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PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE: Great Perspectives on Relationships from Taecgui

Love is … your world turned upside down.

anniversary wishes, 2

from b8l8 and lyta8864

happy first meeting anniversary!image
-- b8l8 feb 3

anniversary wishes

from packmule3, biruangel

To Taecyeon and Guigui --

May your next 1000 meetings be like your very first one --
Filled with laughter and happiness
To let you soar into new heights together.

Best wishes,
Soompi's Taecgui forum gals

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credit: as tagged and @angelangie's tumbler. kekeke.

meow meow meow

comment spam!
background: this was posted on feb 2 with caption "meow meow meow"

feb wallpaper for Okcat

Lol 'OkCats always behind you' wallpaper, its cute...slash creepy just kidding ^^

-- leechalee feb 3

2PM at Gimpo Airport, arriving from Japan.

where is Taec?

okcat and 3D


Have you ever seen the movie in a row?
Feb 2, 2014 9:10 pm 25 mins ago 

socmed: GuiGui at beach, part 2

Feb 3 ~ GuiGui swimming in the sea
Feb 3 ~ Okcat on a keychain
chatter: is okcat keeping an eye?

okcat under the tube light

Feb 2 ~last day of the lunar new year

socmed: GuiGui on beach

Guigui posted on her FB Sat, February 1, 2014; 9:23 AM.
FB automatically translated the caption for me into: 

Happy time w / my baby girls️ ♥ [] good nite ...

-- packmule3 feb 1

memo challenge

My turn.... name tags for the TG ship

mushy memo challenge

(Playing catch up, yet again.. forgot to post these in friday..)  Miahne,  unnie they're not mushy.. challenge accepted- and failed This is TY doodling on a memo pad while in a meeting.. image and his 'To DO list [this is what yours meant too right image edit: stupid .. I go for a day and come back [-_-] zz edit#373636 that took aggges!! Sorry for the huge pics spoiler isnt working -- leechalee feb 2

fan report ~ silver tapes

I just trawled (not trolled, okay) the 2pm thread here in soompi and a poster there, named im cun, posted this picture of confetti(?). I guess these are the silver tapes that @bibidep mentioned here from a fan account post. Thank you Im_cun.

fan report ~ do not call me oppa!

Apparently, TY told fans at Arena Tour Yokohama, not to call him Oppa!  
That's okay coz there are other 2PM boys, like @bluemoonlight WooYoungie and @gil_noona @charliew & @129alphabet Junho   


socmed: taec and new year

@Packmule3 posted this to be translated....
On Jan 30, 7:06pm, Taeccool tweeted this:
모두들 설날연휴잘쉬고 재충전합시당 일년새로 시작하니까요ㅋㅋ
Everyone, during the New Year holiday, get rest & recharge to begin the new year -keke 

gif jdvd: GuiGui's interview - unseen cut, Part 2.

question: whom do you like more? 

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gif jdvd - GuiGui's interview - unseen cut, Part 1.

question: whom do you like to see most?

compare & contrast: the expressions! 2PM on Music Dragon...

2PM - When asked who wishes to get married now, Taec put up his hand. Other members of the group were taken by surprise.  The look on ChanSung's face is 'priceless'!   

compare & contrast: chicken experience

The frightened look and the disgusted look of the 2 wives.  [嘻嘻] [嘻嘻] [嘻嘻]

okcat and bowl of noodles

feb 1 ~ okcat and his ramen

safety distance?

Safety distance? Definitely not....I call that overlapping distance.Top pic showed that Guigui shoulder overlapping Taec shoulder and bottom shoulder showed that Taec overlapping Guigui.Wondering if the seat is sooo small that they had to squeeze together like this by not giving each other any space, lol....What I can understand and speaking of my own experience is that only when you are 100% comfort with each other that you will have these kind of overlapping distance and that is only from the action of a youtube
-- labbit feb 1

compare & contrast: the manly husband

@bluemoonlight   Triplet, are you going for a vacation somewhere?  Have a great time, where ever you're going to!  I've made some gifs of your WooYoungie in WGM, he's such a gentleman like his hyung, Taec.  Both their wives said they are manly/masculine.   Taec for chopping a chicken and WooYoung for making a hole thru thick ice.  2PM boys are really good husband material!  [好喜歡] [好喜歡] [好喜歡]   [好爱哦] [好爱哦] [好爱哦] 

2pm gif

I've too much free time today, I've made some gifs on Genesis of 2PM's promo in Japan to pass time. Their promo is really huge ... even OkCat is spotted there ....    Hmmmm ..... can we spot that special someone perhaps?

comment spam: cute, cooing sounds and Hangul

@Packmule3 said:
@korchick, Care to add an explanation of woojuju and other weird cooing sounds from Korean lover boys?  

