Friday, January 31, 2014

GuiGui in battle of sexes

Another pic of GuiGui in the Battle of the Sexes.

collage: guigui's letter

couple shower party: games

who knows the bride? who the knows the groom? and other games...


okcat and coupons

Okcat update the Facebook a minute aGo

16th Jan 2014 - 11.28am (+8 GST)

Using Coupons!

-- angelangie jan 16

taecgui fans trip to korea

The Journey of the TaecGui Fans from Taiwan where they follow the footsteps of TaecGui

they had shared this to Gui Gui and Gui Gui even replied to them -- angelangie jan 16

socmed: GuiGui on couch; breakfast and dinner

Connecting the dots
jan 16 -- GuiGui: ready to have breakfast
jan 16 -- OkCat: posts picture of his dinner
chatter: breakfast and dinner... himmm....

socmed: stars and hearts II

more reactions and chatter for virtual tag on Jan 15

Connecting the dots
jan 15 -- GuiGui and a patch of stars
jan 15 -- OkCat: a photo of two cats in the shape of a heart
chatter: what is she trying to say? what is his response?

couple shower party: entertainment....


It's alright. Just pick anything you want to wear. But try to go for sexy. It's a couple shower, remember? TY must bring some male friends, too, to even up the numbers. 

@bladerunner, are you inviting the chippendales again? mwahahaha.  -- packmule3 jan 15

mirror: sheep and sleep

just a pictures compare by a FanPage i think


socmed: stars and hearts

Connecting the dots
jan 15 -- GuiGui and a patch of stars
jan 15 -- OkCat: a photo of two cats in the shape of a heart
chatter: what is she trying to say? what is his response?

couple shower party!: lets dress up...

that is some menu! are we going to dress up for this?
a question for folks -- do you find yourself smiling randomly when a scene from WGM pops into your head? share! -- lmangla jan 15

couple shower party! -- the menu

@packmule3  I google it and it's pretty fancy restaurant that you picked for their bridal shower ^^
Never been to Shinyeh so I can't recommend what's good but they got some fancy set menus worth considering. -- chinlylin jan 15

wooyoung and the gang in WGM

WooYoung WGM gifs - Taec focus.  They filmed this on the MBC Gayo Daejun night, Dec 31, 2014. 

Hah haa WooYoung was quite pissed coz the guys kept making fun of him, teasing him. -- biruangel jan 15

frankfurt pics

Pics of Taec when he was in Frankfurt, Germany. -- biruangel jan 15

okcat wants snack

OkCat Twitter on Wed, Jan 15 2014 at 4.10pm.
Caption: 간식이 생각나는 오후이다냥! 배고파..냐옹! 주인님들의 겨울철 별미를 추천해달라능! 군고구마 먹고싶다냥! 냐냥! MEOW!

OkCat Facebook on Wed, Jan 15 2014 at 4.13pm.
Caption: Hungry.....    Please tell me your own yummy food-!     MEOW!
-- biruangel jan 15

socmed: GuiGui on MRT

jan 15 - GuiGui on MRT, wearing her silver shoes!

photoshop: a kiss

My birdwatching friend sent me this photo which she saw in Baidu. She said it might be an oil-painting (or, could be perfectly PSed picture as well) from fans.. -- bouquet78 jan 15

okcat cartoon strip -- the scary grey stray cat

OKCat new cartoon set posted on Jan. 15, 2014 Korea time at 11:25am.   Don't tell me that is OKCat's Girlfriend hahaha, she is so scary. -- bibidep jan 15

news: taec makes the list

I'm not sure if this has been posted already but there was a list made of the 100 most handsome men in the world and our "handsome, young man" Taecyeon made the list at lucky #13!

chatter & sleuths: Jun K birthday

chatter: why no pics from Taec's bday?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

okcat and memos

OKcat update his Twitter on Jan. 14, 2014 at 12:08pm Korea time.   If any of us can translate for us this one, I think OKCat aka CEO Taec get to many notes on the table or may be he is mad hahaha by looking at the picture.

On OKCat Facebook had the same picture the title caption said:  What is this memo? Sigh...cannot remember...

