Saturday, September 27, 2014

comic: okcat shows bef Bukchon Hanok Village

OKCat Twitter, Monday, July 14 at 1:48pm KST, 2:48pm KST  (haven't we seen this before, @b8l8? along with the strip when they were visiting statue of the general?)

'Bukchon Hanok Village with OKCAT'-! 서울의 명소를 소개하는 옥캣! 이번에는 북촌한옥마을이다냥! 이곳에서 확인해주시라냥! 냐냥! 냐냐냐냥!

One of the famous tourist attractions in Seoul, Bukchon Hanok Village
There's a place in Seoul where you can check out the old, traditional houses!
Okcat: Don't you wanna find out where it is!?
BF: Where is it?

connect the dots: the dream collection


socmed: guigui watching fifa finals

Good morning =)

-- aval july 13

She posted the football match post on Mon, July 14 at 3.03am (KST: 4.03am). -- biruangel july 14

Taec's dream/sleeping collage

okcat bids night and says ordinary day will soon be special

OKCat Twitter, Monday, July 14, 12:23 am KST. 
Or... still Sunday, July 13, at 11:23 am in Xiamen. 

주인님들과 함께하는 보통날이 곧 특별한 날! 

chatter & sleuths: gui at March concert 2013

This one is for @korchick.

One of our posters here, @jaebin, lip-read ...errr... "captioned" that infamous convo between TY and Nichkhun at a 2PM concert. According to her, this occurred at "2PM's Guangzhou's concert on March 30, 2013 (2 days after GWGM press conference but before the show schedule to be broadcast in early April)."  


socmed: guigui promotes drama

GuiGui Weibo on Sun, July 13 at 2.21pm (KST: 3.21pm)

Translation:  A Different Kind of Pretty Man.  See you tonight at 10.00pm, Shu (ZhangHan) and Chenimage (GuiGui) and little ChenChen. 
Caption: #不一样的美男子#晚上2200見,樹 @张翰 和晨️image #鬼鬼吴映洁#⋯還有小晨晨。 

okcat and concert memento

OKcat twitter 7/13/14 at 3:55 pm (KST)

Caption:  고양이 대표로 열심히 응원하고 오겠다냥! 어디선가 MEOW MEOW MEOW 소리가 들린다면, 그것은 바로 '옥캣'이가 노래하는 소리다냥! 냐냐냐냥!

-- chinlylin july 13

Translation: As a representative of cats, I will be back from cheering diligently, nyang! If you hear a MEOW MEOW MEOW, that is the sound of 'OKCAT' singing nyang! Nya nya nya nyang! -- minwooluv78 july 13

socmed: guigui and the moon

GuiGui Facebook on Sat, July 12 at 8.56pm (KST: 9.56pm)
Caption 月亮好圓。 
Translation:  The moon is very round.

-- biruangel july 12 

socmed: guigui asks for vote

GG FB update 7/12/14 at 11:55 pm (TST)

Translation:  Quick, go and vote for me!
-- chinlylin july 12

@chinlylin   What's so special about voting for this poll?  I don't ever remember GuiGui asking for votes in any poll before.  What's the prize?

-- biruangel july 13

@BiruAngel  It says that you can win (voters, not GG), accommodation coupons for a resort.   You are to vote for a sweet, pure, energetic girl....your ideal goddess.  -- chinlylin july 13

okcat complains about hot sunday

OKcat twitter 7/13/14 at 3:24 pm (KST)


-- chinlylin july 13

Translation: HOT HOT HOT SUNDAY!
OKCat is at Jamsil Stadium! Nya nyang nya nyang! -- minwooluv78 july 13

garden party4

My favorite post-GWGM social media interaction is still this:

Nov 13 at 3:40PM KST
FB Caption: OKCat is Crying..!

