Tuesday, October 28, 2014

socmed: guigui bids farewell to the four movie

GG Weibo Updates

GG Weibo - 6.41 pm (TST)

@陳嘉上Gordon @柳岩 @邓超 @江小爬LOVE 經過了4年#822四大名捕大结局# 謝謝每一個人的付出。
Translation: @Gordon Chan @LiuYan @DengChao @JiangXiaoPa it been 4 years #822TheFourFinale# Thanks everyone for all the hard works.
-- angelangie aug 19

okcat on train

OkCat Twitter on Mon, August 18 at 6.20pm (KST: 7.20pm)
Caption:  기차를 타고 어디론가 가고있는 옥캣!
나는야 기차탄 초록고양이라냥! 냐냐냐냥! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! image

-- biruangel aug 18

Trans:  OKCAT is off to somewhere on a train!
I'm a green cat on a train nyang! Nya nya nya nyang! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! -- minwooluv78 aug 18

socmed: guigui in lift

GG Updates her Facebook Status

GG Facebook - 8.22 am (+8 TST)

Captions: GE zoom in

-- angelangie aug 18

rainy monday morning for okcat

OkCat FB - 10.13 am (+ GST) [11.13am (KST)]



-- angelangie aug 18 

Same picture but different captions for Twitter and Instagram.

Tweet at 11:02am KST or 10:02am TST
비오는 아침은 어떻게 시작하셨냐옹? 

Instagram at 11:03am KST  or 10:03am TST
RAINY MONDAY. #OKCAT -- packmule3 aug 18

socmed: taec in busan

Taec Twitter on Sun, August 17 at 9.22pm (KST: 10.22pm)
Caption부산은 좋은곳이에요~ 

okcat rainy tuesday

OKCat Twitter, Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 10:27am KST (9:27am TST)

오늘도 RAINY MORNING. 화요일 아침, 어떻게 시작하셨냐옹? MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! 

-- packmule3 aug 19 

OKCat Twitter, Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 10:27am KST (9:27am TST)

오늘도 RAINY MORNING. Today, too RAINY MORNING. 화요일 아침, 어떻게 시작하셨냐옹? Tuesday morning, how will you start (the day) nah-ong? MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! -- korchick aug 19

news: GuiGui was tempted to give up showbiz

Cr: http://www.lzbs.com.cn/ylxw/2014-08/19/content_3890112.htm



    如 今凭借多部热门电视剧身价已翻了三倍,但人红是非多。日前鬼鬼不幸卷入张翰与郑爽之间的绯闻,甚至被网友骂“又胖又黑又丑”。吴映洁坦承早年曾因“婴儿 肥”一度想整型但最后放弃,现在她表示:“这些攻击的确让我难过了2天,但情绪很快就过去了,反而成为自己努力的动力,毕竟会骂我的人就是注意到我了,所 以我更想做得更好,让他们认识我。”
Basic Translation: GuiGui hard works is paid off as she had her value had triple, from supporting actress she had been raise up to became the main focal. At the same times GuiGui responded that she don't think so, as to her all the series being release was all the film that had been film previously, it was just coincidence that they arrange for the series to be release almost simultaneously at HunanTV during this summer.
As when someone get famous, the scandal will also being boil up, and she unfortunately was caught up in between the scandal of HanShuang breakup, the internet fans had bashed that she is 'Fat, ugly & too black'. GuiGui admitted that to a point she felt like giving up and was sad for almost 2 days, however after that 2 days, she throw it away and tell herself that as long as I did my best it should be all, and instead of taking the bashing in the negative way, she had also turn that into something that drove her to do her best.
  -- angelangie aug 19

guigui gifs

from the show laugh out loud

10: gif: where to place that photo

An exclusive segment from the Taiwanese DVD. 

spoof/dots: under the same blue sky

An apple a day, A couple item a day, keeps the doctor away. 


If you want to know about Songdo, just wiki it or go to this site.  http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-23757738
It seems to be an interesting concept in urban planning -- if it works. It's near Incheon International Airport, and about 40 miles (~60 km) from Seoul. 

Disclaimer: I highly doubt that that hand belongs to TY. Must be one of his minions...

Blue Sky 2 is coming up. (<-- That's what OKCat called these couple posts yesterday.)  I just need to work on the explanation.  -- packmule3 aug 18

okcat night wish to see you tommorow, heart + star

OKCat Twitter Monday August 18, 2014 at 12:30am KST (or 8/17/14, 11:30pm TST)
OKCAT NIGHT★ See U Tomorrow
-- packmule3 aug 17

10: gif: clearing the sofa

Another segment from the Taiwanese DVD.

socmed: guigui promotes pretty man drama in dip pose with director

GuiGui Facebook on Sun, August 17 at 12.43pm (KST: 1.43pm)
Caption他是不一樣的美男子?#不一样的美男子#晚上2200@湖南卫视 別忘了!哈哈哈 
Translation:  He's a different kind of pretty man?  #A Different Kind of Pretty Man#  Tonight at 10.00pm @HunanTV please don't forget (to tune-in)!  Hahaha  

commentary: in tandem, their looks


I enjoyed how Guigui gave him a mini-heart attack.

But how can they have that timing?  They looked at each other at exactly the same moment.

chatter & sleuths: guigui in laugh out loud

an unseen clip of GuiGui in LOL that wasnt air out

you guys will love this at 3.04 the interviewer ask her who does she wanted to pick to attend this show together with her....she mention Show Luo and then the interviewer asked her what about 'Taec' heheheheh she said 'Taec is not bad too' WITH A SMILE!!!

guigui at four presscon -- birthday wishes, questions on lover

GuiGui at The Four Presscon, Beijing.
cr: 雪櫻♥ 

guigui interview on mango: superpower, her ideal type

GuiGui interview at Mango Channel, ADKOPM.
cr: 雪櫻♥ 

socmed: guigui "will work hard"

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, August 16 at 7.50am (KST: 8.50am)
Caption:  我會繼續努力。 
Translation:  I will continue to work hard.