흐어..배탈이 난 옥캣...으으...책상에 보니 메모들이 잔뜩? 하지만, 왜 적었는지 모르겠는 그런 메모들..주인님들도 이런 경험 많으시냥? 냐냥냐냐냥!
-- bibidep jan 14

okcat on ledge

jan 14 -- "always behind you"

connect the dots -- always behind you

Look at these two lovebirds posted in their facebook.   On Jan 13, 2014 at 2:29pm GuiGui posted the picture with her on the window look out and at 2:50pm Jan. 14, 2014 OKcat posted the picture with OKCat on the edge look down also said on the title caption ""Always behind you.  Meow!""  Wow look like they play the cat chasing the mouse game hahaha.   -- bibidep jan 15

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason #2: acceptable mushiness
packmule3 jan 14

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason #3 ~ commitment to a long distance relationship
packmule 3 jan 14

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reasons #4 ~ absence makes the heart grow fonder
packmule3 jan 14

party -- games

crossword puzzle

okcat bids night

OkCat Twitter on Wed, Jan 15 2014 at 12.35am.

Caption : OKCAT NIGHT, masters-! MEOW-!


okcat memo -- mushiness challenge

OkCat just added a pictures with no caption no nothing lols

14th Jan 2014 - 10.16pm (+8GST) -- angelangie jan 14


jan 17 -- a virtual couples shower

party -- who knows the bride best

the questionnaire

comment spam: helping her at beach


u know as i was uploading the pictures into our FB page, I came across this pictures, when it first i just notice how sweet it is, but in actual facts Taec was as worried as Gui Gui about her falling down on her face with that high heels during their beach wedding, lols....i wonder why they never prepare flat for her instead of the high heels....oh least it show the side of Taec we never knew right? him worried about her and being patient and always looking down to ensure that she does not trip

cr: as tagged
-- angelangie jan 14

2PM gif

Obligatory P.A. Club gif of the day... pervy? -- bluemoonlight jan 14

gif: jdvd content

Episode 4 gifs - GuiGui was giving Taec a menboong moment again!  

Assuring Taec, he's not a Jandori anymore!  [嘻嘻] [哈哈]  -- biruangel jan 14

2PM gif:

2PM back on variety shows...yay! 

Hmm...I guess Taec isn't Wooyoung's type...   -- bluemoonlight jan 14

collage -- eye contact 24

ep 15 -- at train station and the last scene
by spicystrawberry jan 14

cover art for facebook page

cover art by our dearie @spicystrawberry for our FanPage in Facebook  -- angelangie jan 14


collage -- eye contact 23

ep 15 -- inside the tent
by spicystrawberry jan 14

collage -- eye contact 22

ep 15 -- train ride
by spicystrawberry jan 14

collage -- eye contact 21

ep 15 -- at the train station, Taec finds her adorable and pinches her cheeks...
by spicystrawberry jan 14

guigui pics recent, part 3

new Photo of Gui Gui in ZoomIn part of the collections we seen yesterday

14th Jan 2014 - 10.46am (+8GST) -- angelangie jan 14


Taec and GuiGui

now and then
by bibidep jan 13

2PM and the doorman

comments spam! -- (on SBS Gayo Daejun 2013)


taec in variety show in 2012

taec on the hot seat
night after night (show's name), 2012

collage -- eye contact 20

ep 14 - everland and at house
by spicystrawberry jan 13

collage -- eye contact 19

ep 14 -- she gives him a t-shirt memento
by spicystrawberry jan 13

collage -- eye contact 18

ep 14 -- discussing the mission card
by spicystrawberry jan 13

2PM pics from a chinese article

you girls will love the titles
(translations: 2PM Ok TaecYeon is getting more handsome and stylish, is this all due to Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie?)

okcat and football

jan 13 -- is watching a football game

okcat and schedules

Jan 13 -- OkCat stationary for schedules...

socmed: GuiGui and tissues

Jan 13 - GuiGui posts pic of her new tissue box (a bear)

chatter & sleuths: ring on her finger

chatter: during filming battle of the sexes, fans notice a ring on her finger. is that her 'wedding' ring from the show?

