Sunday, February 22, 2015

socmed: guigui wants to film period drama

GG facebook status update Saturday, November 22, 2014 12:59 PM [Taiwan Time]


translation: I want to film a period drama [multiply this line to how many times she said it on her post.. LOL] 

chatter & sleuths: at dallas and LA concerts

@haha1549 tweeted picture of her OKCat and BEF.  Did you sew that BEF?  Cute!

at 7:01pm Dallas time or 10:01am KST

socmed: guigui in seoul

GG facebook update Thursday, November 20, 2014 3:17 [Taiwan Time]

caption: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ...


comic: bef gets free ride with okcat at supermarket

OkCat Twitter, Thursday, Nov 20 at 10:37am [TST] 11:37am [KST].

Caption: OKCAT COMICS EP.54 '무임승차' 옥캣 프렌즈의 오늘 이야기가 궁금하시다면? 이곳에서 확인하시라냥! 맛점하시라냥! 오늘 에피소드 SO CUTE!

socmed: guigui wishes aaron yan, william

GuiGui FB update 11/20/14 at 10:46 am (TST)

Caption:  Happy birthday Dear 007 (cake image)
* referring to Aaron Yan ^^ 

socmed: guigui rocks on in a bathtub selfie with labtop

Connect the dots:
Nov 18: guigui shows a rock on sign
Nov 19: 2PM has their concert in Dallas

GG Facebook update Tuesday, November 18, 2014 10:06 PM [Taiwan Time]

caption: 浴缸視訊,自備小被被加枕頭...非常舒服
trans: bathtub video, self-prepared little blanket pillow... very comfortable。 

socmed: taec at hodori restaurant in LA

Ok Taecyeon Twitter, Wednesday, Nov 19 at 7:24pm [EST] or Thursday, Nov 20 at 8:24am [TST] 9:24am [KST].

Caption: 엘에이는 호돌이ㅋ
Trans: LA represent Hodori lol

okcat: clear sky, dear., meal,

OKCat Twitter, Wednesday November 19, at 11:14am KST

구름 한점없이 맑은하늘! 춥지만 맑으니 정말 좋다냥! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!


-- packmule3 nov 19

chatter & sleuths: 2PM has no dating ban

cannakat said:
angelangie said:
packmule3 said:
cannakat said:
packmule3 said:
bibidep said:
Oh my what is going on here haha...Taec had a girlfriend with him? Are you joking?? At this moment he went with his girlfriend in public like that he must be crazy, he didn't want to live any more hahah....I don't think Mr. JYP let him live in peace to date that girl at this moment.
No.  That excuse is no longer valid.  :)

If Nichkhun can have a girlfriend, then the rest of the 2PM boys are allowed to have girlfriends, too.  Otherwise, the other 2PM boys can complain about unfairness, favoritism, double standards, and inequality. The boys can't use JYP and the existent/non-existent dating ban as rationale for non-disclosure of their identity of the girlfriends. If they're keeping the identity private, it's because they want to keep it that way -- and not because JYP and/or JYPE management have ordered them not to engage in private relationships. 
Last year when they were promoting Grown, WY said on a TV show that JYP said to them, "from now on 2PM can date."
Thank you, @cannakat!!  

I knew I read something about the ban being lifted for 2PM, but when I google-searched the article I couldn't find a single mention of the ban being lifted on 2PM. @#$% google.  All the articles I could find were on Wonder Girls' ban and Suzie's ban blah blah. 

Do you happen to have the exact source? Or the name of the TV show? 
i remember that even Taec mention about the ban had been lifted and they are talking about dating openly.... where Taec was talking about asking Jun.K to date so that the song he write will be more jolly

Taec: The dating ban has been lifted this year. From now onwards, if you want to date, you can go ahead!


The screenshot was from SBS's Incarnation/Hwashin episode on 20130521
Thanks for looking this up, @cannakat.


