Saturday, November 30, 2013

funny/personal: on shipping experience, part 2

more confessions of shipping experience...

press con gif: tennis match?

Taec and GuiGui's synchronized head turns

GuiGui at press con

GWGM PressCon - unseen pics -- biruangel, nov 17

vid: GuiGui's bad driving

GuiGui gave a ride to all the boys/guys back to Taipei, after filming Pi Li MIT for the day.  
Xiao Gui fainted (not sure if he faked it or it's for real) when they reached Taipei, that just cracked me up!   -- biruangel, nov 17

movie posters?

TaecGui Photoshop pics, looking like a still from a movie/drama, wish they really are in one!  -- biruangel, nov 17

the V sign

Taec & GuiGui - photos I've not seen before but perhaps posted here before?   
cr: as tagged -- biruangel, nov 17

socmed: guigui wishes goodnight

Connecting the dots:
nov 16: guigui wishes goodnight
nov 12: OkCat tosses and turns in sleep
chatter: what is she wearing? why did she choose to draw a smiley face with OkCat green font?

funny/personal: on shipping experience

on Taecgui and shipping other couples

11: gif: Wooyoung teaches GuiGui

Love this part...Wooyoungie teaching Gui Gui the "correct" way of dancing "10 points out of 10 points"...hehehe. He was so serious about it too...  Gui Gui's way is adorable though.

BTS -- preparing for the wedding

BTS photos from before the wedding

mirror image: same expressions

Ceci magazine inspired

two different setting two different pictures taken apart or years apart but still they are as similiar as if they are just next to each other - angelangie, nov 16

cr; as tagged

5 - gif - Taec walking backwards

Taec's sexy walk?

5 - gif - on the bed

tweaking gifs -- on bed...

5: highlights: photographer and his muse part 5

while taking the picture on the bed

pepero day - fav skinship 15

from silvershoes, bibidep -- wiping the milk from the mouth
leechalee -- biting the jujube

pepero day - fav skinship 14

from b8l8 -- playing in the pool
jennifer lum -- pretending to be asleep when Kwanghee comes to visit

pepero day - fav skinship 13

from jenj, miz-em

pepero day - fav skinship 12

from yokalana -- while making kimbap
dina dana -- Taec shielding her from rain; Guigui laughing while writing the song

pepero day - fav skinship 11

from shermaine - sitting on lap at piano
Yi Sing Pao -- goodbye hugs at train station

pepero day - fav skinship 10

from bouquet78 -- with friends during photo shoot; the hoopla game (ep 12); the proposal

pepero day - fav skinship 9

from mikoshine, spicystrawberry -- holding hands in the aquarium
bluemoonlight -- sitting together watching the fish at the aquarium

pepero day: fav skinship 8

from goongfan11 -- MV (shoe cafe, ski resort, sleeping beauty photo shoot, playing by the piano photo shoot, yes/no game penalties, GuiGui receiving silver shoes)
lyta6684, jennifer lum -- going to the pool

pepero day - fav skinship 7

from bladerunner -- at beach in jejudo; photoshoot, walking hand in hand in aquarium, at jejudo airport
akasia -- in the car on the way to jejudo beach

Friday, November 29, 2013

pepero day - fav skinship 6

from alisonchua -- lipstick in cave
bluemoonlight -- penalties in yes/no game, on way to pool, photo shoot

pepero day: fav skinship 5

from packmule3 -- BTS bed photo shoot, at beach, on balcony photo

pepero day: fav skinship 4

from biruangel -- on lap (ep 2), walking in market, stroll to wedding, shoe cafe

GWGM FB updates

Global We got Married FB updates their page (nov 14) with a press con photo...

pepero day: fav skinship 3

from gil_noona -- sitting on lap at piano photo, leaving the ring shop, with sheep running around photo shoot
oneworld143 - at shoe cafe

Pepero day: fav skinship 2

from lmangla -- GuiGui's hug at train station
meilinnzzz, minshariff -- hug at beach

Pepero day: fav skinship moments 1

angelangie's list -- housewarming, crossing the bridge, stroll to wedding, wedding, cave

Pepero Page index

Here's the list of our Favorite Taecgui Skinship Moments....

Our own pepero celebration



4: gif: message and another woman

You have another woman?!