Taec and wonderful season

pics from his filming for his new drama

10: gif: posing away on the couch

Gif of when this pic was taken.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

guigui pics recent, part 2

from the photographer's site (chi world)

more pictures of Gui Gui from the same source -- angelangie jan 13

cr: as tagged & 莊小千生活攝影工坊(CHI WORLD) (Facebook)

guigui pics recent

nice pictures of Gui Gui from a photographer site -- angelangie jan 13

cr: as tagged & 莊小千生活攝影工坊(CHI WORLD) (Facebook)

chatter & sleuths: Taec's transportation

baidu chatter: Taec was seen driving a car on this birthday

socmed: GuiGui and the alien

connecting the dots:
jan 13 -- GuiGui posts pics from a certain cafe with her friend
jan 13 -- Okcat has tea
jan 11 -- OkCat wants to have alien super powers... 
 chatter: notice the alien drawing on the wall; tea for okcat and desserts for GuiGui!

okcat and tea

jan 13 -- OkCat drinks tea

collage -- eye contact 17

ep 13 -- at everland
by spicystrawberry jan 13

collage -- eye contact 16

ep 13 -- walking to cafe and having chocolate and cookies
by spicystrawberry jan 13

collage - eye contact 15

from ep 13 -- at the health store
by spicystrawberry jan 13

Okcat offers friendship

Jan 13 -- OkCat wants to be your real friend

okcat: so cold today

jan 13 -- hiding in his box

mirror: okcat stickers and taecgui

OKCat emoticon similar pictures of GuiGui.  Wow OKCat'd dad must write down every memorable scene that appear in all 15 Episodes of GWGM, if he not then his memories will fill up with all his lovely moments in the GWGM show no more room for anything hahah.


okcat is studying

jan 12 -- OkCat studying marketing 101

socmed: GuiGui and GE

Connecting the dots
jan 12: posts one word 'GE' and pic of herself with one eye covered by her hat
chatter: what is GE referring to? Taec's chinese name could be translated as "covered eyes"!

okcat and red bean bun

jan 12 -- OkCat shares his bun that he is eating

14: gif: will you come with me?

Gui Gui giving Taec a disappointed, but understanding look after he said the roller coaster would give him a headache...and Taec half-hugging  & massaging Gui Gui before she went on. -- bluemoonlight jan 12

14: gif: up the roller coaster

Gui Gui's such a riot! Love her spunk! 

She's still singing "10 jeom manjeome 10 jeom" as they're going up the roller coaster -- bluemoonlight jan 12

taec's message to fans


2013 memory you remember the most - Tokyo Dome Concert
2014 Target - To live happily
2014 Challenge you want to take - Going to Kyoto
2014 Messages to Hottests - I want to show (everyone) the forever best side of me!! I will make Okcat's girlfriend!! I love you~ I love you~


Is this like saying that he has a girlfriend or that he will soon have one... Hottests better be prepared hahaha -- jazcabbb jan 12

baby taec pics

funny/personal: superhero!

Is today superheroes' day? 

Here we have Superman making kimchi fried rice for Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman making love toast for Superman! -- bluemoonrising jan 12


commentary: super okcat to the rescue

Here's Super OKCat to the rescue Guigui.  

by packmule3 jan 12

Faster than a speeding bus,


okcat & memories

oct 24: what is your most memorable place, asks OkCat

OkCat and man from the stars

Connecting the dots
Jan 11 -- OkCat wants to have super powers, mentions drama "you from the stars"
chatter: second time he has mentioned about super powers. does he want to teleport somewhere?

Jan 22 -- GuiGui posts about watching the very same drama as well..  

2PM gif: Taec gives massage to Chansung

from WGM , WooYoung's stint

socmed: GuiGui and eggs

Jan 12: gets a egg with double yolks

comments: jdvd content (hug education #4 and #5)

ep 14 -- at Everland (Taec gives a backhug)

comments: jdvd content (hug education #3)

TaecGui hugs from ep 7 (jejudo beach) and ep 15 (train station)

comments: jdvd content (hug education #2)

ep 11 -- KwangHee visits

comments: jdvd content (hug education #1)

ep 11 -- KwangHee visits

comments spam!

comments: jdvd content

ep 10 -- GO helps out GuiGui and Taec

comments spam!