Can someone translate the article please?  Thanks.  太阳
-- biruangel aug 17

Sunday, October 26, 2014

10: gif: hanging the picture on the wall

Unseen cut from Taiwanese DVD.

socmed: guigui promotes shenzhen show

GuiGui Weibo on Sat, August 16 at 11.08pm (KST: 12.08am)
Caption:  今天很忙吧!都要看都要看image@湖南卫视我们都爱笑 @深圳卫视年代秀 
Translation:  (Y'all) must have been busy today!  Must watch must watchimage @HunanTV  we love to laugh @ShenZhen TV show. 
-- biruangel aug 16

socmed: guigui promotes sliding room

GuiGui Weibo on Sat, August 16 at 9.07pm (KST: 10.07pm)
Caption:  今天2200@湖南卫视 @湖南卫视我们都爱笑 一定要看喔 imageimageimage 
Translation:  Today at 10.00pm @HunanTV, we love to laugh must watch O imageimageimage 

socmed: guigui at beijing

Guigui Facebook: Saturday August 16,  at 8:31am TST, 9:31am KST

Translation: Good morning, Beijing.
-- packmule3 aug 16

socmed: taec on dinner date with his sister

OKCat Twitter, Friday, August 15 2014, 5:41pm TST or 6:41pm KST

오랜만에 누나랑 데뚜중ㅋㅋ 

translation from 2PMalways: A date with nuna (older sister) after a long while ㅋㅋ (pic)



@korchick, I don't see the word for 맛점 matjeom here. I guess because this isn't lunch time...duhhh. (sorry, had a brain freeze.)
-- packmule3 aug 15

okcat and clear sky, in Yong-in

OkCat Twitter on Sat, August 16 at 3.19pm (KST: 4.19pm)
Caption:  OKCAT IN 송도.
맑은 하늘!
-- biruangel aug 16

OkCat Twitter on Sat, August 16 at 3.19pm (KST: 4.19pm)
Caption:  OKCAT IN 송도. OKCAT in Song-doe
맑은 하늘! Clear sky! -- korchick aug 17

OkCat Twitter on Sat, August 16 at 5.18pm (KST: 6.18pm)
CaptionOKCAT IN 용인 NOW!
-- biruangel aug 16

OkCat Twitter on Sat, August 16 at 5.18pm (KST: 6.18pm)
CaptionOKCAT IN 용인 NOW! OKCAT IN Yong-in NOW!
MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! -- korchick aug 17

spoof: pan pals

Came up with this collage in my free time.  Have 'pans' will travel!  哈哈 哈哈 哈哈

-- biruangel aug 17

Saturday, October 25, 2014


chatter & sleuths: taec at concert in busan

It seems like there was another god concert somewhere tonight...in Busan.

A star!!!
credit: yoshiekgte twitter

Here was the accompanying tweet:
あれ?ドファンもいる? pic.twitter.com/tpuVYq8ifH

Thanks to the lurker who sent me this info.

guigui celebrates 1.43 mln likes on FB

Guigui celebrated a "love-ly" milestone on her FB.  Her 143M likes.

Sara C-nar in FB uploaded this:

We can also wait for 143 1413.  
143 = I love you
1413 = the pronunciation is similar to forever in Chinese (they said) 

socmed: guigui hop, at airport

Jump ?
-- aval aug 15

spoof: couple selfies

Couple picture of the day.


-- packmule3 aug 16

guigui poses

The many faces of GuiGui
cr: as tagged
-- biruangel aug 15

taec in SIG

Taec in SIEG Fahrenheit, German Gallery Style
cr: as tagged
-- biruangel aug 15

socmed: ghost emma and deer

Good morning <3 This came up on my FB feed from Zoom In ~ Can anyone translate this?image
-- aval aug 14

Caption:  來自「Ghost Emma 」的感謝~ image 星 
Translation: An appreciation from Ghost Emma ~ image 星  -- biruangel aug 15

so who is she thanking and what exactly is she thankful for??? why is there a cut out of a deer there? is it like she is thanking someone dear to her or an actual deer?   -- lmangla aug 21

socmed: guigui chu


She posted this yesterday on weibo. I don't know if it's been uploaded here already. Tagging @b8l8 and @chinlylin


Was that a chu? or a chirp?  
-- packmule3 aug 14

If you are referring to the letter next to the lip then it's CHU -- chinlylin aug 14

Thought so. Finally, I'm getting better than this Bing. It auto-translates the weibo pages that I surf (auto-translate means it automatically translates all the Chinese and Korean words into English, even if I don't command it to do so). This time, it said "chirp".

Thanks.  -- packmule3 aug 14

chatter & sleuths: guigui says she has unnie fans

in the variety show "KangXi Coming", she comments on the fans she got from participating in we got married with taec.

socmed: guigui promotes four movie

GuiGui Weibo on Fri, August 15 at 12.55pm (KST: 1.55pm)
Caption :  #822四大名捕大结局# 
Translation:  August 22, The Four Grand Finale. 


...because they need evidence that they actually dined out with GIRLfriends (Guigui: see no boys!) or with their 1.5M Twitter followers (TY: lol).
-- packmule3 aug 14

socmed: taec changes display pic

Taec changed his Twitter DP on Thursday, August 14 2014. 

Taec changed his Twitter DP on Thursday, August 14

Who's take this pict? Does he ask fans or bystander take his pict again?
 -- anotherdelusional aug 14

or perhaps it was JunHo or JYP?      -- biruangel aug 14