Thursday, July 31, 2014

taec tweets come back home song

Connect the dots: 
May 28: taec tweets the song
chatter: the video is shot in a trendy and popular area where GG had her cheesecake and Taec had pizza; its also one of GuiGui's favourite groups....

taec re-tweeted the 2NE1 MV hehehehe

well where is our Korean translators @korchick & @minwooluv78



news: guigui and the great incisive teacher

a piece of news on Gui Gui about 'The Great Incisive Teacher'

socmed: guigui out in the sun

GuiGui Facebook on Tue, May 27 at 7.03pm (KST: 8.03pm)
Caption 曬了一天…     Translation:  Out in the sun for a day ...
-- biruangel may 27

okcat products in lotte

OkCat twitter on Tue May 27 at 7:02pm [KST]

Cap: Where am I? MEOW!

okcat and green bottle

OkCat twitter on Tue May 27 at 3:47pm [KST].

Cap: 옥캣이를 닮은 초록음료! 마셔버릴테다냥! MEOW!
-- gil_noona may 27

Couple Knicknacks, connect-the-dots SocMed

okcat morning with star

OkCat Twitter on Tue, May 27 at 8.58am (KST: 9.58am)
Caption :  OKCAT MORNING-*

No pic with this tweet, either. -- biruangel may 27

what is with okcat putting all these weird symbols at the end.. is that a star? is that -*? @spicystrawberry ~ what does that mean? twitter has 140 characters and so there is plenty of space to write out more. it is not like twitter will give him more space to type in the next tweet because he saved so many characters on this one.. so, okcat don't be miser and confuse us!! you happy, put happy face. sad, make sad face ~ those are the emoticons that am familiar with...
image -- lmangla may 27

socmed: guigui and rain

Connect the dots:
May 26: GuiGui says "don't be in rain"
May 25: Okcat is listening to music in rainy night
chatter: rain? for both? 

okcat gang and memories writitng materials

OkCat Twitter on Mon, May 26 at 4.10pm (KST: 5.10pm)
Caption 추억의 문방구! 문방구에 가면 시간가는 줄 몰랐었다냥! ㅜㅡㅜ
-- biruangel may 26

okcat, bef, inside a bag

OkCat Twitter on Mon, May 26 at 12.33pm (KST: 1.33pm)
Caption 점심 어떠셨냐옹? 옥캣이는 배부르다냥..흐어..
-- biruangel may 26

Connect-the-Dots SocMed -- the green colour

Connect-the-Dots SocMed -- the bite connection

Edited to add:  Please note the English sentence (Just one bite) above BEF head is added in for easy reference.   -- biruangel may 26

couple shots

okcat morning with a heart

OkCat Twitter on Mon, May 26 at 9.07am (KST: 10.7am)

No pic again?
  -- biruangel may 26

Perspective on Love from Great Literary Works

Viola:  A blank, my lord. She never told her love, 
But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud, 
Feed on her damask cheek. She pined in thought, 
And with a green and yellow melancholy 
She sat like patience on a monument, 
Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed? 
We men may say more, swear more, but indeed 
Our shows are more than will, for still we prove 
Much in our vows, but little in our love. 
-William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night 

This is pretty much self-explanatory, Taecyeon-ssi. It means true love waits. 

OKCat and BEF waiting for sunrise
credit: flickr, view of the Baltic sea

TaecGui, the Happy Couple!

okcat and music on a rainy night

OkCat Twitter on Sun, May 25 at 9.05pm (KST: 10.05pm)
Caption :  비 오는 밤, 어떤 음악을 듣고 계시냐옹?

No pic again! -- biruangel may 25

OkCat Twitter on Sun, May 25 at 9.17pm (KST: 10.17pm)
Caption :  '니 생각이 떠올랐어 문득'.냐냥....

okcat CEO boss on naver

OkCat Twitter on Sun, May 25 at 1.00pm (KST: 2.00pm)
Caption :  옥사장님 네이버 메인 장식! MEOW!
Translation : Ok CEO/boss as Naver's main decoration! MEOW!

