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okcat sunday dinner

OkCat Twitter on Sun, Mar 30 at 5.10pm (KST: 6.10pm)
Caption : 일요일 저녁. MEOW-!

OkCat Facebook on Sun, Mar 30 at 5.14pm (KST: 6.14pm)
Caption :  #SUNDAY #OKCAT 
-- biruangel march 30

season 2 -- guigui gif

Made the gifs on the WGM-TV - GuiGui's cut only.  They got GG to promote Season 2 of GWGM, HeePuff couple in particular (the other couple was not mentioned).  S2 should 'stand on' their own merit to 'earn' their popularity and not 'riding' on someone else's! 

commentary: destiny


If there ever was a moment when I thought he had turned to look at her with affection and amusement, only to realize with wonder, “I really really LOVE this girl” it would be this brief instant. 

lets chat: sincerity, magic, contact

Lets chat!

Q3: do you think Taec was being sincere when he said "I miss you" in chinese during BTS of ep 6 at the hair salon. after all, he could just be being polite?
what do folks think?

Q4: there was magic from the beginning. but who do you think realized it first? Taec or GuiGui?

Q5: who do you think likely made the first contact after the show? Taec or GuiGui?

disclaimer for Q4 and Q5:
we are micheseo and we know they are in contact
do you have questions? post away! -- lmangla march 29

gif: torn jeans

Gifs of Taec's mishap...

socmed: guigui filming scene 91

Gui Gui updated her Facebook @@" still working??? poor gal i hope she got rests in between....she is after all just recovering from being sicks

30th March 2014 - 1.15am (+8 GST)

Translations: Today the whole teams was filming Scene 91...and me filming scene 59! Our director is honestly very very very the very very very good!! He is Lin He Long he had become Mei Dai's idols! This hair styles is done bye me! hahahahaha...

image -- angelangie march 29

okcat and boss

OkCat Twitter on Sat, Mar 29 at 7.54pm (KST: 8.54pm)
Caption : 옥사장님 & 옥캣이 photo by masters

OkCat Facebook on Sat, Mar 29 at 7.57pm (KST: 8.57pm)
-- biruangel march 29

lets chat: the noona and 4D questions

Lets chat. do you think of random questions related to taecgui? or still have some q about a certain scene? post and you will either get insightful or randomly micheseo answers. time for some chit chat on the ship! 

Q1: if Taec had been paired up with a noona in the show, do you think it would have worked? -- lmangla march 29

okcat and dancing

Connect the dots:
March 29 -- okcat, "shall we dance?"
April 3 -- GuiGui's BTS video for eyedrop ad shows her dancing to the camera....

okcat and cherry blossom trees

OkCat Twitter on Sat, Mar 29 at 1.44pm (KST: 2.44pm)
Caption :  그대여 그대여 그대여~ 봄 바람 휘날리며~냐냥 냐냐냥!
-- biruangel march 29

commentary: on guigui in season 2

These are the things I liked about Guigui’s brief appearance for Season 2:

1. She was upbeat and positive about her marital experience with GWGM. She didn’t mention any trouble or discord during her 3 month partnership with Taecyeon, although goodness knows how many and often anti-fans disparaged her, pointing out her childishness and her English deficiency. 

My First Korean-English Picture Dictionary

Ga-ja! -- Let's go! 

A swoon-worthy moment when the male takes his girl's hand and drags her off to a private, secluded place, hopefully for a bbo-bbo or a kiss-eu. lol. The girl's consent is tacit.  


socmed: guigui on choc magazine

Guigui updated facebook....Translation : "Coming soon coming soon Choc magazine.See you in April cover page". I think this magazine might be available in my country I will try to see if I can grab hold of it and share here.There might be some interview with her image -- labbit march 29

commentary: wedding for two + staff


okcat and yellow sponge

OkCat Twitter on Fri, Mar 28 at 3.54pm (KST: 4.54pm)
Caption :  MEOW MEOW MEOW!
-- biruangel march 28

guigui and 33 dialogues

Gui Gui updated her Facebook today about an hours ago

28th March 2014 - 10.34pm(+8GST)

translations: Lets us praise Little Mei Dai, okie? Because today there is a scene where she need to utter 33 dialogues and have to cry while she uttering it, she did it! Continue fighting, as acting has always make her felt a sense of accomplishment!

taec and friend

Taec tweeted at 12:01AM 3/29:

Partying with my friend Marc tonight
cr: Taec's twitter

okcat and bef ~ the connection the blur club members, I don't know if you know this, but everytime OKCat has the little chick perched on his head, like so...


