Tuesday, March 10, 2015

socmed: guigui and grass

Guigui Facebook update Thursday, December 11, 2014 3:49 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 草地女孩

translation: Grass girl
-- mikoshine dec 11

socmed: guigui's korean dinner

GuiGui Facebook on Wed, December 10 at 5.49pm (KST: 6.49pm)
Caption:  My dinner  image 
-- biruangel dec 10

okcat: morning heart and short winter days

OkCat Twitter on Wed, December 10 at 7.51am (KST: 8.51am)
Caption:  옥캣 모오닝♡
-- biruangel dec 10
Trans:  OKCat Morning♡ -- minwooluv78 dec 10

Finally a good morning from Okcat    It's been days! -- cannakat dec 10 

OkCat Twitter on Wed, December 10 at 8.21pm (KST: 9.21pm)
Caption:   오늘은 어떻게 보내셨냐옹? 겨울이라서 그런지 하루가 너무 짧게 느껴진다냥^^ 이제 2014년도 얼마안남았다냥..아쉽다냥..
-- biruangel dec 10

오늘은 어떻게 보내셨냐옹? How was/did your spend today, nah-ong?
겨울이라서 그런지 하루가 너무 짧게 느껴진다냥^^  since/because it is winter, the/one day seem so short, nyang^^
이제 2014년도 얼마안남았다냥..아쉽다냥.. Not much left of 2014.. It's a shame/too bad, nyang.. -- korchick dec 10

socmed: guigui at dance class

Guigui Facebook update Tuesday, December 9, 2014 6:13 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: Dance class [person dancing icon]
-- mikoshine dec 9

is that mona lisa+marge simpson???....nice one!!! -- bleached dec 9 

Seems like another secret project   -- cannakat dec 9

okcat: at hometown, at puppetlove

OkCat Twitter on Tue, December 9 at 12.38pm (KST: 1.38pm)
Caption:  오늘 옥캣이는 어디론가 간다냥^^ 이따 인증샷 올리겠습니다냥♡
-- biruangel dec 9

Trans:  Today, OKCat is going somewhere nyang^^ Later I will post a proof shot nyang♡ 

OkCat Twitter on Tue, December 9 at 3.01pm (KST: 4.01pm)
Caption:  사실, 크리스마스 준비를 하러 옥캣이의 고향에 왔다냥^^ 우리, 함께, 크리스마스에 만나요♡ 냐냥!

chatter & sleuths: taec's new song "u don't know"

The song is finally on YT!!

Taecyeon's U Don't Know feat. Seulong (Original Version)

okcat: cookie for lunch, cold nights and nose pack

OkCat Twitter on Mon, December 8 at 11.56am (KST: 12.56pm)
Caption오늘 옥캣이 점심! 어제 받은 옥캣쿠키♡ 감사합니다냥^-^/

-- biruangel dec 8

okcat at 2PM fan meeting

OkCat Twitter on Sun, December 7 at 9.59am (KST: 10.59am)
Caption:  옥캣이가 2PM 삼촌들의 카페 'THE STREET'에 방문했습니다냥^-^/

-- biruangel dec 7

gif: crazy taec, finding love in his pocket

'Go Crazy' Taec
cr: WhatAMelon91


spoof: reality, stolen shirts, fried chicken and cooking

socmed: guigui thanks; okcat takes a bow

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, December 6 at 5.00pm (KST: 6.00pm)
Caption:  小GaGa跟手工天然水果醋跟絲瓜水...Thank you so much image 
TranslationLittle GaGa handmade with natural fruit vinegar & melon juice ... Thank you so much image 

-- biruangl dec 6

socmed: guigui and the empty roller coaster

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, December 6 at 11.08pm (KST: 12.08am)
Caption:  小生病快快走開。 
Translation:  Little sickness go away quickly.
-- biruangel dec 6

socmed: taec + friends, don't have instagram

Taec Twitter on Sat, December 6 at 7.33pm (KST: 8.33pm)
Caption:  나 인스타 안함ㅋ

-- biruangel dec 6

socmed: guigui wishes good morning and the silver bag, work update

GuiGui Facebook on Fri, December 5 at 5.30am
Caption:  Good morning!!! Work days!!! 