8: gif: BTS taec interview

Well... here's a set of GIFs of TY and the camera man interview from BTS  
Many THANKS to @BiruAngel for the GIFs   

This is the night TY had proposed to GG after their arrival to JeJudo Island...

Perspective on love from great literary works

"It's what's in yourself that makes you happy or unhappy.”
-- Agatha Christie, A murder is announced

A Miss Marple murder mystery ~ an odd choice for perspectives on love? Perhaps. But, how is personal happiness connected to love? Because miserable people make even those they love gloomy, whereas happy people spread the joy to all those around them.


Perspective on love from great literary works

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”
- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

with the matchmaker, PDnim


okcat, bef, bike

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US, OKCat, and the Rolling Thunder is in town.  I'll be a biker chick (or roadkill if I fall off the bike) this weekend.  See you later, gals.

OKCat and BEF wearing safety helmets
image -- packmule3 may 24

Perspective on love from great literary works

Hmmmm....maybe I should start a new series?  Perspective on love from great literary works? Shout-out to @BiruAngel. I was thinking of doing a spoof on Disney movies, but I didn't want to dumb down the conversation here.  kekeke.

Here goes --

Time is the longest distance between two places. 
-Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

credit: pic from swagtrooper; Astronomical Clock from the citizens of Prague, Czech Republic.

okcat: 50,000 followers

OkCat twitter on Sat May 24 at 5:40pm [KST].

-- gil_noona may 24

Underneath banner beside OkCat's face ; Masters/owners, much much(overflowing thanks) giving of thank you, nyang!!^^

socmed: guigui smile

GG fb update 5/24/14 3:58pm [taiwan time]

笑笑的… [Smile...]

image -- mikoshine may 24

okcat lunch box

OkCat twitter on Sat, May 24 at 2:23pm [KST]

Cap: 오늘 날씨 정말 좋다냥! 도시락 싸서 나들이 나갈거라능! 냐냥냐냥 냐냐냥!

Edited to add: OkCat also tweet this at 4:06pm [KST]..

GLOBAL MASTER! YOU CAN MEET 'OKCAT Lunch Box' @ SOOMPI SHOP-! HERE! -- gil_noona may 24

OkCat twitter on Sat, May 24 at 2:23pm [KST] Cap: 오늘 날씨 정말 좋다냥! 도시락 싸서 나들이 나갈거라능! 냐냥냐냥 냐냐냥! 
Translation : Today's weather is really nice, nyang! Pack a picnic lunch and let's spend a day out! Nah nyang nah nyang nah nah nyang! -- korchick may 24

chatter: 2PM, lotte and the pirate ad

[Real 2PM] Lotte Duty Free Shop CF Making Film Part 2


okcat and friday night chicken

OkCat Twitter on Fri, May 23 at 8.23pm (KST: 9.23pm)
  -- biruangel may 23

okcat midnight snack

Connect the dots:
May 22: in the poster, bef says "just a taste"
May 6: GuiGui has one bite of icecream
OKCat Twitter: May 22, at 11:09PM KST

야식..야식이 필요한 시간이다냥..흐어...냐냥냐냥! MEOW! MEOW! 
-- packmule3 may 22

okcat and baby tiger

OkCat Twitter on Fri, May 23 at 6.45pm (KST: 7.45pm)
Caption :  MEOW? "@dlwnsghek: 아웅 졸려
-- biruangel may 23

okcat alien cup holder

OkCat Twitter on Fri, May 23 at 2.01pm (KST: 3.01pm)
Caption :  외계인과 전투를 벌이고있는 OKCAT! 크아아앙! 냐냐냐냥!