comments: jdvd content

ep 11 -- after the housewarming party

comments: jdvd content

ep 3 -- taec vs photographer

comments: jdvd content

ep 3 -- Taec waiting for GuiGui at bridal dress shop

comments: jdvd content

ep 3 -- Taec takes a pic of GuiGui

comments spam!
observation: he is curving his back like a camel..
thought: nooooooo... that is bad taec! what are you doing? no wonder you are inflexible... that just leads to back pains...
thought#2: who is his fitness instructor? they need to be fired.. haven't taught the kid anything about proper posture... -- lmangla jan 11

comments: jdvd content

ep 9 -- at the aquarium

comments: jdvd content

ep 9 -- at the aquarium, waving goodbye to audience at end of episode

2PM group prepping WooYoung before meeting his 'bride'

from WooYoung's stint in WGM
chatter: based on what he would like in a wife, it looks like WooYoung was rather impressed with GG and Taec's experience on GWGM

pics from WGM

WooYoung's stint: 2PM group chatting with WooYoung before he heads out to meet his bride

socmed: GuiGui on vacation; OkCat under blanket

Connecting the dots
Jan 11 -- GuiGui posts that she is lying in her bed
Jan 11 -- OkCat posts photo of a cat under blankets
chatter: a conversation? :)

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason #5a ~ communicate try harder
packmule3 jan 11  

and #5b  ~ communicate more creatively
packmule 3 jan 11

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason # 6 ~ trust
packmule3 jan 9

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason # 7 ~ jealousies
packmule3, jan 9

top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason # 8 ~ laughing in seconds
packmule3 jan 9

Top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason #9 ~ annoying friends
packmule3 jan 9

Top 10: reasons why long distance relationships are great

reason # 10 ~ cooking secret
packmule3 jan 9 + input from others in the thread

news: Taec on new drama

Taecyeon plans to show a new side of himself on 'Very Good Days'.
2PM 's Taecyeon is kicking the new year off with another drama to add to his thriving acting career, KBS 2TV 's 'Very Good Days'!

first post: from korchick

Sorry if introductions don't belong here, I'm the son of my poor mother who was sucked into this show, and which she has learned new vocabulary such as OTP and shipping. She found this forum by accident, and I kid you not she has read it from page 1 to wherever this is posted. She started on my youngest sister's birthday and the whole family could hear her laugh in to the middle of the night about your posts. She just recently got a mac book, and since then Gui Gui and Taec have been a never ending trend in our lives. I just hope you all welcome her with a warm welcome, and I apologize in advance if she messes up. (She's new with the computer)
Sincerely the Son the Mitchi-Mom,

P.S. I hope you all understand that she is devoted to this ship, this 14 year old has heard non-stop about how I must marry a girl like Gui Gui. My condolenses to whoever reads this. I love her very dearly, and I hope you all take care of her. -- korchick jan11

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

collage -- eye contact 14

ep 12 -- composing the song
by spicystrawberry jan 10

collage -- eye contact 13

ep 12 -- at the studio
by spicystrawberry jan 10

photoshop -- taecgui

from pic of script reading for wonderful season

guigui photo collage

collage -- eye contact 12

from ep 11
by spicystrawberry jan 10

taec social media

jan 10 -- Taec's Lunar New Year's greetings to Japanese fans

gifs: jdvd content

ep 4 -- waiting at the studio

GG pics from battle of sexes

New pics of GuiGui in Chinese Variety Show, Battle of the Sexes.

socmed: GuiGui: hearts and concern

Connecting the dots:
Jan 9 -- GuiGui thanks for all concern
Jan 9 -- she had earlier posted on her struggle with losing weight; OkCat poster on drinking orange juice

gif collage: feeling awkward

awkward scene/feelings" photos of taecgui

mirror -- okcat stickers & Taecgui

socmed: GuiGui and problem of weight; OkCat recommends orange juice

Connecting the dots
9/10 jan: "a problem that you face from time to time?" -- GuiGui posts on trying hard to lose weight
10 Jan -- OkCat drinks orange juice

Taec: before and after guigui

by b8l8 jan 9

2012 Gayo: before guigui


guigui pics

by b8l8


collage -- eye contact 11

ep 10 -- at home, getting ready for the party
by spicystrawberry jan 9

collage - eye contact 10

from ep 10 -- walk in the market
by spicystrawberry jan 9

taecgui comic strip syle

Anyone up for....tissue? by spicystrawberry jan 9


from slacker food diary

 GuiGui with her costars Dylan and Edwin

socmed: GuiGui: guess

Jan 9 -- GuiGui posts a pic from her latest project but asks fans to guess what it is..

tablecloth commentaries

on pic with his costar from script reading "that wonderful season"

chatter & sleuths: the use of cat photos in OkCat's socmed

chatter: OkCat has been posting pics of a lot of cat photographs. is he googling them?