@lmangla, do you mind including this topic in the family blog... if you haven't yet?  Thanks. The dating ban has been lifted.

okcat: lonely poster

OkCat FB updates

18th Nov 2014 - 11.03pm (TST) 12.03am (KST)



-- angelangie nov 18

socmed: taec tweets billboard article on 2PM concert in NJ

Taecyeon tweeted on November 17, 11:31pm Dallas Time, or November 18, 2:31pm KST.  Tagging @chinlylin for the newsblog.  Thanks. 

Billboard - 2PM Fly High, Get Intimate at U.S. Tour Kickoff in New Jersey


The K-pop band's acrobatic moves and candidness with the audience shined at the Prudential Center.

socmed: guigui shares falling in love song

Connect the dots:
Nov 18 2014: guigui shares vid "falling in love"
Nov 18 2013: guigui says thanks wearing a kitten keychain on her bag; okcat posts a picture of a kitten few hours later

Guigui shared a music video by Twinko - Falling in Love (released on 11/10/14)

spoof: handsome

-- packmule3 nov 18

but but ..... she was saying Joo In Sung   :D -- angelangie nov 18

socmed: taec at california beach

From Taecyeon twitter
Has this been posted yet?? -- cannakat nov 21

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

socmed: taec promotes got7 song

Taeccool Twitter: November 17 @ 6:54pm Chicago/Dallas Time, or November 18 @ 8:54am TST, @ 9:54am KST

하지하지마가 일어로 번안되서 나올때 어떨까를 돌아다니다가 읽었는데... 야메떼야메떼 야메야메야메떼라고ㅋㅋㅋ 아 음란마귀아님다 쿨럭

chatter & sleuths: taec eats breakfast

[Fanaccaount] 141114
This morning 10AM, Taecyeon sleepily walked to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, after he ate and drank he was chatting. Khun slowly walked out of the cafeteria and bought a magazine (it’s almost noon) holding the magazine, he leisurely walked over and greeted. New Jersey was raining and snowing but now it’s clear. Fighting for tonight’s concert!
Fan account credit: 黑小夜小姐是个粉湿 @weibo
Trans credit: Junhoempress
i thought he didn't like to eat breakfast? [偷笑]
image cr: @BiruAngel

-- mikoshine nov 15

He didn't want to "become stupid" and forget the time difference again.  kekeke. -- packmule3 nov 16

okcat: the missing ear in the lonely poster

OKCat Twitter Monday, November 17, 2014 at 12 midnight KST or 11/16/14, 11pm TST, or 11/16/14 9am in Chicago.

Caption: 외롭다냥... 

Monday, February 16, 2015

okcat: a warm meal while cold outside, good night

OkCat Twitter on Mon, November 17 at 11.06am (KST: 12.06pm)
Caption:  춥다냥 춥춥춥ㅜㅜ 감기조심하시구 맛점하시라냥^^/ 

OkCat Twitter on Mon, November 17 at 11.49am (KST: 12.49pm)
Caption추울 땐 따뜻한 갈비탕 ^^

timeline: nov 12-14

@lmangla. Here is the sequence of events for our family blog.  Tagging @chinlylin, too, in case she wants some of the pics in the newsblog.

I’m including some tweets from Khunnie, Wooyoung and other people to establish a better timeline.

Wednesday, Nov 12
9:17am KST: fantweet: Taecyeon spotted at Incheon Airport
9:49am KST: taeccool tweeted that he was in a good mood that morning
11:50am KST: Guigui’s Facebook: ad with Family Mart looking out the window and flying in space
12 noon KST: OKCat’s Pepero comics
6:45pm KST: Guigui’s FB: Fighting in class! 
7:26pm KST: OKCat wishes CSAT takers good luck!

Nov 13 KOREA TIME or Nov 12 US TIME [It’s called Eastern Standard Time or EST because New York City is on the eastern side of the country]
1:01am KST/or 11:01am NOV 12 New York City Time: fantweet: Taecyeon arrived in NYC*

*Taecyeon GAINED half-a-day .  This caused the time confusion. It was still Wednesday, November 12 in the US while for TY who had flown from Seoul, it was past midnight on a Thursday.  It can be disorienting. 

