Thursday, January 29, 2015

okcat: night heart, morning hearts with sunglasses

OKCat Twitter, Friday, October 31, 2014, at 1:20am KST


Yesterday, OKCat aka Taecyeon was hoping to appear in a dream and now it's plain "okcat night". And BTW, do you know how we know that it was TY doing yesterday's OKCat night tweet?  

Because duh...

He does that. He promotes his buddies' songs all the time, as Taeccool and as OKCat. 
-- packmule3 oct 30

OKCat Twitter, Friday Oct 31, 2014 at 9:18am KST or 8:18am Beijing Time!!!

OKCAT MORNINGimageimageimageimage


okcat: night heart in dream, puffy clouds view

OKCat Twitter, Thursday, October 30, 2014 12:46am KST

OKCAT NIGHT 꿈에서 '나타나 주라'냥^^ 

-- packmule3 oct 29 

socmed: guigui is eager for running man broadcast

Guigui FB, Thursday 30th October 2014, 10:32am CST

Caption: 武漢謝謝你,很開心跟大家ㄧ起玩...我好想快看到播出(red heart) @奔跑吧兄弟
Translation: Thank you Wuhan (武漢謝謝你), really happy to play together with everyone (很開心跟大家ㄧ起玩)...I really want to watch the broadcast (我好想快看到播出) (heart) @RunningMan(@奔跑吧兄弟 direct translation is RunBrothers) 


comic: okcat and gang play with bubbles

Incoming!!!  OKCat Comics.  kekeke.  I thought he had 24/7 staff doing this?  Why so late, buddy? Calling @minwooluv78 and @korchick please. He hasn't posted it yet on his OKCat twitter so will edit later.  Thanks, @gil_noona!!

OkCat Twitter, Wednesday, Oct 29 at 8:07pm [TST] 9:07pm [KST].
Caption: OKCAT COMICS EP.51 '비눗방울' 오늘 밤은 옥캣 프렌즈와 함께❤️


-- packmule3 oct 29

news: no one chasing guigui

cr: Apple Daily
鬼鬼享受上空 沒人愛只好愛錢(GuiGui enjoying the feeling of high sky, no one to love so love money)
(GuiGui filming endorsement transform into a rock star. Reveal by D+AF

socmed: guigui on her way to Wuhan

Guigui FB, Tuesday, October 28, 5:33am TST

Caption: 蹦武漢。
Translation: Jump Wuhan.

okcat: cold weather, greeen tea, night heart

OkCat Twitter on Mon, October 27 at 8.11pm (KST: 9.11pm) 
Caption :  저녁 날씨가 장난이 아니라냥ㅜㅜ 춥다냥! 주인님들 두꺼운 옷을 잘 챙겨입고 다니시라냥! 냐냐냥! 
-- biruangel oct 27

Translation :  저녁 날씨가 장난이 아니라냥ㅜㅜ This weather tonight/evening is No Joke, nyang ㅜㅜ 
춥다냥!  (It's) Cold, nyang!
주인님들 두꺼운 옷을 잘 챙겨입고 다니시라냥! 냐냐냥!  Masters/owners, prepare well to have thick (layered clothing) clothes while out and about/on your outings, nyang! Nah nah nyang! 

OkCat Twitter on Mon, October 27 at 8.48pm (KST: 9.48pm) 
Caption :  Green Tea Latte

socmed: guigui and her korean vacation

finally, we have news on where guigui is... hehe... so apparently she's in Korea again

FB update, Monday, October 27, 2014 11:28 AM [Taiwan time]

caption: 韓國小假期 ♥
translation: Little Korean vacation ♥


socmed: taec jokes with seulong "lets break up"

SeulOng Twitter on Sun, October 26 at 12.02pm (KST: 1.02pm)
Caption:  싫은사람은 안보면 그만인데 안맞는사람은 매 순간이 어색해서 더 힘듬

Taec Twitter on Sun, October 26 at 12.04pm (KST: 1.04pm)

Caption: 우리 헤어지자ㅋ 

SeulOng Twitter on Sun, October 26 at 12.02pm (KST: 1.02pm)Trans:  You don't have to see a person you dislike/hate, but with someone you don't get along with, every moment is awkward and difficult
Taec Twitter on Sun, October 26 at 12.04pm (KST: 1.04pm)Trans: Let's break upㅋ 

okcat: sunny skies, night heart at 1:43

OkCat Twitter, Tuesday, Oct 28 at 10:10am [TST] 11:10am [KST].

Caption: 오늘의 하늘도 맑음^^
Trans: Sunny skies today^^

-- gil_noona oct 28

spoof: at airport, leather jackets, dogs


-- packmule3 oct 27

compare & contrast: shy

Heyyyyyyy.... What happened? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Guess they lost it eh? ㅋㅋㅋ

Cr: as tagged

-- gil_noona oct 28


Ka ji ma, choco abs, ya.... :)) :)) :))  

-- bouquet78 oct 28

fun: okcat jealous

okcat got jealous.

cr as taggedimage 

okcat: view of morning sky

OkCat Twitter on Mon, October 27 at 1.06pm (KST: 2.06pm)
Caption:  오늘 바로 지금 촬영한 하늘이라냥^^ 정말 예쁘다냥! 이런날씨에 잘 어울리는 노래, 2AM의 '오늘따라'♥  

-- biruangel oct 27

compare & contrast: expectation vs reality

hahahaha this is cute

cr: as tagged & 2pm民調中心 (Facebook) & 羞答答酱油法

-- angelangie oct 26

socmed: taec "see ya" in chinese, listening to song "I need you"

