Wednesday, August 20, 2014

chatter: taec and choc abs

OKCAT CEO ranked on the "Mnet Idol Chart Show" again...this time 2nd place for his choco abs for "Idol with the best body part as a cultural asset"...LOL
cr: mnet

socmed: taec review of edge of tommorow

Taec Twitter on Fri, June 6 at 9.57pm (KST: 10.57pm)
Caption :  엣지오브투마로 감상평 groundhog's day랑 매트릭스3 편을 합쳐서 본 기분? 톰형님의 찌질과 카리스마 넘나드는 연기도 좋았음ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation  Review for The Edge of Tomorrow: Feels like I've watched a mix mash of Groundhog's Day and Matrix 3. Tom-hyung's acting is full of charisma and obsession was also good lol 
cr: 2PMAlways -- biruangel june 6

2nd impressions -- ep 1

Here you go, @lmangla. The first of many, I hope…

Second impressions in summer!

This one – I could tell that this was something he’s got up his sleeves. It was something that he had envisioned doing to a girlfriend. Like a fantasy shot. It was so corny that it made me want to ball up hands, cringe and go “ewwwww” like a teenager.

15: stills: at the train station

a clear snap shot from the Taiwan Comic on TaecGui

cr: as tagged & 水靈文創  (Facebook)
-- angelangie june 6

okcat morning crossword

OkCat Twitter on Thu, June 5 at 7.48am (KST: 8.48am)
Caption :  
M O R N I N G  

-- biruangel june 5

socmed: taec tweets sugar


Ok TaecYeon tweeted to Baek Yerin on Thus, June 5 at 4:06pm [KST].

connect the dots: restaurants, fish and okcat


I also discovered something, @minwooluv78.  

Do you know that there's a restaurant called Guigui in Seoul? It's located near the City Hall and they served grilled fish. I think the name of the restaurant is Mapo Guigui (or Fish Grill Grill?)  Is this info correct?  

commentary: gentleman and wingmen

Thanks for doing these gifs, @BiruAngel.

He did treat Guigui well here. 

I liked the way he shook her hands while asking the question. Had I been Taecyeon, and I felt Guigui clench my hand as I was asking the question, "Are you okay," then I would have known that she was nervous or terrified. Thus, I would have gone softly... a light brush of my lips against her skin. 

socmed: guigui and sea breeze

GuiGui Facebook on Thu, June 5 at 7.54pm (KST: 8.54pm)
Caption 海風把童雨晨的頭髮吹的…    Translation :  Sea breeze is blowing Tong YuChen's hair till ...
-- biruangel june 5

photoshop -- ok clan!

The Ok clan .... mwa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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-- biruangel june 5

guigui on set

Pics of GuiGui at the filming set.
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okcat and shaved ice

OkCat twitter on Thu, June 5 at 1:22pm [KST].

Cap: 팥빙수가 먹고 싶다냥♥
-- gil_noona june 5

guigui and dumplings

Guigui gif from  The Great Incisive Teacher

cr: as tagged

she's very hungry  -- cannakat june 5

Monday, August 11, 2014

okcat and friends go for swim

Connect the dots:
June 4: okcat cartoon strip: the gang dress to go for a swim
chatter: is bef wearing a sarong? (jejudo?) why is lopan wearing sun glasses?

connect the dots: mornings and hearts

.............he seriously only ever really use hearts and kisses as his symbols!......

socmed: guigui promotes incisive teacher

Gui Gui updated her Facebok with this two others pictures too heheheh dont be jealous yea

GuiGui FB - 4th June 2014: 8.18pm (+8 GST)

cr: as tagged & Gui Gui Facebook)

okcat inside game machine and good nite

OkCat twitter on Wed, June 4 at 3:14pm [KST].

Cap: "@dms4406: 헐옥캣롯데월드인형뽑기안에있넼ㅋㅋㅋ" MEOW!
--gil_noona june 4

chatter: photoshop on taec's okcat presentation

Taec used the jejudo pic and photoshopped GuiGui out of the picture....
ref: Oct 11 -- Taec makes an official presentation to kick start the launch of his okcat products

okcat and election day

OKCat Twitter, Wednesday, June 4 at 9:45am KST

Caption: 오늘은 6.4 지방선거일! 투표 하시고 인증샷을 옥캣이에게 보내주시라냥! 추첨을 통해 2분께 특별한 옥캣이의 마음을 전달해드리겠다능! 인증샷 유의사항도 꼭 참고해주시라냥! 냐냥! 


socmed: taec and xmen

OKCAT CEO tweeted at 2:18am (KST) on 06/04:

엑스맨 시리즈를 다 본 나로서는 이번 엔딩에서 죽었던 캐릭터들 나오는데 눙무리ㅜㅜ 재미있넹ㅋㅋ

As someone who's seen all X-Men series movies, when at the ending the dead characters appear I cry T.T Fun keke
[trans by 2pmalways]

I think he just gave away the ending to the latest X-MEN movie! I haven't watched it yet!