"woo-jiu-jiu" was well done by you, @bladerunner, @Lmangla & @charliew --it is a sound made as you are pinching someone's cheeks to show how cute that person is, cooing at them... an expression of endearment, of sorts  
"I-ai-go"x2 similar sound to sigh that old people make, but to sound cute/cooing...higher pitched, singsongy, & drawn out is another expression 
Not necessary for pinching cheeks  
Can't think of any more at this time....But,

2PM in Music dragon

a variety show in Japan ~ summary by bluemoonlight
Taec raises his hand when asked who wishes to get married now.....

Notice to bird watchers

MEMO: to fellow bird-watchers
Background: As you might be aware, we are studying 'migration and courtship patterns among the micheseo family of birds'. We have focused our study on a pair of birds who we have collared and are following through electronic signals. The female is tagged 'GHOST163', or 'GuiGui' for short and the male is tagged 'OKCAT185', or 'Taec' for short.
Current Status: GuiGui has flown from the northern hemisphere back to Asia. It was confirmed early this morning (Jan 31, 2014) that she left the Los Angeles vicinity for Asian shores. Taec is meanwhile with his flock, (who we refer to as the afternoon boys), in Yokohoma Japan. Given the season of the horse has just begun, it appears to be tad unusual for GuiGui to start her flight back to Asia today. The final destination for GuiGui has not been confirmed but we assume that it is Taiwan. However, given that Taec is in Japan, there is some conjecture that the lady bird might be heading for Japanese shores. There is no evidence to conclusively decide either idea. We are currently waiting for satellite to send us their exact geographic location.
Request: If any birdwatcher catches sight or has information regarding the location of these two birds, please do let us know. If they are both in Japan, please let us know immediately!

Thank You.
Bird watcher society,
15 TG Soompi, Shippers Moon


-- lmangla jan 31

compare & contrast; the piggyback ride

Chansung vs GuiGui

compare & contrast: his and her looks

cr: pethcoco

For GG!
 -- bluemoonlight jan 31

his look


another reason why i love TaecGui.... Taec actually is true to his words....while he does check girls out and look at them.....but somehow inner beauty does matter to we can definitely see here that he looks he gave gui gui when they were at their final seat...where gui gui face kinda blotched up from all those tears but he never cringe or looks away but he stares at gui gui as he always did with care and a look that kinda felt that he wanted to imprint her into his brain and heart for the lonely days ahead of him with her by his sides


-- angelangie jan 31

I think he was trying to be as sincere as possible as he was trying to explain to Guigui why he is doing this.He want her to remember the things he had done for her and hope she will not forget too.Although the message was not direct, I know he is trying to say "all I wanna do is to love you hope you can feel it altho we will be separated at different country".I was very touched by the words he told Guigui..He said we are sad because we are not like other couples who stayed in same country so we cannot meet often. Excuse me....if the show is going to end why bother to say all these right, I think any human beings will understand what he meant by doing all these Memory booth, guigui tree and couple pic with heart shape.That is why I am grounded in this ship with all of you   -- labbit jan 31

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Episode 11 Links

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14: gif: moshida, part 2

I love this scene, too, @BiruAngel. Thanks for doing them. 

1. Her cuteness. One reason Taecyeon couldn't think of the name of the actor Guigui was referring to was because of her Cuteness Overload. He was distracted by her Moshita gesture.  Look at that face...  

10 Ways to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

#6. Act committed.

PRESCRIPTION FOR LOVE: Great Perspectives on Relationships from Taecgui

 Love is…when your inner child finally finds your true companion. 

2pm gif

Happy Lunar New Year!

Click below for a surprise... -- bluemoonlight jan 31

14: gif: moshida

HE got upset too when GG described another guy as "very tall and moshita" and said it wasn't HIM.  But our Guigui quickly consoled him with a hug after he whined, and she realized that she had hurt his feelings with her faux-pas. 

Taec's wishes for lunar new year

Taec's Twitter on Fri, Jan 31 at 11.06am (12.06pm in Tokyo).

Caption :  모두들 설날연휴잘쉬고 재충전합시당 일년새로 시작하니까요ㅋㅋ

Translation :  Everyone, have a good rest during Lunar New Year holiday. Let's recharge because we start a year anewㅋㅋ
cr:  2PMAlways

okcat wishes for lunar new year

jan 29:
from twitter: 주인님들! 주인님들! 즐거운 설 연휴 보내시라냥!^-^ 맛있는 음식도 많이많이 드시라능!!
this was posted yesterday (jan 30) on okcat fb with english caption: Happy Lunar New Year's Day-! Meow-!