OkCat in a scarf

jan 9 -- okcat is walking around with a scarf, dressed warm in the cold wind

guigui pics

Gui Gui pics spam ...


pics of Taec from his new project

Taec is 'Very Good Times' script reading

chatter & sleuths: does GuiGui posts old pics?

chatter: does she take old pictures and post them a few months later?

okcat and the key

jan 8 -- Okcat wants to know how to combat being forgetful
jan 9 -- releases 'to do list' stationary

okcat is cold

Jan 8 -- posts a pic of a kitten curled next to a labtop

connect the dots: timeline 12

Late November through December Timeline

collage: lipstick battle

ep 9 -- at the cave cafe
by spicystrawberry jan 8

PDnim gets a gift from Taiwan fans

Choi Bujang-nim posted this on his FB thanking Taiwanese TaecGui fans for this present.

okcat cartoon strip: the doll house

jan 8 -- okcat wants to be with other toys in the doll house

collage: all of us

a collage of all our profile pics: the micheseo family.
by gil_noona jan 8

taec gif: from lonely okcat christmas party

Taec immersed in playing his imaginary piano...

GuiGui pics from battle of sexes

Jan 2014 -- she filmed a chinese variety show called battle of sexes.

socmed: guigui "transformed"

jan 7 -- GuiGui posts a pic of herself from BTS of filming Chinese variety show "battle of the sexes"

okcat gets 35,000+ followers

jan 7 -- thanks his 'masters'

OKCat just posted in his twitter at 11:47pm Jan. 7, 2014 Korea time.  OKCat twitter had 35,000 follower and said thank you to the fans.

Thank You..35,000 followers-♡ 냐냥!

Credit to OKCat twitter. -- bibidep jan 7

okcat twitter: kitten and jacket

jan 7 -- photo of kitten snug in someone's jacket

gif: the wedding

the exchange of rings by gil_noona, jan 7

Sunday, January 19, 2014

collage -- proposal

collage -- eye contact 9

from ep 7 -- at jejudo beach
by spicystrawberry jan 7

2PM gif

Have we had a P.A. Club gif of the day yet 
Sorry Taec, but Junho's booty-shaking beats yours! -- bluemoonlight jan 7

collage -- eye contact 8

from ep 6
by spicystrawberry jan 7

gif: GuiGui in her drama

GuiGui was having fun as usual at the set of Slacker's Food Diary.-- biruangel jan 7


2PM gif

Supposedly Taec is very careful with skinship... 

Taec's true soulmate is...actually Nichkhun?!  -- bluemoonlight, jan 7

Okcat and journal

Jan 7 -- Okcat wants to start keeping a journal

collage -- Taec's mental breakdown 2

collage -- Taec's mental breakdown

We got married Youtube channel hits 50 million views

Jan 7 -- PD thanks fans for their support

funny/personal: reminded of taecgui in Japan

I am attempting to post some pics I snapped in Japan . Hope it works and if it does , we'll have the DVD cover of the Japanese GWGM . (I just had to leave cover facing out after I snapped  :D.) There is a pair of the ice cream dolls. .....and  surprise ! <:-P ...I also came across someone wearing the 3 eyed alien pyjamas ! I requested a picture from the stranger and he obliged . . In my excitement , I forgot to ask him to show the 3 fingered hands ! jinja !!!   : :((  The stranger knew I was interested in the outfit and not him ( oops  :-$ ) , he looked down in his pose .... )>-  . The 3 eyed alien headgear is another bonus. It was left covering the unattended ski equipment. Enjoy !   -- silvershoes, jan 7

collage -- eye contact 7

from ep 5 -- photoshoot with sheep
by spicystrawberry jan 7

stills: jdvd content

ep 1 -- Taec composing a song while he waits for GuiGui to arrive

collage -- eye contact 6

from ep 5
by spicystrawberry jan 7

taecgui comic strip: kiss the donkey


taecgui comic strip - wine

by spicystrawberry

Friday, January 17, 2014

collage: eye contact 5

from ep 5 -- photoshoot (dance, mask)
by spicystrawberry jan 7

collage: balloons

from photoshoot
by spicystrawberry jan 7

stills: jdvd content

( no comments/just pics)
ep 1 - shoe cafe [she begs for shoes, Taec at loss, waiting to meet each other]

comments: jdvd content

ep 1 -- pushing her out of the cafe with a familiarity like he has known her for ages...

