Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Episode Guide

Episode 1: First Meeting,  April 8
day 1: 5th Feb: at OO Hotel: GuiGui’s first interview
day 2: 6th Feb: 
-at JYP office: Taec’s first interview
- at Chougabi Shoe Cafe: first meeting, “Oppa”, ganbei, silver shoes, kai bai bo, TY putting on shoes for GG, jump
-at ski resort: Ty putting on scarf for GG, on lift: Barney song, hand bobo, Taec carries her off lift
-at “snow field”: igloo, snow fight, Taec feeling appa, skinship

Episode 2 : Moving into the New House,  April 13
day 3: Taec covers GG’s eyes, piano, Taec carries GG up the stairs, scene reenactments, playing in the snow (backyard), unpacking GG’s stuff, rules

Episode 3: Settling into home sweet home, April 19
still day 3: rules continued, “I will together sleeping with you”, “Taec: she knows who’s the boss, I’m the boss”, unpacking Taec’s suitcase, Taec’s robots, “It’s not me”, emoti-mugs, dinner, exchange of gifts, silver shoes, “Yeobo”, Taec’s mental breakdown, alien pajamas.

Episode 4 - Wedding Studio/Photoshoot, Aired: April 22
day 4: Feb 16: at Primavera Wedding Shop, Gangnam,Seoul: fittings, TY calls friends to join them later, choosing concept
day 5: Feb 17: Wedding Studio, ilsan, Gyunggi-Do: heading for photoshoot, secret signal for recharging, shots on the boat, this is the part where GG can’t look at Taec in the eyes

Episode 5: Photoshoot, May 3
still day 5: Feb 17: Wedding Studio, ilsan, Gyunggi-Do
photoshoot continues, Nickhun mentioned twice, “Taec BRI: Am I not good enough?”, sheep attack, Taec’s Oprah moment, GG chasing after goat, shooting indoors with GG in her pink gown, Taec playing the piano, recharge!, Taec’s friends arrive, meal with friends, talking about their first kiss,  playing with Kwanghee:“OMG, I am Korean top star”

Episode 6: Photoshoot, May 10
still day 5: Feb 17: Yes/No game, photoshoot with friends(making),  traditional hanbok, jujube/date
time lapsed between day 5 and 6
day 6: March 4: 
at beauty salon:
-Taec comes to pick her up, planning their wedding “just with you is enough”,
-“have the baby?” TY’s reaction: No….wha?t…what do you want???GG: Just kidding!!!...TY; No!!
-GG’s necklace: “Oppa, you wanna try? TY: No. it’s scary…I’m okay...voice trailing off...as GG puts it on anyways. GG: “You are mine, Oppa” TY: ooo ye. agreeing…...GG: “Oppa, don’t angry…,
-Taec books their flight, draws plans for ceremony
-at the jewelry store to buy rings, “another ring”
-unseen bts: at the salon: GG: speaking in chinese ni xiang wo ma?“(did you miss me?) TY answers blandly...GG: “I’m not a fan, I’m your wife, again, ni xiang wo ma?”  TY: O, wo xiang ni!!!

Episode 7 - Jejudo Honeymoon trip, May 17
day 7: March 5: Highlights
-at airport: fighting over GG’s passport, flight
-arrival at Jejudo, driving to the beach
-beach scenes: dancing 10 out of 10 for the first time, GG’s aegyo hug, kai bai bo, piggyback
-at the hotel: exploring the room, bathtub “not right now”,unpacking the luggage, GG spills facial powder, changing into couple shirts

Episode 8 - Swimming and the Proposal, May 24
still day 7: March 5: Highlights
-swimming together, Taec putting on G’s robe, hot cocoa ganbei, Taec brings up Yes/No game
-proposal, dinner
-stretching, drinking vinegar drink, love shot

Episode 9 - Breakfast and wedding day, May 31
day 8: March 6: Highlights:
-seafood breakfast with abalone, Taec peels shrimp and feeds GG
-tour of Jejudo: cave restaurant,  field of flowers, aquarium....

Episode 10: Preparing for the Housewarming party, June 7
day 9: March 14: Highlights:
-going through their photo album, putting up pictures, Taec invites friends to the party, decorate the house for the party
- at the traditional market, (white day in Korea, Taec buys GG a caterpillar stuff toy)
-G.O. arrives to help them out, brings cake which is left forgotten in the oven until everyone has left
Episode 11: Housewarming party, June 14
still day 9: March 14: Highlights
-guests arrive: 2PM’s Wooyoung, Junho, and Nickhun. GuiGui starts fangirling at Nickhun but stops out of respect to TY, “Who is Aaron Yan?”, love shot, dinner, 10 out of 10 dance, gifts from 2pm.
-other guests arrive: 15&
-Kwanghee arrives. “You say Oppa not have a good face?” POP!

Episode 12: I Love You song, June 21
Highlights (no exact date of filming given)
day 10: at home: backyard exercises, french toast, Taec composing song, food truck dinner courtesy of Taec,  GG practicing her lines in bed
day 11: at recording studio with guest Baek Ji Young

Episode 13: Relieving Stress, June 28
Highlights (no exact date of filming given)
day 12:
- at Cheonggyecheon: skipping over stone bridge, buying gifts for parents, “Your mama is my mama”, GG’s bday greeting for Taec’s mother.
-at Café Schneeballen: Taec feeding GG with a tiny piece of the cookie, “You have so many girls around you”, “You always forget to hold hands…”, “You answered No in the Yes/No game”, “Nickhun”…. micheoso couple
day 13: at Everland: handcuffs, water gun fight, bubble gun, “Oppa, your mother here” , mini zoo

Episode 14 - Emma’s Song, July 5
still day 13: at Everland: cotton candy shot, roller coaster, “Saranghae Oppa”, Emma’s Song
Time lapse between days 13 and 14
day 14: at home: receiving final mission card, planning their goodbyes, GuiGui handing out shirts for staff and TY
day 15: at Donghwa Train Station waiting for their train

Episode 15 - Finale, July 12
day 15: highlights:
at train ride, Taec’s silver shoes, cracking eggs on their foreheads
at campsite: cocoa breath, “you are you”, “you will remember me after?”, saying goodbye,
at Donghwa station: Taec’s gift of memories, walking down memory lane, “Saranghae”, “Thank you Chansung!”