OkCat and snow

Connecting the dots:
Nov 15:OkCat asks "who do you think of when the first snow falls"
chatter: why are there hearts in the picture? who is OkCat thinking of?

1: gif: oppa is still oppa

Taec asks Guigui to call him Oppa..

gif collage -- keyword gifs

TaecGui's love song -  I Love You, Forever.  I Need You, Forever  [Heart][Heart][Heart]
Keywords of the song (rap parts) are made into gifs  -  Oppa!  Murmur!  Ganbei!  Jandori!  Jump! -- biruangel, nov 14

2: lap and selca

on his lap

analysis: OkCat posters

on OkCat posters and designs -- how long would it take?....

Okcat with some of his owners

fans tweet pics with their OkCat

GuiGui in D+AF Shoes, part 2

Another GuiGui's D+AF Shoes Endorsement promo ....

Press conf gif the series - part 7

Describe your wife with a song title? 

GuiGui: Slacker's Food Diary BTS photos

Uri Gui Gui at her filming site 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

CeCi pics

Taec in the December issue of CeCi magazine

OkCat wants to eat breakfast

Connecting the dots:
Nov 12: OkCat wants breakfast
chatter: what?????????? 

OkCat & work

Connecting the dots:
Nov 14:  OkCat wants to skip work
Nov 13: GuiGui trolls, OkCat cries;
chatter: does okcat want to skip work after what the troll the previous day?

news: GuiGui in Korea news

GuiGui trolls and soon after Korean news updates

virtual tag: Taec & lyrics

Connecting the dots:
 A look at the lyrics of the songs that Taec has been posting (Oct 25, Nov 5, Nov 6, Nov 13)

socmed: GuiGui in a triangle

Connecting the dots:
Nov 14: GuiGui updates that it is a triangle relationship... that is in the drama
Nov 13: GuiGui trolls, OkCat cries

GuiGui trolls, OkCat cries -- the reactions, part II

more reactions after the great troll and OkCat tears

OkCat wants to exercise

Connecting the dots:
Nov 12: OkCat wants exercise and is on a exercise ball
chatter: why is there some Chinese included in a korean tweet?

Connecting the dots timeline 2

Connecting the dots (updated) Oct 24 - Nov 13 
by packmule3

socmed: Taec - don't judge me

Connecting the dots:
Nov 13: Taec tweets this song, "Don't judge me"
Oct 27: MBC interview with marriage blues co-star 
chatter: omo, what are these lyrics a reference to?

Nov 13: GuiGui trolls, OkCat cries

GuiGui trolls and OkCat cries -- the reactions, part 1

how did the thread react to GuiGui's prank?

OkCat and sleeping positions

Connecting the dots:
nov 12: OkCat tosses and turns in sleep
nov 12: GuiGui updates with standing next to pictures of Dylan

socmed: GuiGui trolls and OkCat cries

Connecting the dots:
Nov 13:
Post 1: GuiGui updates that Edwin, her co-star from slacker food diary, and her "cherish each other"
Post 2: She updates a few minutes later stating that it was a prank 
Post 3: A while later, OkCat updates "OkCat is crying"
Post 4: GuiGui updates that she was naughty 

press con -- sitting close to each other....

I'm posting this just to show how close TaecGui sat next to each other during the interview at GWGM PressCon.

Highcut pics photoshopped!

Taec's pics to promote his movie Marriage Blues appeared in the magazine High Cut. This is the Photoshopped version.

HighCut pics to promote marriage blues

from high cut with marriage blues co-stars

Sunday, November 24, 2013

costar comments on Taec, "he is a bad guy"

 from marriage blue cast interview on MBC

slacker food diary pics, part 2

socmed: GuiGui & dylan

Connect the dots
nov 12: GuiGui updates standing next to pictures of Dylan
nov 12: OkCat tosses and turns in sleep

press con gif the series, different angles

More gifs from Global WGM PressCon - different angles and takes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

OkCat & alter ego

Nov 7: OkCat tweets if there is two of me...
chatter:  the tweet includes the phrase " Wouldnt it be nice if we can walk hand in hand till the end of the roads..."

OkCat feeling cold?

Nov 11 --  is okcat sick? all wrapped in a blanket? 

OkCat on pepero day

This was OKCAT going out to the Gangnam Station area today passing out Pepero for Pepero Day, 11/11 (a made-up "holiday" by Lotte).