collage -- eye contact 4

from ep 4 -- at the wedding studio (their interactions as they check out the dress, waiting for photographer)
by spicystrawberry jan 7

collage: eye contact 3

from ep 3
by spicystrawberry jan 7

12: stills: her gaze

ep 12 -- at studio; GuiGui glances at Taec...

stills: jdvd content

ep 15 -- as they say goodbye to viewers, she glances at him

comments: jdvd content

ep 15 -- the look in the train...

okcat profile for SNS

jan 7 -- releases profiles for SNS

stills: jdvd content

ep 15 -- cameraman reactions while filming the tent scene....

collage: eye contact 2

from ep 2
by spicystrawberry jan 6

stills: jdvd content

ep 15: the train ride

lols the interviewer asked Gui Gui how was it riding the train with Taec and Gui Gui look at Taec with a smiles as if she is up to something lols and when she said 'Romantic' he was like why the hell is she saying romantic lols....

oh well he was the one who came up with the romantic term for their final destinations lols so i was wondering to myself why is he objecting to Gui Gui saying that it felt romantic lols

Shy? Maybe... -- angelangie jan 6

stills: jdvd content

ep 15 -- Taec telling Gui Gui that whenever she is here, there always seems to be good weather and he was asking Gui Gui why isnt the weather good now?

and Gui Gui was prompted into praying to the sky for a turn around weather and then proceeded to tell Taec that he should pray with her lols -- angelangie jan 6

collage: eye contact

3: gif: taec & shoes

@spicystrawberry  as requested, here's the gif on Taec's BRI on the silver shoes.

3: gif: focused Taec

ep 3 -- These gifs show how Taec was so focus on a task at hand that he seemed to be in a world of his own, oblivious to GG complimenting him for being manly.

@spicystrawberry   @packmule3  Taec is a very focused person. -- biruangel jan 6

interview with Tenasia

Taec: "I think I will be nervous while doing acting, or performing on stage, if I have a female partner..."

connect the dots: the chick!

guigui the chick...

stills collage: gambei!

connect the dots: timeline 11

Jan 1 - Jan 5 ~ mush overdrive!

socmed: GuiGui and love

Connecting the dots: 
Jan 6 -- GuiGui is gifted a book and she posts "when one is love, you will be alive"
Jan 6 -- OkCat wants to write hand-written letters 
chatter: what is going on with them? 

OkCat and letters

Connecting the dots
Jan 6 - Okcat wants to hand write a letter
Jan 6 -- GuiGui receives a book, her post has a caption about love
chatter: why does the poster say "I love you". is this a love letter that OkCat wants to write?

Okcat and naps with friends

Connecting the dots:
jan 5 -- posts photo of two cats napping
chatter: 2 cats! notice the heights difference

2PM to perform in China

scheduled to perform on 1st of march...

gif: the boy

Gui Gui's Oppa..."like a boy, sometimes like a man"...but in these gifs, he's definitely a big boy!

gif collage: 'fighting'

GuiGui saying 'Oppa Fighting'!  Wonder who taught her this 'move / aegyo'.  
-- biruangel jan 5

Taec in The Human Condition - Living without Stress.

pics from the show...

human condition video, part 3

Taec with his funny friend, who asks him for a date with LSY....

chatter & sleuths: GuiGui and her gang

Someone identified GG's girlfriends who took the wedding photo with her were her friends since before her debut and that's something 'Gantong'. -- biruangel jan 5

gif: bobo

ep 6 -- she gives him a peck on the cheek

gifs: the hugs

@labbit   @packmule3  Here's some gifs of them hugging ...  -- biruangel jan 4

taecgui comic strips -- I love you


by diamond05 jan 4

gif: jdvd content

ep 9 -- at aquarium.
TaecGui were playing a game, loser at Kai Bai Pu had to eat ice cream while jumping.  As usual, uri GuiGui was playfully teasing her Oppa again to jump more than initially agreed on.  After that, she set the stakes higher saying loser had to finish off the whole tub of ice cream, TY had a menboong moment again! 
 -- biruangel jan 4

okcat, together hugs

jan 4 -- OkCat tweets "always with you" and posts photo of dog and cat hug

Okcat and other wildlife

Jan 4 -- OkCat watches Animal Planet

socmed: Taec vents about JYP

jan 4 -- Taec tweets his frustrations...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

gif: the change in 'look'