-- biruangel dec 5

comic: bef has no snow shoes

OkCat Twitter on Thu, December 4 at 8.55am (KST: 9.55am)
Caption:  OKCAT COMICS EP.56 '어느 겨울날'. 오늘은 옥캣 프렌즈에게 어떤 일이? 추운 겨울날을 옥캣 프렌즈와 함께 하시라냥^^ 냐냐냥! 냐냥! -

-- biruangel dec 4

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

okcat: green cat

OkCat Twitter on Fri, December 5 at 6.36pm (KST: 7.36pm)

-- biruangel dec 5

connect the dots timeline: Nov 2014, part 2

consolidated posts of okcat, taec and guigui: Nov 16-30 2014


connect the dots timeline: Nov 2014, part 1

 consolidated posts of okcat, taec and guigui: Nov 1 - 15 2014

socmed: guigui bids adieu to perth

Guigui Facebook update Wednesday, December 3, 2014 10:31 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 要回家了...Good bye Perth [airplane icon] -- at Perth International Terminal
translation: Going home....Good bye Perth
-- mikoshine dec 3

okcat: cold day, night heart

OkCat Twitter on Wed, December 3 at 6.50pm (KST: 7.50pm)
Caption:  오늘 정말 정말 춥습니다냥 ㅜㅜ 옷 따뜻하게 입고 다니시죵? 냐냥!

오늘 정말 정말 춥습니다냥 ㅜㅜ 옷 따뜻하게 입고 다니시죵? 냐냥!
Today is Really, really cold, nyangㅜㅜ(you) Will have warm clothing/Dress warmly when (you) go out? Nah nyang -- korchick dec 3

OkCat Twitter on Thu, December 4 at 11.45pm (KST: 12.45am)
Caption:  OKCAT NIGHT ♡

chatter & sleuths: taecgui poster at 2PM concert site

GWGM Facebook Updates about 2PM concert where they seen banners of TaecGui there

Caption: 2PM. Go Crazy~!

cr: as tagged & GWGM (Facebook)

-- angelangie dec 3

okcat: december wallpaper

DATE : 2014-12-03 09:53:28 (KST)
-- cannakat dec 3

spoof: flower faces, rock, sweaty couple, group hug


I think we observed the couple flower faces last year. Maybe @biruangel has a collage, but I made another one for you. I'm sure there are more recent ones with TY during the Go Crazy tours/presscons.

-- packmule3 nov 27

chatter & sleuths: taec is happy after concert at Guangzhou!

20141130 Taec at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, looking mighty pleased!
cr: as tagged
-- biruangel nov 30

socmed: guigui in perth

GuiGui Facebook on Sun, November 30 at 8.19am (KST: 9.19am) 
Caption:  Good morning Perth  image

-- biruangel nov 30

Have no idea what that bean store in Perth is but my first impression on seeing those beans were "lol. Is that green ears/ear lobes?" Is she making a shout out to dear okcat? Super delu and bad eye sight maybe?! -- lmangla nov 30

socmed: guigui on her way to australia

Connect the dots:
Nov 29: guigui on travel show which is a 9 days trip from Guangzhou to Australia
Nov 29: 2PM concert in Guangzhou
chatter: she traveled from Guangzhou or from Taipei?

Guigui's FB, November 29, 2014, at 9:53am TST [did I get the time correct, @biruangel?]