GuGui in D+AF shoes, part I

GuiGui's endorsement  D+AF Shoes posters

photoshop: okcat ganbei?


-- bluemoonrising, nov 11

I got this okcat pic from Baidu/鬼泽夫妇吧. The actual image only have okcat and a cup of coffee in front of him, I couldn't resist putting the word "Ganbei" on it as a toast to my bluemoon twin on her winning the CD.  Mianhae for the false alarm.... but okcat really looked like he wanted to ganbei, no?     -- bluemoonrising

taec photo collection part 7, the jeans

from libra's girl

taec photo collection part 6

from libra's girl

press con poses analysis, part 5

the wave


-- lyta6684, nov 9

press con poses analysis part 4

Global We Got Married PressCon's photo versus Marriage Blue PressCon's photo.  See any difference folks?

(pic 1)

 -- biruangel, nov 9

press con poses analysis, part 3

the ocean in between....

cr: as tagged


-- anagelangie, nov 9

marriage blue stills

More film stills of Chef Taec

fanvid: are you still waiting

I love these two soooo soooo much that I made another mv with the song, "Are You Still Waiting" by Hee Young.  It's the English version from the "Lie To Me" OST.  I think it's more appropriate for the title to be, "Are We Still Waiting".  At least, I think that "We Are Still Waiting" to see TaecGui together as a real couple.

Enjoy the mv.

-- goongfan11, nov9

commentary: Taec, no theatrics man

....neither one acts theatrical… you know…as in trying too hard to be the center of attraction...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

taec and hongki meet again...

CNBLUE's Jungshin chingu...hehe, Hongki, & Taec at premiere of movie, The Five

press con poses analysis, part 2

the difference between poses for marriage blue and for WGM
Here's Taec & LYH...just "friendly platonic co-workers"-style 

press con stills analysis, part 1

TaecYeon & Co Stars down the Red carpet

now see the different carefully the first 2 are of the different pairs in the Marriage Blue then only Taec

taec photo collection V

from Libra's girl

OkCat & gift

Nov 8 --  Is OkCat shopping for a gift?

slacker food diary pics

shirtless taec

credit: owner? -- b8l8, nov 8

mirror image: scrunchy faces

scrunching faces

analysis & gif: the backhug (ep 14)

the surprise backhug

Monday, November 18, 2013

connecting the dots timeline 1

for Oct 24-Nov 6 interactions
by packmule 3

taec photo collection IV

from Libra's girl

taec photo collection III

from libra's girl

Sunday, November 17, 2013

press conf photos

Haven't seen these pics before .....

2PM in suits

Taec photos collection II

from libra's girl....

photoshop: highcut pic

Here come our editor skills fans again

OkCat & cocoa

Connecting the dots:
Nov 5: OkCat wants to drink cocoa
chatter: why not tea or coffee? :P

Taec & NEPA

Taec for NEPA trying to look cool... while the ahjusshi just looks cold...

gif collage: oppa moments, part II

Here's more Oppa moments which are my favorite ....-- biruangel, nov 5

funny gif -- security employee reaction vs fangirls

Fangirl Reaction vs. Security Employee Reaction... LOL 

2PM talking to MOFAKR officials

'Lee Mija & Friends Concert" 2PM talking to MOFAKR officials in the evening.

-- biruangel, nov 4

EP 2 & 3 GWGM Taecyeon's sweater!!! -- spicystrawbery  

okcat & exams

Nov 4 -- Taec personally stuffing OkCats into the free kits for high schoolers taking their college entrance exams.

taecgui the movie trailer

by goongfan11

2AM & 2PM gif

Taec photos collection I

from Libra's girl...

gif collage: favorite Oppa moments

I have so many favorite Oppa moments, it's really hard to choose from.  Here's the top 6 which I like most ... -- biruangel, nov 4

socmed: GuiGui on set, Taec asks where did you sleep....

Connecting the dots: 
Nov 4: GuiGui reports to sets of her new drama in NanJing
Nov 5: Taec promotes the quirky song titled, "where did you sleep last night?"
chatter: interesting choice of song... 

socmed: Taec suggests donations for birthday

oh TY really have a sweet heart like his wife.. hehhee
2 days ago  he tweet this.. 