 He was nonchalant about 'change the husband' comment in Ep 1.  But see the difference in Ep 14, he was rendered speechless / upset upon hearing GG will find 'a lot of other boys'!  [嘻嘻] [嘻嘻] [嘻嘻]  -- biruangel jan 2

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

okcat and corner

jan 4 -- Okcat sitting in a corner

2PM gif spam

by gil_noona

gif: jdvd content

ep 3 -- Taec's reaction to GuiGui's question on whether Nickhun would come...

socmed: GuiGui attends another friend's wedding

jan 4 -- she is a bridesmaid again...

connecting the dots: the gift

Unsolved Mysteries or the Case of the Surprised? Gift

Okcat - knock, knock

jan 3: [from okcat twitter] photo of cat knocking on door

okcat and messaging

jan 3: OkCat wants to send a message to a friend he is missing....

news: GuiGui's agency encourages her to rest and travel

chatter: her agency is telling her to travel overseas???

interview: Taec on movie, WGM and family

 Taec "learned marriage is never easy"....

commentary: meant to be?

even their alter egos mesh....
by lmangla

OkCat cartoon strip: losing the weight by joining the gym

Jan 2: Okcat cartoon strip: okcat tries to lose weight

gif collage

photoshoots collage gif
by gil_noona

chatter & sleuths: GuiGui and weibo

chatter: GuiGui hasn't been as active in Weibo. why?

socmed: taec and pins

Jan 1 - Taec's resolution to be happier and show his charm...

gifs: jdvd content

ep 1 - GuiGui trolled Taec since day 1 of filming.  "I want to change husband" coz he's not going to the Ski Resort with her.

funny: the 12 days of Christmas

parody Taecgui style..

gif spam!

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2PM sexy dance...

gifs: jdvd content

ep 1 -- Taec and GuiGui exit the cafe and re-enter. Taec is exhausted!

Monday, January 13, 2014

food diary - GuiGui & crew

GuiGui with cast of Slacker's Food Diary. -- biruangel jan1

gif: from MBC Gayo

Noticed that most 2PM pics & vids has very little of Taec's.  Just wanna show our support for him thru these gifs focus.Korean Music Festival, MBC Gayo 2013 - Taec focus
-- biruangel jan 1

socmed: GuiGui & Taec's new year wishes

Connecting the dots
Jan 1: GuiGui's new year resolution: "to be loving towards each other"....
Jan 1: Taec wishes new year with hearts
chatter: interesting choice of the Chinese character for 'we'. why are both having hearts in their message?

SBS Gayo Daejun - 2PM Pics

part 2

gif spam!

by gil_noona--

2PM wishes happy new year

dec 31: bandmates all tweet Happy New Year!

at MBC Gayo

the performance was on Dec 31

OkCat gif

to GuiGui's new year's eve message, by fangirl11

SBS Gayo Daejun - 2PM Pics

their performance was on Dec 29 2013

snapshot: a year in the micheseo ship

some of the highlights of 2013 in our micheseo ship....

chatter & sleuths: Taec updates his weibo profile

chatter: Taec lists GuiGui in his contact list in weibo...

socmed: GuiGui on new year's eve

Connecting the dots:
31 Dec: GuiGui thanks everyone who was with her in 2013
chatter: she is holding a DVD of GWGM! there is a heart in her message! 

GuiGui Facebook on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 6.27pm

Caption :  2013的最後...謝謝所有陪我渡過的人事物image️   
Translation:The end of 2013 ... Thank you all who are by my side (with me) going through things (life)image


Okcat and year end

dec 31: OkCat looks back on the year...

The many faces of Taec.

 Taec posing away on OkCat stamps...

comment spam: Teasing Taec about the phone

Background: Taec is teased at KBS Gayo Daejun backstage on Dec 27 on why he is on the phone.
Chatter: why are they teasing him? 

