Friday, February 21, 2014

14: gif: moshida

HE got upset too when GG described another guy as "very tall and moshita" and said it wasn't HIM.  But our Guigui quickly consoled him with a hug after he whined, and she realized that she had hurt his feelings with her faux-pas. 

image image
image image
-- biruangel jan 31

it's amazing how she was able to understand what taec was saying even when he was speaking in Korean when he started sulking  -- mikoshine jan 31

See how close is uri couple...GG just fully grabbed/hugged Taec without any second thought, awkward, hesitant and feeling shy...uri couple is just soooo comfortable with each other.. -- bouquet78 jan 31 

you know im totally in love with this as well....there is no reserve in their action towards each other.....taec had openly tease gui gui and how gui gui openly lean into taec before she is even aware of it   -- angelangie jan 31