내생일선물보다 기부하는건 어때요? 나보다 더 필요한 사람들이 있자나요~~♥ 기부하는게 더 기쁠거같애요~~

Trans :
"On my birthday, how about making donations? There is someone out there who needs it more than me. They will be happier~♡" -- libra's girl, nov 4

Saturday, November 16, 2013

funny/personal: we like to troll ourselves, part 2

ninja training by lmangla

at the YT music awards

TY's pic from YouTube Music Awards

costar comments on Taec, "not affectionate"

Taec not affectionate, reveals Marriage Blue costar...

commentary: Taec: "my heart hurts"

Taec's statement after the scary ride... BTS

Taecyeon-sshi, not oppa? -- YT music seoul awards

at the youtube music seoul awards, Taec corrects Kris when she calls him "oppa"....

gif: Taec tries to make GuiGui laugh

What say you when it was Taec's turn to try and make Guigui laugh?

analysis: 10th rule -- stay away when I am sick

One of Taec's rules was to keep a distance when he is sick....

marriage blue OST

Upcoming Movie "Marriage Blue" OST Music Video release! 

Song lyrics by: Ok Taecyeon Performed by: Marriage Blue Cast 

news: GuiGui in korean media

Korean media on her halloween posts....

socmed: guigui and cheesey bites

Connecting the dots:
nov 2:  GuiGui updates with pic of her eating cheesy bites
chatter: who is that standing behind her?

gif: GuiGui makes Taec laugh

IF you’re the only one who can make a guy like him unbend, if you can make him laugh with you when he’s all that serious and frown-y, and if he describes you as a ray of sunshine that just entered the building (remember Taec?), THEN you know that you’re the special one for him. Winning over a guy like him is "more satisfying" that winning over a guy who carelessly gives out his affection to everybody and anybody.

Friday, November 15, 2013

funny/personal: we like to troll ourselves, part 3

ninja training by pluie625

virtual tag: okcat, guigui and the bus

Connecting the dots:
Oct 27: Okcat rides the bus 
Oct 20:  GuiGui rides the bus
Oct 18:  GuiGui sees her promotion on bus
chatter: wait, what is the bus no that OkCat is riding?

socmed: guigui as cat for halloween

Connecting the dots:
oct 31: GuiGui poses as cat with friends for halloween
chatter: why cat? why not something else?

press con gif the series part 6

What’s their dream marriage like?

press con gif the series part 5

What’s the difference between marriage and dating

press con gif series part 4

What do you think of Korean men?

press con gif the series, part 3

Who is more attractive, TY or HK? Impressions of Korea. What do you find attractive about TY?

presscon gif the series, part 2

What's your first meeting like?

presscon gif series, part I

Who do you like more, TY or NK? What attracted you most about TY? 

presscon the gif series intro

Walking the carpet

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

gif: eating breakfast with guigui

2nd Batch - I like how TY breaks/bends their house rules for GG.  @packmule3 you need to catch up soon!  

on the Yes/No and LDRs

@bluemoonrising said : Like you, I doubt TY would take up Season 2 of GWGM again (even if they did approach him).  He's too busy now; he is a rapper, song writer/composer, actor, CEO and student all rolled into one.... I doubt he has time for a long distance relationship too.  Sigh.... 

GuiGui updates FB: Fever is gone

Connecting the dots:
oct 24: GuiGui updates fever is gone
oct 23: GuiGui said she had fever...

[Trans] BAILA Magazine (November 2013 issue)

[Trans] BAILA Magazine (November 2013 issue)
JPN-Eng: @dawnjelly | Scans credit to : @aiai87213 @riiixoxonaPM
The season of yearning for a lover.
Won’t you get warm with us?
Autumn Men’s Knit Playhouse.
The Lead Actors are 2PM!

analysis: On Taec's views on marriage

I was just now writing my comments on the short interview as posted by @angelangie two days ago, but I think I’ll attach my post to your comment instead. Here’s @angelangie’s comment for reference.

virtual tag: OKCat caught a cold

Connecting the dots
Oct 23: OKcat comic strip: OKcat has caught a cold....
Oct 23: guigui posts she has fever
chatter: at the same time? is it just coincidence?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GuiGui update: I'm having a fever and am alone at home

Connecting the dots:
Oct 23: GuiGui updates that she is not well
Oct 23: OKcat comic strip: Okcat has a cold 

What made GuiGui cry in Star Knows My Heart?