OkCat ready to leave

Jan 28 ~ happy that it is 6 o'clock!

okcat and new year food

Jan 31 ~ OkCat is full from eating so much food...

okcat watching DVD

from OkCat FB:
yesterday (Jan 30):
caption: (in english) Watching '2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR' DVD-!
caption in twittter:
연휴 첫날 저녁, 옥캣이는 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR DVD를 다시 보는중-! 모하시고 계시냐옹? -- lmangla jan 31

first thing that came into my mind: why is okcat so near the screen? that's bad for the eyes okcat -- mikoshine jan 31

the sticker challenge

socmed: GuiGui on a plane

Jan 30 ~ posts a picture of her boarding pass...
chatter: where is she off to?

2: gif: which picture do you like?

GuiGui's question to Taec..

real 2PM: the fortune teller, part 2


GuiGui's fortune for 2014

I went ahead and read Gui Gui's horoscope for 2014 and came to find some interesting facts:

Dear representatives of the sign Leo in front of you is a strong and fruitful year in professional aspect, when you can enjoy considerable success in your education , career or business . Start of a new career or a new business. Return to proven past methods, skills, the business that you have done before, and more. The motto of the 2014 is "return" , but with new and unique opportunities for prosperity .  ( Reading from Gui Gui's FB entry on 1/29- she cherished those days in HSHMM days and how she struggled to strive for the best for herself.)

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Taec & 2PM in Frankfurt, Germany

Unseen photos of Taec & 2PM in Frankfurt, Germany. -- biruangel jan 30

cr: as tagged

subliminal message collage

Hmmmmmm sending a subliminal message?
cr: as tagged
-- biruangel jan 30

2PM and icecream: on Music Japan

2PM playing an ice cream game on the Japanese show, "Music Japan"

They were separated into "old" & "young" boys team...well you can guess which team Taec belonged to...haha


Taec off to Japan

Taec left for Japan again, this time to Yokohama (Arena Tour).


okcat and 2014: year of the wood horse

Jan 30 ~ asks about new year plans

photoshop ~ taecgui barbie

real 2PM -- the fortune teller

Nickhun and WooYoung read out the fortunes for the band. 
chatter: what kind of fortune is Taec's?

mushy memo challenge


Okay, it's time for the @leechalee Mushy Memo Challenge.  I think I owe you two. 


lol. Your turn.  -- packmule3 jan 30

chatter & sleuths: the ear signal

chatter: his friends refer to GuiGui by touching their ear on Hello Counsellor

Sunday, February 16, 2014



comment spam: happy Taec

look at how happy when he was with guigui. his gums is showing how i wish i can see him again smiling like this. -- ardorie28 jan 29


socmed: GuiGui looks back

Jan 29: on her experiences on working with her old pop group...

Okcat and meow

A whole lot of meow update....
Jan 28: "It's already 6 PM! meow!" (standing under some lights)
Jan 28: "what's up? meow" (sipping something in a coffee shop)

Sieg Fahrenheit S/S 2014 Catalog Shooting


comment spam: Taec the prisoner

comments spam!

Taec needs to have some expression while holding that message or hold the message at least differently. every drama, he has the same look and holds the message in the same way and every time, it reminds me of those movies when the character gets put away in jail and they show them taking a photo with their record number...
-- lmangla jan 29

comment spam: Taec pleased

comments spam!

okcat cartoon strip: trains

New OKCat Cartoon set, post on Jan. 29, 2014 at 11:55am Korea time.  OKCat try to take the train to go some where hahaha.

comment spam: the GO effect


so in here we can see that Taec was laughing like a maniac....but honestly i think he is trying to push G.O. away from uri Gui Gui and he camouflage it with laughing like a lunatic lols **delulu mode**

-- angelangie jan 29

Taec's new song

After I LOVE YOU! Here is another of Taec's creation:


Let's just hope she is by his side. 

Credit: Dimes twitter & taecgui baidu -- rose999 jan 28

Connect the dots: ready to go?

Connect the dots:
Jan 14: GuiGui on MRT
Jan 14: Okcat "always behind you"

okcat and starbucks lady

Connecting the dots:
Jan 27 ~ "just do it"
chatter: what does the pose remind you of? lake shoot? what does Okcat asking for?

OkCat Twitter on Mon, Jan 27 at 8.41pm
Caption :  마시고 말테다냥! 냐냥!

OkCat Facebook on Mon, Jan 27 at 8.42pm
Caption :  JUST DO IT-! MEOW-!  

View image on Twitter

-- biruangel jan 27

socmed: GuiGui at Universal

Jan 28: "with minion"
chatter: when was this taken?