Nov 12: 4:51pm NYC, or Nov 13, 6:51am KST: Taeccool tweeted picture with Khunnie and friend, David Byun, in a NY street.
Nov 12: 9:30pm NYC, or Nov 13, 11:30am KST:  fantweet: Taecyeon was strolling down Times Square. 

Thursday, Nov 13 US TIME  [I'm using EST as reference point bec that's where the 2PM boys are]
4:01am NYC, or Nov 13, 6:01pm KST: Wooyoung tweeted picture of himself sleeping on train.
3:18pm NYC, or Nov 14, 5:18am KST: fantweet: 2PM leaving 345 Hudson Street*

*345 Hudson Street is the address of CBS newsradio and news. 

around 3pm NYC, Taecyeon was at Shake Shack.
4:41pm NYC, or Nov 14, 6:41am KST: Taec’s friend, Saul Lee, @iamsaullee, tweeted, “This is at Billboard now.” pic:
10:19pm NYC, or Nov 14 12:19pm KST: NK’s tweeted to say that Jetlag won this time. He was going to bed.

Friday, Nov 14 US Time and Korean Time
12:53am NYC, or 2:53pm KST: OKCat tweeted that he ate too much for lunch
12:55am NYC, or 2:55pm KST: OKCat replied that he ate rice with tuna
6:55am NYC, or 8:55pm KST: OKCat tweeted Fire Friday
7:02am NYC, or 9:02pm KST: OKCat crying again.  -- packmule3 nov 16

socmed: taec in chicago

Taec Twitter on Sun, November 16 at 9.37am (KST: 10.37am)
Caption:  its snowing in chicago

-- biruangel nov 16

socmed: guigui and nail art

GG facebook update Sunday, November 16, 2014 9:55 PM [Taiwan time]

caption: Hestia nails 赫司緹雅國際時尚美甲 Ruby 幫我畫的Ohh la la...超厲害大家也快去找Ruby做指甲。
trans: Hestia nails 赫司緹雅國際時尚美甲 Ruby helped me draw Ohh la la... so awesome [thumb up] Everyone, quickly go and look for Ruby to do your nails also.

okcat: crying anniversary

Connect the dots:
nov 14 2014: okcat crying with bef
nov 13 2013: okcat cries after guigui trolls 

OkCat Twitter, Friday, Nov 14 at 8:02pm [TST] 9:02pm [KST] 7:02am [EST].

Caption: 토닥토닥..ㅜㅜ..

-- gil_noona nov 14

okcat: morning breath, green heart night

OKcat tweet 11/13/14 at 8:23 am (KST)
*  6:23 pm (NY time)


-- chinlylin nov 12

okcat: good morning mood

TAECCOOL Twitter, Wednesday November 12, at 9:49am KST

아침부터 기분좋은 충격~ 좋네잉~

Translation by heecool:  I felt a pleasant shock in the morning ~ Goooood~
Is that correct, @korchick, @minwooluv78?
Tagging @chinlylin.  :)

okcat: in a good mood, lunch, fire friday!

OkCat Twitter, Friday, Nov 14 at 1:53pm [TST] 2:53pm [KST] 12:53am [EST].

오늘 점심을 너무 많이 먹었다냥ㅜㅜ배 불러요 주인님들! 냐냥! 오늘은 금요일이라서 기분이 좋다냥^^  -- gil_noona nov 14

오늘 점심을 너무 많이 먹었다냥ㅜㅜ Today I ate a lot/too much for lunch, nyangㅜㅜ
배 불러요 주인님들! 냐냥! Masters/Owners, (my) belly is full/blown-up! Nah nyang!
오늘은 금요일이라서 기분이 좋다냥^^  Since today is Friday, (I am) in a good mood, nyang^^ -- korchick nov 14

socmed: guigui happy by her familymart dolls

GG FB Updates

13th Nov 2014 - 3.23pm (TST) 4.23 (KST)

全家FamilyMart 我!都!有!啦!So happy
FamilyMart I have it all! So happy

-- angelangie nov 13

okcat: retweets the cookie gang

Awwwww... this is too cute to be eaten.

