Wednesday, October 30, 2013

at the airport -- oct 17

Taec & 2PM members are back in Korea from Japan today .... Gimpo Airport

analysis & gif: does this count as romantic?

Does this count as Romantic?
We may not find Taec's certain gestures were romantic at all, but who knows GG does!  For instance, taking that photo on the mountain was just an ordinary looking pic with not frills, but she found it romantic!  GG is no ordinary girl that would conform to what we call normal pattern of living nor would she conforms to our norm of expectation and behavior.  

socmed: GuiGui & memory

 Oct 17: GuiGui wants a blank memory?

okcat song vid

OKCAT(옥캣)_OKCAT SONG(옥캣송) Making Film

zoomin and guigui

Pics of GuiGui from Zoom-In

formal taec

so taec say he dont put makeup on his face???

then excuse me what that brush doing there??? dusting dust i gather??

hehehhe -- angelangie, oct 16

guigui in leopard/music dress

more of Gui Gui in the shows 'Hello Baby'

winter games and 2PM

pictures from a Japanese magazine

Taec in photos

Libra's Girl, Oct 29

Taec photos

Taec style

[analysis] on We Got Married endings

an unscientific comparison of some of the different WGM endings...

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Four 2 Trailer

The new 3D fantasy wuxia (martial arts film) ‘The Four 2’ will officially premiere on December 6, making it a New Year's film and the only huge ancient costume movie out for the New Year.  Earth-shattering moves and fantastic scenery can be seen from the trailer. ~BiruAngel, Oct 28

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13: still at Everland

TaecGui Forever!
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2PM for Lotte Duty Free

 Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot
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cr: Lotte DFS

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Hmm...maybe Wooyoungie is checking to make sure his fly isn't open   Chansung, are you checking out your hyung's butt? 

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Taec, are you giving a hint to GG that you wanna play? 

Aww...smiley Junho with a golden retriever 

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And we definitely won't see such a big smile from Taec if he was the one in this pic 

TaecGui Marriage Blues

so we have the pictures of Taec unsettling a part of the ppl here and angering some fans??? lols i will say cool down babes all....

it part of the shows and he is working  oh well it was pretty good....why because of the pictures the expert of photo editing is out 

cr: Anna Lu (Facebook)
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Fun Facts About TaecYeon


Ock Taekyeon

December 27th


75kg!! I'm working hard to gain more weight !!

Shoe size?
I'm not positive, but around 280?
Ock Taek Balee

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Honestly, back then it was reading. But now, uh-.-;; I don't have any...

Christian! Even though I don't regularly attend Sunday service...

My loving dad, mom and older sister

Let's live kindly!!

I don't look like my age. People look at me as a 27 year old...

Future hope?
Originally, I wanted to move but now it's becoming a world star!!
Sleeping habit?
I keep waking up in the middle of the night...

What time do you sleep?
Hm?? If it's for a long period of time, I sleep a lot... If it's short, about 30 minutes?? Keke

My way to attract girls is...
I don't have any... that's why I don't have a girlfriend...

Fashion style?
I don't have this either... that's why I don't have a girlfriend...

Eh. I don't really pay attention too it much, so it's okay...

My charming point is...
I want to say it's my eyes that look like a little, prankster's eyes... but I want it to be my lips-.-;Your name in a three-line acronym?
Hm.... my name is difficult.... even the Wondergirls gave up...-.-;;

Your ideal girl?
Pretty, kind, smart, and a person who does her job well??

People you look up to?
Bi (Rain) and Edison...
Your strong point?
I can make the mood go down by saying only one word!!! Keke

Your weak point?
I can make the mood go down by saying only one word!!! Aehyo...
When do you feel cool?
When I do my hair and wear nice clothes??
When do you feel tacky?
When I don't do my hair and wear nice clothes??
How do you release your stress?
Eating, sleeping, screaming, crying
How many years apart do you want you and your wife to be?
If not the same age, around 3~4 years apart??
What's the best number of years apart you want to be when dating?
Five!!! For my age, I think 5 years apart is the best...
Describe yourself in five characters?
뺀질뺀질이 (Bben-jil-bben-jil-ee). Lazy

Favorite saying?
Veterans don't die... they still live... - McArthur
Favorite season?
Winter~ being cold is better than being hot...