Taec & friends, Christmas Okcat party pics

part 2

Friday, January 10, 2014

socmed: her manager: when you come back to taiwan...

Connecting the dots:
Dec 29: GG's conversation with her manager on Weibo
Dec 27: Taec rushes off after KBS show performance
chatter: where was GuiGui? rumour has it that she didn't attend the farewell party for her drama...

Since y'all was wondering whether Taec has a secret rendezvous (plan) after his performance, let me give you something more to ponder . Below is the convo between GG and her manager Alyssa:

Remember GG posted this on Weibo 29/12/2013:


OkCat wallpaper 2014

postcard and wallpaper for jan 2014

gif: jdvd content

ep 8 -- at hotel room
GuiGui took out her blankie and wanted Taec to smell it!  
GG smacked Taec when he's hesitating and pretended to smell it .... 

stills: jdvd content

ep 3 -- Taec as he waits for GuiGui to come out....
he smiles, flips through magazines, ready to take pics...

news: scenarios and 2PM, part 4

the magazine poses a scenario and each of the band members respond....

Scenario 4:When love has blossomed and you are enjoying a blissful marriage life. In managing this happy family, what kind of husband do you aspire to be for your lovely children and your wife?

news: scenarios and 2PM, part 3

the magazine poses a scenario and each member of the band respond....

Under a sunny afternoon casually having coffee and sweet breads with girlfriend, what do you hope to give your girlfriend? ~ 

news: scenarios and 2PM, part 2

the magazine poses a scenario and each member of the band respond....

Scenario 2:
A freezing winter which makes you feel like having a hot bread!
The first snow of Christmas eve has arrived! What do you wish to do most on this white Christmas night?

news: scenarios and 2PM, part 1

the magazine poses a scenario and each member of the band respond....

Scenario 3:After a wonderful dinner with your girlfriend, watching movie alone in the room there comes a scene that is not suitable for children?

backstage pictures from KBS show, part 4

chatter: Taec alone changed and ready to go. where is he off to?
[KBS Gayo Daejun - Dec 27]

backstage pictures from KBS show, part 3

* Taec is being questioned by MC. his team members look on....
comments by bibidep
[KBS Gayo Daejun - Dec 27]

OkCat resolutions for the new year

Dec 30 -- OkCat wants to be 'savings king'

backstage pictures from KBS show, part 2

comments by bibidep
[KBS Gayo Daejun - Dec 27]

backstage pictures from KBS show

comments by bibidep
[KBS Gayo Daejun - Dec 27 2013]

socmed: Taec tweets as Dec closes...

Dec 29: Taec tweets about OkCat background screen
Dec 30: Taec tweets 'get home safely' for those who came to pre-recording...

gif: jdvd content

ep 15 -- Taec stood up and got rid of water collected on the tent's roof but the water got GG instead!  His assistant smacked him!  Taec instinctively caught hold of GG's hand as if to protect her but too late, she got wet!  

commentary: the difference

@bibidep @packmule3  See the difference when Taec was singing Marriage Blue song and GWGM I Love You song.

gif collage

by gil_noona, dec 30

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

photoshop: together at studio

Awesome PS pic of TaecGui!
-- bluemoonlight dec 30

Lost Memories-A Taecgui Fanfic 2

Lost Memories-A Taecgui Fanfic (part 2)
by annyeongie

ref: for part 1

So you thought Chapter 2 was over? Nope. Theres still Part 3. Hehe. I wanted to put a Part 4 in it too but if i do it'll be really confusing to read. So now I'm combining Part 4 and 3 into one part so it will be easy to read. Okay i think you guys dont even understand so off to the chapter )

Lost Memories-A Taecgui Fanfic
Chapter 2-Stay with me.(Part 3)

Taec was still staring at the rain, which had now became drizzles. He was still thinking of Guigui, and thinking of how he could possibly communicate with Guigui in such a way that his fans won't even notice it.

He knew he didn't save her number, and he regretted it so badly.

The rain eventually began to stop but Taec still couldn't find a way. He wanted to ask his friends for advices, but he found out that asking someone does not help him.

He thought of asking her through Weibo, but his account is still locked and he couldn't figure out what his password is. It has been about a year since he last logged in to Weibo.

comments: jdvd content

ep 4 -- lake shoot, GuiGui holds on Taec awkwardly