See, the trail of heart coming from the chick? lol

comment spam -- their arms

Re-watching Aww the arms <3

-- spicystrawberry march 28

comment spam: 1, 2, 3

@Biruangel, thanks for this gif, too. I really like counting the seconds it took Taecyeon to figure out Guigui's comment. You could tell the gears of his brains went on overdrive before he finally figured out the homophone connection between Suzie and tissue.

-- packmule3 march 28

okcat wants to see bef

OkCat Twitter on Fri, Mar 28 at 12.27pm (KST: 1.27pm)
Caption :  우리 지금 당장 만나자냥!

OkCat Facebook on Fri, Mar 28 at 12.28pm (KST: 1.28pm)
Caption WANNA SEE U!!! 
-- biruangel march 28

fan art

arent TaecGui a good looking couple? even the WGM TV host agreed too

cr:闵芳 (Facebook)
image -- angelangie march 28

WGM TV season 2 intro

so watched the vid thanks to Joe Lu [P.S ~ Joe Lu, great to hear you have been enjoying hanging out here silently ]
lazy to watch? here's a recap
-- there was not much to the vid at all; no new scenes, no juicy BTS, nothing.. PDnim, how exactly is this a exclusive kind of vid? -- also it felt like they were operating under budget... almost like a school/college production with the background just having a logo on a big poster.. not even pretty flowers or nice curtain background. it looked like a conference room actually.. hmmmm....
-- the two hosts, amber and soryoung, their favourite words were "awwww" "so cute!" while they watched highlights of season 1
-- so a question was who would you choose Taec vs Hongki and GuiGui vs Mina. soryoung, chose GuiGui and said it was because he knows chinese and so could talk to her. amber chose Taec but didn't really understand her explanation for it.. soryoung suspected that amber chose Taec because he was tall and had muscles.
-- the two hosts seemed to be really amused by the moniker 'taecgui' and said something like it sounds like techie? kekeke...
-- was rather amused by GuiGui's message which basically asked fans to support the new couple (heepuff) and then added "dont forget about me and oppa"... kekekekeke.....
-- she said the first meeting and the last farewell left a strong impression and was the most memorable. -- lmangla march 27

okcat night

Oooh~ someone's happy


guigui in drama

Gui Gui too a pictures her fellow member cast in 'Shenzhen Roommates'

pretty right both of them with the most minimal makeup and i dont understand it when girls love to put so much on them that i called them ICI

Translations: You are really full of mischief @ GuiGuiWuYingJie

cr: as tagged &
image -- angelangie march 27

okcat spring cleans

March 27
tweet #1 ~ okcat poster on spring cleaning
tweet #2 ~ neck pillow 

Dot Connecting of a Micheoso Ajumma: delulu mode on..


ep 14: Taec's embarassed

Random Comment  

Noticed the Korean caption is different from the English sentence/translation...
It's so corny. It gives me goosebumps!
눈도 못 마주치는 <-- literally says, inability to meet/look directly in the eye (of the other person) 

I believe at this particular moment, Taec was a bit caught off guard He was probably feeling a multitude of emotions  
He was "touched" or "moved" by the "Event" GuiGui did.... he often comment about it later  
As always, GG is able to 'Surprise' him and make him "happy"!!! 
TY had "predicted" from Day1 at about hour 2 plus, Life with GG would be never be "Routine"

@BiruAngel, @Packmule3 & @sophora I figured I should let you know that informed 
 -- korchick march 27

news: Taec and consistency

Found this, too, from

It's from the July 2013 issue of the KWAVE magazine, Vol. 10.  Note, @korchick, what he says about consistency.  

If you ladies want to check out the other boys' individual shots, just go to the link above. -- packkmule3 march 27

chatter & sleuths: from the concert


backhug parody -- taec at concert


Pali!! Draw your Guigui backhug on this guy.  :)

-- packmule3 march 26

okcat must have item

posted in okcat twitter, about 23.00 PM KST 26 March
caption: [봄날의 옥캣. Part.1] [2014.04.07.12PM]

oooh must have item? is chick okcat's must have item?
since @packmule3 does not like that phrase "always behind you", that mug certainly won't be on her list right?