OkCat Facebook on Fri, May 23 at 2.03pm (KST: 3.03pm)
-- biruangel may 23

okcat, bef on tour of Seoul

I was looking for the translations to okcat's comic strips and i saw these. i didn't know okcat already took BEF on a tour of seoul's historical sites. with lessons in history i'm sure an average korean would already have known!

okcat morning and lunch

OkCat Twitter on Fri, May 23 at 8.49am (KST: 8.49am)

okcat, bef, cambridge

To all the students here who have finished their exams, and our sick posters who are recuperating, here’s an (awkwardly) photoshopped pic with OKCat and BEF.

Bridge of Sighs at Cambridge, England. 
I’m hope you can all breathe a sigh of relief now and feel better soon.

okcat's food

lol. @BiruAngel, @lmangla, and @angelangie.  I'm sorry to say that he did NOT listen to our food recommendations again.  This is what OKCat posted.

OKCat Twitter: May 22, 2014:  6:47 PM KST
Yes! OKCAT is Ready! Meow!

Wae??!! We had better food recs here.  -- packmule3 may 22

okcat, what are you doing! that looks so sadly unappetizing. are you well? have had better looking airplane food and that is supposed to be terrible terrible according to most foodies... -- lmangla may 22

okcat: was lunch delicious?

OkCat Twitter on Thu, May 22 at 12.35pm (KST: 1.35pm)
Caption :  맛점하셨냐옹?  -- biruangel may 22

okcat morning

OkCat Twitter on Thu, May 22 at 9.09am (KST: 10.09am)
-- biruangel may 22

socmed: guigui, black ribbon for taipei

GuiGui Facebook on Thu, May 22 at 6.48am (KST: 7.48am)
Caption :  保佑台北,不能放過可惡的人。   
Translation : Bless (protect) Taipei, can't let despicable man off (the hook).
-- biruangel may 22

Monday, July 28, 2014


connect the dots: 12 hearts and May 21

Before I forget -- 

I know what you did here, Taecyeon-ssi.  Nice try. 

Didn’t you think we would suspect something was up with all those 12 hearts?  lol. Twelve hearts to introduce a comic strip?  Wasn’t that a bit … err… excessive? Since when did you do that? 

okcat and gang on trip in China

Connect the dots:
May 21: okcat, bef, and lopan in china 
chatter: 12 hearts!!! red suitcase!

okcat hanging doll

OkCat Twitter on Wed, May 21 at 6.14pm (KST: 7.14pm)
Caption :  ^0^ OKCAT! MEOW! MEOW!
image -- biruangel may 21

okcat nail art

OkCat Twitter on Wed, May 21 at 8.40pm (KST: 9.40pm)
Caption :  MEOW! MEOW! OKCAT Nail Sticker!
-- biruangel may 21

2PM and WGM

2PM talked about WGM
cr: AllKPop

HOTTEST who've missed seeing 2PM all together got what they wished for with a group pictorial of the boys for 'High Cut'!
Of course, the real wish is for 2PM to make a comeback as soon as possible but since fans will have to wait a bit longer, the boys treated them to a pictorial.

During the interview portion, Wooyoung opened up about his confusion between pretend and reality while filming 'We Got Married', "Half of me feels like 'if this person is my wife' and the other-half goes, 'the viewers are watching'. After I finish filming and return to reality, I feel confused for a day... During filming, I really think of her as a person who I really adore and love." Fellow 'We Got Married' alumni Nichkhun also complimented him, "I thought that if Wooyoung is with a girl, he would be really awkward but he is very natural and is doing well."

When asked how they're like during their Japanese arena tour, Nichkhun shared, "When we perform, we're like celebrities but when we talk, we're just like six comedians." Jun.K,who fans know to have the gift of gab, shared, "During concerts, I am the type to talk a lot so that fans find me approachable like a next-door-oppa."

Catch more of the boys' interview and the full pictorial on the latest issue of 'High Cut'! 
-- biruangel may 21

Hmm....wonder if Taec shared the same feeling as WYoungie when he was with GG or he had no doubt that she is the one!   -- bouquet78 may 21

okcat morning

OkCat Twitter on Wed, May 21 at 8.25am (KST: 9.25am)
-- biruangel may 20

okcat bids good night with a blush

Connect the dots:
May 21: Okcat bids night with a blush
May 20: okcat poster I love you
OKCAT Twitter on Tuesday, May 20 at 11:58PM Taiwan Time (or Wednesday, May 21 at 12:58AM KST)


Help.  What does that text message mean? Did I get this correct? 