It was done after Guigui posted this:

socmed: taec tweets he had good time at concert

Taec Twitter on Sat, July 12 at 10.38pm (KST: 11.38pm)
Caption:  지오디콘ㅜㅜ 감동감동ㅜㅜ 내 십대때의 기억들이 돌아오는것같다~ 씨디로만 듣던 노래들을 라이브로 듣다니ㅜㅜ
-- biruangel july 12

Translation: god concert ㅜㅜ gahmdong gahmdong ㅜㅜ The memories from my teens are coming back~ To be able to hear the songs that I listened to on the cd live ㅜㅜ -- minwooluv78 july 12 

2nd impressions: ep 15

as part of the garden party, re-watching it as a group. 

guigui pics from her drama

GuiGui's pics in ShenZhen Roomates Diaries.
cr: as tagged

-- biruangel july 12

GuiGui's pics in A Different Kind of Pretty Man.
cr: as tagged 
-- biruangel july 12

okcat asks about saturday plans

OKCat Twitter, Saturday, June 12, at 8:35pm KST

오늘 하루 어땠냐옹 괜찮았냐옹? 해는 졌는데, 하늘은 아직 밝은 느낌이다냥! 
Tell OKCAT your own Saturday,please-! MEOW! 

-- packmule3 july 12 

Translation: How was your day today, was it good nya ong?
The sun has set, but the sky still feels bright nyang!
Tell OKCAT your own Saturday, please-! MEOW! -- minwooluv78 july 12

commentary: little white lie?

Tell me @AvaL,

Did you also find this part funny when Guigui was being inquisitive?  TY must have felt relieved that he could honestly say that he hadn't been to Jejudo with a girl. 

But do you think he's the type to tell a little white lie in order not to disappoint Guigui? Or just own up to an unpleasant fact? 


-- packmule3 july 12

garden party3

I love peonies and tulips but had to bring something else. ^^

OKCat wanted to be part of the flower arrangement I think the magenta colored flowers are Dahlias...dunno about the white ones.

funny/personal: the magic of photoshop CF version for uri couple would be CF for diapers....yes "Diapers". Reason why I really think so is because......
(CAUTION::: this might get boring feel free to skip)

My noona ...I mean my real noona(coz I call you all unnies and noonas) watched only the first episode of GWGM and thought they were boring due to the language barrier. Ever since then I've tried so hard to get her watch the rest of the episodes, because that is when they got really close to each other and the language was not at all a problem and that she can't just judge from the very first meeting which would normally be awkward.

socmed: guigui smiling by the big fan

Guigui's FB post Saturday, July 12, 2014 6:30 AM (CST) or 7:30 AM (KST)

Caption: 就笑吧!
Bing Translation:  Just smile!


We know who you're thinking about!!! kekeke -- minwooluv78 july 11

garden party2

Taec with 2PM ... Boys!

cr: as tagged
-- biruangel july 11

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

socmed: taec runs into got7

Taec Twitter on Fri, July 11 at 12.52pm (KST: 1.52pm)
Caption :  드라마 찍으러 여의도 왔는데 입구에서 got7을 만났다... 듣기로는 위기탈출 넘버원 찍는다는데... 무슨 이유로 죽게될까?ㅋㅋㅋ
-- biruangel july 11

Translation: Came to Yeouido to film my drama and ran into got7 at the entrance... heard they were filming 'Crisis Escape No. 1'...What would be the reason for their deaths? kekeke -- minwooluv78 july 11

garden party


The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love.

okcat also excited about the concert

OkCat Twitter on Fri, July 11 at 6.26pm (KST: 7.26pm)
Caption :  MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!"@taeccool: it is here!!! god concert woot!!


-- biruangel july 11

connect the dots: signs of taecgui still going strong

But you and I know that there are signs that TaecGui are still going strong even after a year, @bouquet78.  For instance, compare these four posts of hers.  