Retweeted by OKCat

@09tomo28's twitter, 11/13/14 @7:03pm KSTimage

-- packmule3 nov 13

comic: okcat and gang make peperos

OkCat Twitter, Wednesday, Nov 12 at 11:00am [TST] 12:00pm [KST].

Caption: OKCAT COMICS EP.53 '빼빼로데이'! 옥캣 프렌즈는 어제 무엇을 했을까냥? 맛점하시면서 옥캣코믹스도 보시라냥! ^^

spoof: hot pink, endorsements

To @bouquet78

But doesn’t this remind you of a voodoo doll? Guigui is giving him the eye: “Hahaha. You’re caught under my spell, dearie.” -- packmule3 nov 11

variety: taec on hello counsellor and obsessive girlfriends

I believe @jwand had given us the link to the Hello Counselor show with Taecyeon, JunK and Wooyoung as guest stars.  Thanks, @jwand.  Here's the link again:


Beginning at 21:59, the topic of the show was an obsessive girlfriend. The 2PM boys clearly found the girl’s behavior incomprehensible. At one point, Taec had to be silenced by Wooyoung 

socmed: taec, khun + friend at NY

Ok Taecyeon Twitter, Wednesday, Nov 12 at 4:51pm [EST] or Thursday, Nov 13 at 5:51am [TST] 6:51am [KST]. 

Caption: my friend david @f00jav00 and at the corner khun @Khunnie0624 image

Yeah.. like we don't know Khun.. duh.. -- gil_noona nov 12

socmed: guigui's sweet thing

GuiGui Facebook on Wed, November 12 at 5.45pm (KST: 6.45pm)
Caption:  Sweet thing. 

-- biruangel nov 12

photos from phuket for 2PM calendar

난..왜 이 머리스탈도 좋은거죠...ㅜ
cr: as tagged

-- biruangel nov 7

Sunday, February 8, 2015

wedding photoshoot: leaning in and other pics

oh boy today it seems like those studios had a pack to releases more wedding pictures lols ever seen this one before?

cr: as tagged & 闵芳 (Facebook)

-- angelangie nov 11

socmed: guigui in family mart promo

GuiGui Facebook on Tue, November 11 at 6.46pm (KST: 7.46pm)
Caption :   全家FamilyMart 宇宙人繽紛Showimage 最愛的集點在全家。 

spoof: students, cafe bene connection, finger shoot-out, hot pink

 For @shiirlaaay --


Who do you want to have lunch period with? 
-- packmule3 nov 8

socmed: guigui and 3 kingdoms, changes cover pic

GuiGui Facebook on Tue, November 11 at 6.03pm (KST: 7.03pm)
Caption :  真三國大戰搞鬼技能全新登場!!

She changed her FB cover to this pic.

variety: taec the art teacher

Apparently Taec's gonna be one-day-English-teacher and present English questions for Daesin High School students

Cr: skullcat007

okcat: heart kiss; how was day?; night heart, midnight chocolates

OKCat Twitter, November 11, 2014 at 10:42am KST


@minwooluv78, you're the one who's good with all these text symbols...

What's this supposed to mean? ^♥^  Somebody with smiling eyes, sending/puckering up for a kiss? 

chatter & sleuths: guigui's special skill in 3 kingdoms

hahahaha so the last spokeperson for 'Three Kingdoms War Online' will be reveal today

cr: as tagged & 真三國大戰Online‎ (Facebook)

-- angelangie nov 11

chatter & sleuths: taec, cats and fish

Taecyeon in "3 Meals A Day" Ep 3

Last one on Ep3 from me. Starting tomorrow I'll do ep4 lol

Shocking revelation!!!!


Taecyeon doesn't know that cats like to eat fish.  -- cannakat nov 10

Friday, February 6, 2015

okcat: it is cold! ; forgot password

OkCat Twitter, Monday, Nov 10 at 8:16am [TST] 9:16am [KST[ with no picture.