What made GuiGui cry in Star Knows My Heart recording.

3 gifs: Taec cutting up the chicken for GuiGui

I like how TY breaks/bends their house rules to rescue the damsel in distress, GG.   
GG abiding to the house rules, didn't ask for help from TY when she was struggling, but TY being the gentleman that he is, offered to help her out!  

TaecGui old pics

GuiGui & Taec's Old photos, both look good! .....  

13: Highlights by Lmangla

PDnim and crew were on the bus!

GuiGui photos

I really like GuiGui's look in this pic .... lovely ...


Love Story of 6 persons

2PM is releasing “Winter Games” on October 16th – a winter-themed song they’ve made for the first time. Having met them again after 8 months, we had a talk about the new single and members’ solo activities, as well as impressive winter dates wearing trench coats, and each member’s real “love”!

autographed photos

I love TaecGui! 


BiruAngel, October 21

press con photos

aah I purposely didn't post pics of TY posing with another girl in this thread ....

Taec at Top Star Premiere

Taec Oppa at today's "Top Star" VIP Premiere... 

11 gif: after popping the balloon

I like how GuiGui cares for Taec when he was tired ..... attempted to give him a massage.  But he's like in pain, it seems like she was quite strong for someone so petite ....  

socmed: GuiGui takes the bus home

Connecting the dots:  
Oct 20: GuiGui rides the bus
Oct 27: okcat rides the bus 
* also related: oct 18: GuiGui sees herself on the bus

many faces of Taec

lets celebrate it a little bit more with Taec faces lols

zoomin wedding

Another pic of Gui Gui as a beautiful & so cute!  

2pm gif

Still in a celebratory mood!!  Couldn't resist putting up one of my favourite gif borrowed from my twin @bluemoonlight collections:

photoshopped taecgui pic

i do really miss this couple. they are cute and perfect at same time.

looking into each other's eyes

This is my favorite TaecGui moment.

Taec's proposal

dating "trench coat style"

The question reporter asked Taecyeon is: " What you gonna do when you go on a date with your "trench coat style"? "

love letters

and lets us see their letters of words towards each other  this will forever be very first love letter they wrote to each other in my eyes 

cr: as tagged

walking hand in hand

Congratulations Taecgui shippers, we've reached 1000 pages!!!  
Yay!!! I'm first on the 1001 page!!     

socmed: guigui on bus

Connecting the dots:
Oct 18: GuiGui sees herself on an advertisement on a bus

* also related: 
Oct 20: GuiGui rides the bus
Oct 27: Okcat rides the bus

7: gif: at the pool, part V

a gown and towel to beat the cold...

7: gif: at the pool, part IV

getting out of the water.. "I am cold!"

7: gif: at the pool, part III

taking something from the eye....

7: gif: at the pool, part II

7: gif: at the pool, part I

Episode 13: Relieving Stress, June 28

Highlights (no exact date of filming given)
day 12:
- at Cheonggyecheon: skipping over stone bridge, buying gifts for parents, “Your mama is my mama”, GG’s bday greeting for Taec’s mother.
-at Café Schneeballen: Taec feeding GG with a tiny piece of the cookie, “You have so many girls around you”, “You always forget to hold hands…”, “You answered No in the Yes/No game”, “Nickhun”…. micheoso couple
day 13: at Everland: handcuffs, water gun fight, bubble gun, “Oppa, your mother here” , mini zoo

English Subtitles

Behind the Scenes

Part 1

Part 2


Monday, November 11, 2013

[gif] "10 jeom manjeome 10 jeom!"

Congratulations TaecGui shippers!  

Thank you to everyone who has contributed (even lurkers)! And we won't stop...many more pages to go!   Taec & Gui Gui...we love you!  ...and really hope you two love each other too!  

Woohoo...let's all dance to "10 jeom manjeome 10 jeom!"

TAECGUI FANFICS authored by the Michoso Family:

TAECGUI FANFICS authored by the Michoso Family:

authored by the "Dumb and Dumber Dynamic Duo" or 4-D's Twin sisters

@packmule3 version

@pluie625 version

other fanfictions:

@thetcha_witch @thet_witch @thetdelrosario  I can't find your fanfic in the asianfanfics...please give me the link so I can include it here...thank you

pluie625, October 18