photo book titled "Guigui X Wu Ying
Jie, a different Guigui" for the first time, because she is an only
child, in the book she fantasized about having brothers and sisters,
changing between styles drastically playing male and female. However,
dressed as a male with a wig and shirt, she originally wanted to head
towards a Lee Minho look alike, but she was told after styling that she
looked like Ma Shili. She found after cross dressing that "being a
male is very boring."

Guigui recons she doesn't have "enough to
offer" at the upper area, her biggest show of skin being shoulders and
back, anything under is covered. Originally she lost weight intending to
showoff her slim waist, but they ran out of time for the photo shoot,
so her well trained abs were wasted. The toughest part was shooting a
set of carnival themed photos, where she had glitters sprayed in the air
and at her face, although it was a quick process, it was very
troublesome to remove the makeup, as there was glitters stuck in her
braids, on her face. Just removing makeup and glitter cost 2 hours,
almost made the skin on her face peel off.

And the happening of
love is caused by encounter, there used to be a time where she also
though that it's a kind of happiness to be able to hold hands on the
street, but now she doesn't think it's important whether or not she has a
boyfriend or has people interested in her. She thinks she still wants to
enjoy herself, "I still want to go to Europe, to see the polar lights
at the north pole, if I have a relationship, get married and start a
family then I'll be tied down, and will not be able to achieved these."

Caption: Guigui Wu Ying Jie fantasized about having a twin brother, changing style to dress as a male.

news: guigi never hides affection from her crush

Translation of article: http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20150310000783-260112

Guigui meets Mr. Right, lioness becomes kitten
2015/3/10 04:10

Caption: Guigui wants to fall in love, has zero resistance against a warm man who will take care of her.

news: guigui turns to kitten on meeting her ideal man

Translation of article: http://ent.ltn.com.tw/news/breakingnews/1252397

Guigui loves tall handsome guy, changes from lioness to kitten in 1 second

2015/03/10 07:36

Caption: Guigui has a cute appearance, but hasn't been dating for 2 years.

news: guigui would like to study overseas

Translations of article: http://www.ettoday.net/news/20150311/476779.htm

Guigui before "Nian Ni" popularity....felt the ups and downs in 10 short days

2015/03/11 08:00

Guigui Wu Ying Jie looks sweet and cute, flying solo from HSHMM and marching into Chinese dramas, having great popularity. Although now she works with big stars such as Nicky Wu, she actually had as long as 2 years without a job. She recently revealed in an exclusive interview with ETtoday, "Looking back, I'm glad that it has already passed."

Caption: Guigui laughing in a cute way in photo shoot.

news: guigui interview with polish blogger

GG being interviewed by Poland Blogger she is definitely going for international!!!

this had been translated into English by Google

PS: I will not be posting the pictures

Interview with Emma Wu, Taiwanese actress.


25-year-old singer and actress from Taipei.

She made her debut in 2006 as a member of the team, "Hey Girl".

Since then appeared in several films, television shows and entertainment programs.

Gained popularity in Korea after participating in the program, " We got married - global edition "with Ok  Taecyeon 2PM team.

Facebook: Gui Gui

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Gui Gui, I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I'm an actress.

Initially sang in a band, now are focusing mainly on acting. Which of these areas you feel more interesting?

I think the acting to be quite fun and interesting, but I still love singing and dancing. Continue to train in these areas and put in a lot of effort. I hope my dream will come true and I connect these interests.

On the internet you can find some of your nicknames m.in .: Gui Gui and Emma Ghost. Where did they come from?What lies behind the story?

Gui Gui, because all of my friends just call me since high school yet. Gui in Chinese means spirit, and my English name is Emma. So Ghost Emma is a combination of the two words.

In 2013, you took part in the "We got married - global edition" of Ok Taecyeon 2PM team. How was this project?

The project has brought me a lot of good experiences, and Ok Taecyeon is a very nice man.

Keep in touch with Taecyeon, or your separate ways?

I send greetings on the occasion of his birthday, and thanks to my fans I'm always up to date with what's happening.

Do you think that the language barrier made it difficult to establish the relationship to you?

Yes, sometimes it was difficult to communicate (ed. Trans. Gui Gui and Taeceyong in the program communicated mostly in English to help me also gestures.).

After arriving in Korea were some difficult moments? Something you surprised, surprised?

I love Korean culture and lifestyle, especially Korean cuisine. Before arriving I did the exact research, so I did not meet any major problems.

Nawiązałaś friendships in Korea?

So, when I was working there, I found a few friends.

What you liked the most, at least in Korea?

Basically I love everything in Korea, there is nothing that I did not really like it.

What do you think about Korea? What places or poleciłabyś dishes to try?

I propose to visit Hongdae. It is my must-go place in Korea because I love shopping.

Do you like to travel? You visited any other countries in Asia or Europe?

I love and I hope that someday I can visit Europe.

Where did you see for the next few years, what are your plans and dreams?

I look forward to the chance to play in a movie.

Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you very much for the interview, I am truly grateful.