Favorite food?
I don't have a favorite food~

Favorite animal?
I like dogs... I don't like arrogant cats!!

Favorite color?
Blue & Black

Favorite scent?
Chanel 5??Keke I don't know~ It's strong, but I don't think it would be pleasant if it wasn't??

Favorite sport?

Favorite weather?
Taking cool showers on really hot, summer days...

Favorite number?
Hm?? I have to think about that stuff too??
Favorite celebrity?
Tom Hanks~! His acting is the best!!

Favorite flower?
Baby's breath... if you buy a rose, the small white flowers inside... you can't buy it no matter how much money you give... but I still like it
The saying you most hate?
I don't love you
What do you most want to do if you get a girlfriend?
Even if it was only 3 seconds, I want to hug and kiss her in a place with a lot of people


Birth Name: Ok Taec Yeon
Stage Name: Taecyeon
Birthday: December 27, 1988
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of The Group
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christianity


  1. Nickname : coco, chocolataek, taek, taeky, Khun’s girlfriend, mommy taek, OkCat, OkDaeri
  2. OkCat adalah master of nickname
  3. From all those name he like “OkCat & OkDaeri” the most
  4. OkCat are best friend with Tiffany SNSD
  5. OkCat really likes sleep
  6. OkCat is human instrument, he can make music from his teeth, by slaping his cheek, or even with his throat
  7. OkCat will change become more chatty, more aggressve in the front of woman
  8. OkCat is same as Chansung, likes to eat and likes all food
  9. OkCat likes food that well prepared
  10. For preparing album ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’, OkCat has to diet and after the program is end he eat 5 ramen at once
  11. OkCat good at drinking alchohol
  12. OkCat can speak 5 language; Korea, English, Chinese, japanese and Spanyol
  13. OkCat also good at ski and cooking
  14. OkCat always say that he’s good at cooking but he never cook for the member
  15. OkCat is really untidy person, even his dirty clothe are affected with a fly
  16. OkCat once receive a bloody message from his fans
  17. OkCat is fashion terrorist in 2PM
  18. Jay is the only person who like the way OkCat dress
  19. OkCat likes bright colour like red, yellow, or orange
  20. Even though the member always say he was a fashion terrorist but OkCat think the way Chansung dress is the most weird one
  21. OkCat also best friend with 2AM’s SeuLong.O
  22. OkCat once grounded not allowed to sleep at dorm and Seulong company him sleep at practice room
  23. OkCat pass JYPE audition because at that time he has no work to do but in the end become rapper in 2PM
  24. At first, JYPE will make OkCat a model because of his body
  25. Rain admit that OkCat body is the best body among all male idol
  26. The first time he met JYP, OkCat really nervous and his comment is “JYP has good aura and he’s good looking too”
  27. OkCat are ‘forced’ by JYP to always make angry face in stage and at photoshoot
  28. JYP once make 2AM and 2PM scared untill they cry because they didn’t remember the lyric well and JYP say “i’ll throw you all in the garbage!” 
  29. OkCat also good at beatbox
  30. Among all the member he was the only member who mostly have scandal with ‘Yeoja Group’ and that makes Junsu upset 
  31. Even though he look ignorant about his scandal but when he’s already in dorm he’ll talk about that like crazy
  32. OkCat think media are too overstating his relationship with ‘Yeoja Group’ and that makes him really upset
  33. At first, he like glamorous girl, but after long time he change it by saying he likes a simple girl and stay pretty even without make up
  34. Before becoming an idol, he want to married at 27
  35. Someday, he want to propose his ‘wife-to-be’ in Venezia, Italia