socmed: taec and the rumor

Taec Twitter on Tue, Jun 3 at 10.54am (KST: 11.54am)
Caption :  스텝누나가 보내준 증권가 찌라시 보며 한참 웃었는데... 웃다가 얼마나 많은 사람들이 이걸 믿을까를 생각하니 무서워졌음후덜덜
  -- biruangel june3

saw a translation for this on his comment section (is that what it's called? i don't know how twitter works either... hehe) credits to @fyjypnation
Laughed for awhile at a rumor that a staff-noona sent me..but now I'm scared thinking about how many people will believe it

i wonder what that rumor is.. -- mikoshine june3 

scary okcat in june

OkCat Facebook on Tue, Jun 3 at 2.58pm (KST: 3.58pm)

okcat: morn to night

June 3:
tweet #1: morning
tweet #2:lunch
tweet #3: one mic okcat
tweet #4: night

dots postcard: snack

Saturday, August 9, 2014

connect the dots: eat healthy

I don’t know if you want this filed under connect-the-dots. It seems more like “Writing Materials” to me. lol. But it may go with the “just one bite” poster with BEF. Thanks.  

OKCat Tweet: 5/14/14 at 10:52 pm (KST)
Caption Translated:  Thirsty OKCat! I want to eat fruits nyang! (On my way to eat some)

okcat: morning, twinkling wallpaper, meow, night

June 2:
tweet #1: morning
tweet #2: june wallpaper, "twinkling in my heart"
tweet #3: meow
tweet #4: good night

couple shirts?

Our couple do have couple shirts. They sell their own brands.

OKCat: $41.90
Ghost Emma GE:  $32.68 


Thanks, @torreydinh! 
-- packmule3 june 2

okcat, bef, balcony

OKCat and BEF waving at you from their balcony. They've been away on vacation like us here in the forum.
-- packmule3 june 2

dots postcard: thank you

okcat holiday

OkCat tweeted on Sun, Jun 1 at 4:49pm [KST] with no picture.

OKCAT'S Holiday MEOW! -- gil_noona jun 1

connect the dots timeline: may 2014, ii

consolidated posts of okcat, taec and guigui: may 17-31 2014

connect the dots: thank you always (may 2)

OKCat tweet, Fri, May 2 at 4:34pm KST

okcat: meow, chicken

May 31:
tweet #1: meow
tweet #2: chicken!

okcat, bef, fireworks

Have a good weekend!!

Fireworks for you all, OKCat, and BEF.  It's Friday; we made it through another week. 

There should be three images of OKCat and BEF hidden.  :)
credit: flickr. New Year's Eve fireworks at Saint-Yrieis-la-Perce, France

Hope you have a peaceful evening, @angelangie!!

okcat: morning, little, meow

may 30:
tweet #1: morning
tweet #2: little okcat that went to the states....
tweet #3: meow

connect the dots: black and white cat buddies

stills: ep 15: at the station

New Taecgui photos in GWGM from the comic book publisher


-- cannakat may 30

connect the dots postcard -- smile

okcat: buddy is going where

Connect the dots:
May 30: okcat "where are you going buddy?
May 29: Guigui talks about challenges 
chatter: both post cat photos within an hour of each other? she posts a white cat and okcat posts a black cat????

What's going with these two?

OKCat Twitter on Thurs, May 29 11:21 Taiwan, or Friday, May 30 at 12:21am KST
친구야 어디가냥? Hey Buddy! Where r u going? MEOW!
-- packmule3 may 29

socmed: guigui, challenges and white cat

Connect the dots:
May 29: Guigui talks about challenges
May 30: okcat "where are you going buddy?"
chatter: both post cat photos within an hour of each other? 

GG weibo update = May 29, 2014 10:37PM (taiwan time)
      facebook = May 29, 2014 10:39PM (taiwan time)

caption: 每一次接受的挑戰都不一樣…但都要全力以赴。
[every challenge accepted is not the same...but must go all out.]

-- mikoshine may 29

connect the dots: taec and letter

Taec responded to Guigui on her letter to him image image 
-- labbit may 29

okcat: subway, heat and secret mode

May 29:
tweet #1: on subway
tweet #2: heat is intense
tweet #3: on secret mode

photoshop: portrait

Has anyone posted this? i cant help but giggled at this.Taecgui fans really creative and fast when comes to editing these 2 together. 

-- akasia may 29

okcat: I can't forget your love

OKCAT tweeted @ 12:00am (KST) on 5/29:

Cuz I can't forget your love. MEOW-------------! MEOW---------------!
cr: OKCAT'S twitter

  -- bluemoonlight may 28

okcat, always smile

OKCat Twitter: Wednesday, May 28, 9:02PM KST

Always Smile^^* MEOW!

okcat meow and picnic

OkCat twitter on Wed May 28 at 10:56am [KST] with no picture..

O.K.C.A.T.! M.E.O.W.! -- gil_noona may 28

OkCat twitter on Wed May 28 at 4:56pm [KST].

Cap: OKCAT COMICS EP.31 'PICNIC'-! 옥캣이와 베프, 로판이의 피크닉 이야기! 이곳에서 확인하시라냥! 냐냥! 냐냐냐냥!

-- gil_noona may 28