Monday, February 17, 2014

Episode 9 Links

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Official BTS
Chinese subs
Korean subs
viki clip


abalone is good for men
delicious dessert

the groom
walking to the wedding
wedding bts
wedding march
the ceremony
wedding and bubbles
wedding photo by the beach
stills from viki clips
wedding bts
stills: beach wedding
moles or lovers' mark?
helping guigui at the beach

Field of Flowers
field of flowers

Cave Cafe
indirect kiss
jdvd. lipstick battle
jdvd. lipstick on taec
jdvd. battle for the lipstick
jdvd. guigui putting lipstick on taec
jdvd. taec as pretty as his mom
jdvd. taec trying to put lipstick on guigui 1
jdvd. taec putting on lipstick for guigui 2
jdvd. taec putting lipstick on guigui 3
jdvd. taec puts lipstick on guigui 4
jdvd. guigui hurts her nose
jdvd. back to back kai bai bo
jdvd. kai bai bo
jdvd. at cave cafe
jdvd. cave cafe. taec's happy moment
jdvd. chasing after guigui
jdvd. chasing after guigui 2
jdvd. drawing on guigui's cheeks

holding hands at the aquarium
walking hand in hand at the aquarium
through the aquarium glass
jdvd. under the school of fish
aquarium selfie
jdvd. brain freeze
alone at the aquarium
jdvd. waving goodbye


on their way to breakfast
breakfast with guigui
feeding emma
shrimp fingers
in love with macarons

wedding vows
exchange of rings
exchange of rings
couple shot by the beach
celebrating with bubble guns
taec after the wedding
taec's interview post wedding

Cave Cafe
words on the wooden heart
jdvd. kai bai bo at the cave cafe
jdvd. kai bai bo
taec in devout prayer
taec wins kai bai bo
taec shouting for joy
taec's victory dance
taec fixing his lipstick
putting on lipstick

Field of Flowers
smiles and flowers
field of flowers
jumpshot at the field of flowers
big hug at the field of flowers
a hug in the field of flowers

jdvd. kai bai bo at the aquarium
goodbye fish
hearts at the aquarium
snug as a bug at the aquarium
sharing the look


by Lmangla
the look
peeling the prawns for guigui
dream wedding
taec or oppa
smiling taec
tom and jerry
wahs at the aquarium
prawn fingers
merging into a couple
yt comments