Sunday, October 13, 2013

14: highlights: break up seriously, Taec can't handle crying ladies.. he's always in the i-dont-know-what-to-do state/phase....
by 129alphabet

Episode 14 (last part)

"After receiving the break up card, I didn't get it why taec was so calm and collected while he read out loud the mission. Well MAYBE (and I really like to think so) he hasn't fully realized the "separation" part of the mission until he saw gui well up in tears. I mean, he could be reading the card "blankly" (his face wasn't shown while reading). He was really in panic though, when he saw Gui almost in tears. You see how he was about to lean on the couch saying "you remember..." then he looked at her... but then he was like "whoa, wha.. are u crying?" (out of panic did he ask the obvious)

When she answered "ani" while trying to hold back the tears, he asked "ani?" in an "are-you-kidding-me" or "if-thats-not-crying-then-what-is" tone and maybe that's when it hit him that they are at the end. He tried to comfort her in the best way he knows how - fanning her eyes and saying "its okay" or "don't cry" (like seriously, Taec can't handle crying ladies.. he's always in the i-dont-know-what-to-do state/phase)

BRI has a really sad atmosphere and i could feel that while they answer the questions, they are really thinking back on all the things they did together. Since ALL OF IT was fun and filled with laughter, it makes them more sad to talk about the last trip..
The romantic trip planned by Taec, I think, is more for himself than Gui.. He wanted so much to show her that side of him but he just couldn't since she overpower him with her unending energy.. (Since ep1, wanting to put on the shoes at her feet, you know?) so maybe he thought to give it one last shot..

The train station stills/clips in black and white is really heartbreaking and the sadness can be seen in their eyes. Well, the rain contributed a lot with the gloomy ambiance so I think if you watch this, you'd think you need to prepare for what's to come in the finale"-- 129alphabet, july 24