Last year, Friday Aug 23, when the GWGM DVDs came out in Korea and Taiwan, she wrote for the obligatory promotion: 

Translation: Taiwanese version and Korean version…I got them both! Do you all have it? Please give your support.
Note: As far as we know TY didn’t do anything to promote it.

okcat playground

OkCat Twitter, Friday July 11, at 1:29pm Xiamen Time, 2:29pm KST


socmed: guigui's little yuchen

GuiGui Weibo on Fri, July 11 at 1.20pm (KST: 2.20pm)
Caption:  imageimageimageimageimage 

socmed: taec excited about concert

Taec Twitter on Fri, July 11 at 6.15pm (KST: 7.15pm)
Caption :  it is here!!! god concert woot!!
-- biruangel july 11

okcat friday morning meow

OKCat Twitter, Friday, July 11, at 10:16am KST

OKCAT MORNING♡ MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOW 오늘도 행복한 하루 보내시라냥! 불금불금불금!

I think I know what this is now: 불금불금불금!
bul or Fire  geum Friday 
bul-geum bul-geum bul-geum

Is that right, @minwooluv78 or @korchick?

Totally CORRECT!!!  
You see the character enough times and you automatically recognize it -- korchick july 11

okcat and childhood dreams

January 20, 2014


On banner :  What were your childhood Dreams ?
Underneath banner : Doctor, Teacher, Composer/Song-writer, Painter..
OkCat too, really had desires to become many different things ~ ^^ -- korchick july 11

socmed: guigui promotes shenzhen roommates comic

Here's the time stamp:  GuiGui Weibo on Thu, July 10 at 3.08pm (KST: 4.08pm)
Caption :  Xiao Dai Dai image

@packmule3 unnie yes it about 'ShenZhen RoomMates'  the comic version of Mei Dai (Xiao Dai)   -- angelangie july 11

socmed: taec message to seulong on lyrics

Taec Twitter on Thu, July 10 at 4.29pm (KST: 5.29pm)
Caption :   슬옹씨 빨리 가사써주세요... 녹음해야할거아니에요... 시간이 별로 없어요... 
-- biruangel july 10 

Translation :@ 2AMONG Mr.Seulong please write the lyrics soon... Need to/soon I must record... I don't have much time... -- korchick july 10

okcat night ^ 3

OKCat Twitter, Friday, July 11 at 12:10am KST, or Thursday, July 10 at 11:10pm Xiamen Time


anniversary party in garden

mark the date!

cr: packmule3

what are we celebrating? : it is the one year anniversary of the final episode airing and we are celebrating the wonderful memories as we look back. memories are like scents in our hearts. we can't smell them but we almost can as we reminiscence.
the party theme: scent of wonderful days
date: july 12
what to do?
#1: post a pic of your favourite flowers, views of garden
#2: when you think of taecgui, what is the first image that comes to your head? is it a scene? a still? okcat poster? guigui message? or something that happened in the micheseo ship?
#2 option B: if you were a fairy godmother and had the ability to create happy memories for okcat and bef, what would you do? would you send them on a trip? would you create a fun adventure? (you can write down your ideas or create a poster)
#3: it is a garden party, so bring lots of finger food and snacks. 

-- lmangla july 9

okcat comic: bef makes soup for okcat

Calling @minwooluv78 and @korchick,

Not yet tweeted. Will edit to add his tweet later.

DATE : 2014-07-09 11:46:26 조회수

Edited to add the tweet:
OKCat Twitter,  Wednesday, July 9 at 12:04pm KST 

OKCAT COMICS EP.37-! OKCAT FRIENDS-! OKCAT, BEF, LOPAN 이에게 오늘은 어떤 일이? 맛점하시면서 보시라냥! 냐냥냐냥냐냐냐냥!

-- packmule3 july 9

socmed: guigui wants a holiday

GG weibo update 7-10-14 9:51 AM [taiwan time]

trans: Hope for a long rest


-- mikoshine july 10

connect the dots: dreams and sleep

Here's the collage ...
-- biruangel july 10

okcat night star

OkCat Twitter on Wed, July 9 at 11.19pm (KST: 12.19am)
Caption :  
See U Tomorrow! Meow! -- biruangel july 9

okcat thursday morning greeting

Connect the dots:
July 10: okcat inside a box
July 9: guigui posts a picture of a mouse inside a glass box

OKCat Twitter, Thursday, July 10 at 8:45 Xiamen Time, 9:45am KST

-- packmule3 july 10