^^ means happy
* means Guigui 
I always thought using the asterisk after ^^  means your blushing.. *^___^* -- minwooluv78 may 20

okcat, bef, twilight

L’heure bleue or the blue hour.

It’s that time of day when the sun has gone down but it isn’t completely dark yet. People call it twilight, too, but I prefer l’heure bleue. It’s a most romantic time of the day to take a walk with your loved one and be at peace with world. 

We had our own -- vicarious -- blue hour today. Sweet dreams, you all!
-- packmule3 may 20

connect the dots: saying I love you

The problem with our couple is that they’re saying “I love you” but they’re saying it to a surrogate or stand-in or substitute.

More than a week ago, she said this on FB:

socmed: guigui and view of XiaMen shoreline

Connect the dots:
May 20: GuiGui posts Xia Men view
May 20: okcat poster "I love you"
chatter: she posts shortly after okcat says I love you?!

GuiGui Facebook on Tue, May 20 at 5.43pm (KST: 6.43pm)
Caption :  你好廈門。         Translation :  Hello Xia Men. 

-- biruangel may 20

okcat says "I love you" in many languages

Connect the dots:
may 20: okcat says "I love you", together day
chatter: in Chinese culture, May 20 is considered the day of lovers because 520 is shorthand for "I love you"; where does this "together day" come from?.... 
OkCat Twitter on Tue, May 20 at 5.24pm (KST: 6.24pm)
Caption 주~인~님~들~ 오늘은 세계인의 날 (Together Day) 이라냥! 세상의 중심에서 옥캣이가 외친다냥! '사랑해요' 냐냥! 냐냐냐냥!
-- biruangel may 20

okcat resting in corner

OkCat Twitter on Tue, May 20 at 10.07am (KST: 11.07am)

Caption :  오늘 아침은 어떻게 시작하셨냐옹?^^ 
-- biruangel may 20 

OkCat Twitter on Tue, May 20 at 2.06pm (KST: 3.06pm)
Caption :  구석에서 쉬고 있는 옥캣이! MEOW!
-- biruangel may 20 

Translated Caption :  OKCat is resting in the corner! MEOW!
-- minwooluv78 may 20

OkCat Twitter on Tue, May 20 at 10.07am (KST: 11.07am)

Caption :  오늘 아침은 어떻게 시작하셨냐옹?^^
Translation : How did you start today/this morning, nah-ong?^^ -- korchick may 20


more pictures releases from Best Camp M

cr: as tagged & Best Camp Mimage


some nice pictures posted by Best Camp M

cr: as tagged & MBC


socmed: guigui wishes Andy Ge for his bday

GuiGui Weibo on Mon, May 19 at 6.00am (KST: 7.00am)
Caption :  從小到大都長一樣耶!ANDY哥生日大快樂[蛋糕]要開心開心開心… 
Translation :  From young till old (till now, you) have been constantly (remain) the same!   (Older) Brother ANDY Happy Birthday [蛋糕] got to be happy happy happy ...
-- biruangel may 19

this is Andy, Gui Gui debut under HSHMM which is under M Countdown which was under Andy Ge this is when he was young i suppose lols -- angelangie may 19

connect the dots: confectionary gifts?

March 22 -- Okcat posts a box of chocolates...


now the chocolate box says "thailand deluxe"... looks like something you get in duty-free shops at the airport...
so who got this for okcat from thailand? nichkun? someone else?

okcat, bef and sunshine


okcat and friends sleep

OkCat Twitter on Mon, May 19 at 6.35pm (KST: 7.35pm)
Caption :  월요일 어떻게 보내셨냐옹? ^-^ MEOW?
-- biruangel may 19