-- lmangla march 26

Posted in okcat twitter, about 23.00 PM KST 26 March
Caption: [봄날의 옥캣. Part.1] [2014.04.07.12PM]  
Translation: [ For Spring time/day OkCat, Part.1] [2014.04.07.12PM]  -- korchick march 27

backhug parodies

cr : as tagged

He looook.....? young but old ? @@
 -- spicystrawberry march 26

Monday, May 19, 2014

guigui promotes season 2

Guess what girls....i think GWGM just rope Gui Gui to help them promote for their WGM TV or the introduction they have it with Gui Gui for 5mins? or less?

i think they will involved the others S1 cast too i guess they have more in their marketing strategy but i hope that is the only one?

cr: as tagged
-- angelangie march 26

commentary -- travel companion

In long trips, your choice of travel companion is more important than anything else you bring along with you. Pretty much like life and marriage. 


Choose your life partner wisely, Taecyeon-ssi. She's right there.  :) -- packmule3 march 26

commentary: giant lollips and cute


chatter & sleuths: GuiGui sick

according to the staffs, there are many people sick and GG is one of them.
Hope she gets better soon.
GG, take care!

okcat comic: okcat & photographer

march 26 -- okcat takes profile pictures

okcat on stage

Arena Tour, Tokyo 140426.   What's OkCat doing on the floor with Ok sajangnim?image
-- biruangel march 26

socmed: Guigui cries as part of drama

Gui Gui just updates her Facebook... poor gui gui

26th March 2014 - 4.35pm (+8GST)

Translations: Mei Dai is a crying baby...cry till makeup ruin... 

-- angelangie march 26

Luckily GG didnt look like this in the GWGM final episode, or else,.... hahahahaha.. -- bouquet78 march 26

compare & contrast -- LDR

the education:

LDR = long distance relationship

compare & contrast -- ship

the education

shipping = ♥♥♥

taec in who are you

Taec's collage in Who Are You.


okcat and savings day

Connect the dots
Oct 29 -- Okcat wants to save; its savings day 
chatter: okcat's tail looks like piggy tail... didn't GuiGui draw a pig tail on okcat at the beach?

connect the dots postcard -- oct

commentary: his looks

~the way he looks at her~

commentary: covering her ears

I like the way Taecyeon gently, not brusquely, clapped his hands over her ears. And I like how Guigui looked like a precocious child trying to outwit Kwanghee. She didn't mind TY touching her face; she didn't even flinch away from his hands.

comment spam -- melted

Taec was so melted .... 
cr: @b8l8 


cr: 2PM ChanSung
-- biruangel march 25

chatter & sleuths: taec hyper at concert

I heard Taec very hyper again in his concert last night, I think he was love sick because people comments that he seem not take any medicine. The words that he tweeted about feeling and your or mine are so easy to achieve them. Taec, if you really want her to be your, make her become your, if you want to be her man then show her that you will be happy to be come one. Anything you want from her or you wants her to consider you only for her then use action not just said it by using words all over the social media like right action nothing will be done. -- bibidep march 25

commentary -- when they met, at first sight

#Comments Spams#

In here we can see that Gui Gui said she hope to bring joys and laughter into his life and it wasnt stated that she hope that taec will treat her so and so or how she expected to have from this virtual marriage however it is the other way the hope that she will brought something into his life  

while if we looks at Taec sides, we can definitely said that she had managed to sparks his interest as when he answer towards the same questions he had mention that he want to knows more of her.....but looks at where his eyes is seeing i bet the interviewer is standing at the sides and not from where the angle of the camera is taken from....he looks directly into the interviewer and he didnt look we can honestly felt his honestly here a genuine interest


Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

#10 Discuss the future. 

10 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

#9  Track each other’s social media updates. 

10 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

#8 Sexual innuendoes are fine.

10 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

#7. This is counterintuitive, but, yes, please do enjoy your time AWAY from him. 

PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE: Great Perspectives on Relationships

 Love is…not chocolates.

Friday, May 2, 2014

collage: after the wedding

@BiruAngel How to learn the meaning of  'space' ???

cr : b8l8

spicystrawberry, March 25

Thursday, May 1, 2014

okcat tweets march 25

March 25
poster ~ commuting and getting squished on train
tweet #1 ~ a bowl of udon
tweet #2 ~ veggie stew, calamari

7: collage

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

cr : b8l8 ,
spicystrawberry March 24

connect the dots -- their socmed interactions

1. Yesterday morning, Taecyeon posted this. 

OkCat Twitter on Mon, Mar 24 at 8.53am (KST: 9.53am)

Guigui expresses her condolences

Gui Gui updated her Weibo yesterday

to express her condolences to #RIPMH370

24th March 2014 - 11.47pm (+8 GST)