Caption: 蹦。
Translation [google]:  Jump.

socmed: guigui and ghost sweater

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, November 29 at 11.13pm (KST: 12.13am)
Caption:  ️GHOST EMMA image 
-- biruangel nov 29

chatter & sleuths: guigui "kekekes" to okcat+ghost pic from fan

here's a screenshot of that post from May Tsai

-- mikoshine nov 29

Ohhh so it wasn't posted under one of her post.  I was looking everywhere for it ^^  Thanks.
Is the time 11/27/14 at 9:09 am TST time? -- chinlylin nov 29

socmed: guigui: family mart and gogogo

Connect the dots:
Nov 28:  guigui promotes D+F shoes with caption "gogogo"
Nov 27: okcat in busan with caption "go go.."
Nov 29: 2PM concert in Guangzhou
chatter: is she copying okcat? is she promoting the concert?

GuiGui Facebook on Fri, November 28 at 5.45pm (KST: 6.45pm)
Caption:  全家FamilyMart image  宇宙人繽紛SHOW 
Translation:  QuanJia Family Mart image 


comic: hungry bef and lopan wait for 12 o'clock

OKCat comics, November 26, 2014, at 11:19am KST

OKCAT COMICS EP.55 '시간을 달리는 옥캣'. 오늘도 옥캣 프렌즈와 즐거운 하루 보내시라냥! 맛점도 하시고냥! 냐냥 냐냥 냐냐냐냐!

Calling @korchick and/or @minwooluv78.  

socmed: taec says bye to facebook, back on weibo

Ok Taecyeon Twitter, Thursday, Nov 27 at 5:27pm [TST] 6:27pm [KST].

Caption: 아니 무슨 페북하는데 신분증까지 보내?ㅋㅋ 페북 안녕~ 귀차나서 안해ㅋ

-- gil_noona nov 27

okcat: at busan

Nov 26-28 -- tweets from busan

(folks ~ please correct time stamp if needed. am not 100% sure since it just tells me # of hours ago.)
[EDIT: to correct for right day]

okcat twitter, 26 Nov. (approx) 13.30 PM KST
caption: I MISS BUSAN! 옥캣이는 금요일에 다시! 팝업스토어는 이번 주 일요일까지! 냐냐냐냐냥!

socmed: guigui and her craftholic buddies, rock on handsign

GG facebook update Wednesday, November 26, 2014 6:21 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 耶!謝謝全家FamilyMart宇宙人好搶手喔!最愛的集點在全家,你們也集了嗎?
translation: Yeah! Thank you Family Mart♥Craftholic is very popular oh! Most favorite collection is at Family Mart, are you guys collecting it too?

okcat: fried chicken, gray seoul, meal on the train and more

no more good morning? no more night hearts? well, we still have chicken.

Okcat twitter, ~ 11.30 PM KST, 25 Nov
caption: 냐냥? 냐냥!


-- lmangla nov 25

okcat: heart over head

Connect the dots:
Nov 23: guigui "I like you but not love"
Nov 23: okcat "heart over head!"

OKCat tweeted this on 11/23/14 at 7:20 pm KST

머리 위로 하트! 하트! ♡♡♡ 
Google translated it as: Heart over head! Heart! ♡♡♡

I think, however, it looks more like OKCat is touching its ears. 

-- packmule3 nov 24

socmed: guigui "like you but not love", the longhorn mystery

Connect the dots:
Nov 23: guigui "I like you but not love"
Nov 23: okcat "heart over head!"

GG facebook update Sunday, November 23, 2014 11:25 PM [Taiwan Time]

Caption: I like you but not love. (yup, in English)


and with that, ♪So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, good night

socmed: taec has a beer

Taec Twitter on Sun, November 23 at 6.06pm (KST: 7.06pm)
Caption:  미국에서 살쪄서 돌아왔음ㅋㅋㅋ 아놔ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 맥주 종류가 넘넘 많아서ㅜㅜ 안먹어볼수가... {어린아이들은 꼭 성인이 되서 마시도록 해요~}

-- biruangel nov 23

socmed: guiugi in wedding dress for kstyle "like"

GuiGui Facebook on Mon, November 24 at 5.45pm (KST: 6.45pm)
Caption喜歡 image 
Translation:  Like image