춥다냥! 일교차가 크니 옷 따뜻한거 준비하시라냥! 냐냥! 오늘 하루도 홧팅!MEOW!
Trans [By Google]: Nyan cold! The greatest diurnal temperature warm clothes're ready Step right meow! Nyanyang! Today is also the day hwaiting! MEOW!

-- gil_noona nov 10 

news: taec's ideal is cute girl who eats well

2PM’s Taecyeon Describes Ideal Girl to Girls’ Generation’s Sunny on “Roommate”


On the November 9 episode of SBS variety show “Roommate,” Nana, Sunny,and Lee Gook Joo went on a trip to the cafe strip of Samcheongdong and planned to arrange blind dates for each of them.
After Lee Gook Joo said that she’s feeling lonely nowadays, hinting that she wants to go on a date, Sunny decided to match her with one of her friends. Sunny then called her friend, 2PM’s Taecyeon.

okcat: morning traffic, afternoon snack with kissing emotji

OkCat Twitter, Sunday, Nov 9 at 7:40am [TST] 8:40am [KST].

Caption: 굿모닝 옥캣모오닝^^
Trans: Good morning OkCat moorning ^^

-- gil_noon nov 9 

connect the dots: the stars and shoes

Do you see the stars now?

Shoes worn November 6 and November 9, to and from Japan.  (Thanks @chinlylin and @gil_noona for the updates.)image

Typically, I’d dismiss this as ridiculous -- his fashion coordinator/noona made him wear silly star shirts and star sneakers. 

variety: drunken man situation and 2PM

From 2PM Nation, tweeted 11/7/14 at 5:06pm KST

Q: what'll u do when drunken man annoy u? TY: Fight!

okcat: waffle lunch


fun: okcat evolution

Dunno if I posted this already but oh well...

-- packmule3 nov 10

okcat: to meet in busan; green heart night

OkCat Twitter on Sat, November 8 at 5.41pm (KST: 6.41pm)
Caption:  MEOW! 주인님들!
옥사장님의 두근두근 팬싸인회는 부산에서 진행되며, 날짜/시간/장소는 아직 협의중입니다냥! 정확한 사항이 결정되면 옥캣이가 트위터로 알려드리겠다냥! 옥캣이도 부산갑니다냥! 그럼, 11월 21일 금요일에 부산에서 만나자냥! 냥! 

socmed: guigui gets sandal gift; good night message

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, November 8 at 4.53pm (KST: 5.53pm)
Caption:  麻麻,謝謝你。 
Translation: Mama, thank you.  

-- biruangel nov 8

chatter & sleuths: taec butchers chinese while promoting 2PM

While waiting for news about our Guigui...

Here's 2PM Message for their World Tour 'Go Crazy' in Guangzhou. It was uploaded today, November 7, 2014, by Ohupika Dushichu.  Thanks!

When did Taecyeon become the Chinese speaker of the group?  I thought it was Khunnie...errr...Nichkhun's role. 
Please, will somebody translate what he said? I know he was really saying, "I love Guigui from the bottom of my heart so please watch us in Guangzhou and buy our 2PM fan merchandise." Thanks. 

spoof: pose, rocker style, couple spoon



-- packmule3 nov 5

connect the dots: star tshirt and I love you song

In Retrospect...

Last year, Saturday, June 22, 2013, 2PM had a Live Tour Concert in Seoul. He wore this.

chatter & sleuths: taec's aegyo on the phone

Taecyeon in "3 Meals A Day" Ep3

He uses "biong" for bye when he calls his mother.

Didn't Jun. K  tease Taec about "biong biong" last year?

So the biong biong wasn't some messaging sound as we suspected, but Taec saying bye on the phone to him mother??? -- cannakat nov 7

okcat: pop-up store

OKCat Twitter November 7, 2014, at 12:05am KST

@ 부산 롯데백화점 본점


-- packmule3 nov 7