  36. His acting debut was at ‘Cinderella Sister’ as a guy who got rejected, and also same in ‘Dream High’
  37. Even though his acting skill are good but the member thing Chun Jung Myung is cooler then OkCat
  38. He laso really upset when the member say he got plastic surgery on his teeth 
  39. The member think, OkCat’s tooth is disturbing 
  40. OkCat likes ballad, his favorite song is 2AM’s ‘I Can’t let You Go Even If I Die’
  41. OkCat likes to do aegyo and that makes the member think he’s weird
  42. OkCat think, Hottest’s scream when 2PM perform is the loudest 
  43. OkCat nickname for Hottest is “Ddae Fans” why? because a lot fans acting weird when they saw 2PM’s abs *well, i think every fans DOES oppa*
  44. OkCat sometimes scared of Hottest because they sometimes touch his butt when they meet
  45. OkCat once got freaking out when some ahjumma fans touching his but! even though he’s scared but he think that was the best moment on his life *so you like it actually T.T*
  46. OkCat also call Hottest “Like Idol Like Fans”
  47. OkCat’s message for Hottest : “i believe you guys will be always on our side forever, i’m really happy with your support and your love allthis time. My love are always for you guys”
  48. His nerd photo before debut is leaked by his own cousin 
  49. OkCat likes to pose spontaneously rather then being cool
  50. A lot people say OkCat look like someone in 27 when he’s 19
  51. When he still a newbie in high school, people thought he was a senior because of his face
  52. OkCat really upset when Jay’s fans asking about Jay to him, especially when the fans asking what color of Jay’s underwear *LOL*
  53. In some show, he accidently saying that he’s wearing a purple underwear
  54. He only look coll in stage but in reality he was the opposite one
  55. OkCat like to sing randomly 
  56. Another hobby of OkCat is : imagine Khun’s sister married Wooyoung and someday having a children XD and that makes Khun really upset until he scream “Wooyoung is mine!!”
  57. When still a trainee, OkCat called “Boston Loser” by the others
  58. OkCat really proud for being a ‘Boston’ and because of that the member shout ‘stop saying you are from Boston! you are a Korean!’
  59. OkCat and Chansung likes to dance to 4Minute’s ‘Hot Isuue’ in backstage when 4Minute perform
  60. OkCat actually a babo, but also very sweet to someone
  61. When collage his rank is ‘E’, but when still in high school he was smart and he was the leader in Chest club and P.E
  62. OkCat doesn’t like teaching English to Junho because he always feel that he was better then OkCat
  63. OkCat can’t make his own choreography when dancng
  64. Jay think, OkCat’s dancing style is when he’s sleep
  65. OkCat likes to call JYP only for saying how good and nice the song he make for 2PM, and that make JYP scared and disn’t want to accept another call from him
  66. OkCat choose After School’s Kahi as 2PM female version
  67. OkCat is a big fans of Shinwha and he want 2PM will be like Shinhwa someday
  68. OkCat are sporting G.Na when she debut
  69. Actor Chun Jung Myung ask OkCat to gave him a free ticket to 2PM’s concert
  70. OkCat thinks miss A is a “Jackpot Rookie Group”
  71. Wooyoung say “the 5 of us is really touched when we knew he’s good at sweeping the floor
  72. When they promoting ‘Heartbeat’ OkCat make ‘Jjit-Taecyeon’ when they do zombie move
  73. OkCat is born in Korea but live in Boston for 7 years
  74. Jo Kwon say ‘OkCat is really lonely, he always say ‘i want a girlfriend’
  75. even though he barely speak korean, but he told Khun that learning korean is easy
  76. he likes to sleep the most 

《星星知我心》EP1(鬼鬼吳映潔CUT)GuiGui TV guesting in China

akasia, Oct 27
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[taecgui] photoshopped Marriage Blues still

TaecGui PS pic...hehe 

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