Taec Twitter on Sun, October 26 at 12.11pm (KST: 1.11pm)
Caption:  下星期见~
Translation: See you next week ~

okcat: sunny seoul, river view

OkCat Twitter on Sat, October 25 at 11.32am (KST: 12.32pm)
Caption:  서울맑음

-- biruangel oct 25

comic: okcat and gang bake cookies



-- gil_noona oct 23

fun: giraffe vs goat

Which is scarier, the giraffe or the goat?  c烦躁 c烦躁 c烦躁 image
-- biruangel oct 24

fun: taec in the chicken coop

[삼시세끼 official Site] 둘째 날, 그들이 나타났다! 이서진&옥택연
cr: Okniverse
What's Taec doing in a chicken coop?  kekeke

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

chatter & sleuths: taec speaks in chinese at the korean wave in beijing

Korean Music Wave Press Conference - Taec

Cr: as tagged

-- gil_noona oct 25

comic: okcat and bef on map of seoul

Here's another comics from OKCat and BEF.  (lol. You know the old expression:  When it rains, it pours!)  Help, @minwooluv78 and @korchick. The translation isn't complete.

OKCAT - beautiful river in Seoul, Han River Part 1

okcat: morning heart; night photo

OkCat Twitter, Friday, Oct 24 at 6:38am [TST] 7:38am [KST].


[I know for sure this was tweeted by Taec himself just by looking at the hand and pants.. :D ]

Edited to add: I have a feeling that Taec did lurk here.. Last night we were talking about who updated OkCat twitter and this morning bam!! Taec gave us the answer.. lol 

-- gil_noona oct 24 

socmed: taec promotes video game civilization

Ok Taecyeon Twitter, Friday, Oct 24 at 10:43am [TST] 11:43am [KST].

문명 비욘드 어스, 오늘(24일) 정식 출시… 제2의 유혈 사태 나올까? 출처 : 네이버 뉴스 정신차리면 아침해를 보는 무서운게임ㅋㅋㅇㅋ

Edited to add: Translation by

-- gil_noona oct 24

socmed: taec as captain america

Ok Taecyeon Twitter, Thursday, Oct 23 at 10:38pm [TST] 11:38pm [KST].

Caption: 삼일 갔다오면 왜 항상 일복이 터져있을까?ㅋㅋㅋ

-- gil_noona oct 23

okcat: night heart and news

OKCat twitter, Oct 23, 2014 at 12:25am KST

홋! 옥캣이도 등장한다냥 ㅋㅋOKCAT NIGHT

[연예] [단독영상] 2PM 콘서트 “이날 가장 미친 멤버는?”

미친 거 아니야! 로 돌아온 가요계의 원조 짐승돌이자 100% 제대로 놀 줄 아는 오빠들(?) 2PM의 정말 제대로 미쳐 날뛰는 열광의 콘서트 현장은 물론 멤버들의 개별 인터뷰까지 KBS에서 독점공개! 

4집 <미친 거 아니야?>로 에너지 넘치는 무대를 선보인 짐승돌 2PM. wlsks 10월 3~4일 양 이틀간 잠실실내체육관에서 2PM 월드 콘서트 무대를 가졌다. 

‘하트비트(Heartbeat)’를 시작으로 ‘위드 아웃 유(Without U)’ ‘미친 거 아니야’ 등 무려 9곡의 노래를 쉼 없이 들려주며 월드투어 공연을 화려하게 시작했다. 

2PM 은 이번 콘서트에서 '10점 만점의 10점', 'Heartbeat', '미친 거 아니야?' 등 공연장이 들썩일 정도로 신나는 무대를 선보이는가 하면 '비가와', 'I'm sorry' 등 멤버들의 감미로운 목소리를 느낄 수 있는 감성적인 무대까지 보여줘 매력을 한껏 발산했다. 

또 정규 4집의 수록곡인 택연과 찬성의 유닛 무대 '사랑한단 말'과 '돌아와줘'를 선보였다. 특히 ‘돌아와줘’ 무대에서 상반신을 노출한 택연은 이날을 위해 두 달간 몸 가꾸기 전념했다는 에피소드를 들려주기도 했다. 민준과 우영의 유닛 무대 '슈퍼맨(Superman)', 닉쿤과 준호의 유닛 무대 '러브 이주 트루(Love is true)'를 선보여 멤버들 각자 색다른 유닛 무대를 선사했다. 

전세계 팬들을 만나기 위해 월드투어에 돌입한 2PM은 11일 태국 방콕에서 콘서트를 가졌으며, 오는 11월 1일 중국 베이징, 29일 중국 광저우 공연을 앞두고 있다.

fun: messy room

Taecyeon in "3 meals a day" growing his own vegies image
Anyone thinks his room is a little messy lol? 

-- cannakat oct 23

fun: that jacket!

TY in study mode!

Cr: uploader

-- gil_noona oct 23

spoof: couple frying pan

Taecyeon in "3 meals a day", a screenshot for couple fry pan lol
-- cannakat oct 23

comic: okcat and bef at the Boryeong Mud Festival

Tagging @chinlylin and @b8l8. The 3rd of 4. 

OKCAT Enjoy your summer in Boryeong Mud Festival!


comic: okcat and bef visit 63 building

Here it is. I don't know when it was posted. "Two months ago" is all the info I have now from Flitto. Tagging @chinlylin and @b8l8, too, for the newsblog. Thanks. The first of 4. 
OKCAT, 63 Building, a famous place in Seoul!
OKCAT: Wow~ This is so tall! Is this 63 building!? BF: It's 249m tall!

comic: okcat and bef visit sunyu island

LOL.  Here's more.  Tagging @chinlylin and @b8l8. The 2nd of 4.

OKCAT: Seoul's attraction, Sunyudo (Sunyu Island)

comic: okcat introduces bef to markets in Seoul

Last one. Released in July.  Tagging @chinlylin and @b8l8.
OKCAT The friendly markets in Seoul