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OnStyle 2PM Style Exclusive CK Photoshoot

collage: TaecGui eye contact

One of the most things that I love about taecgui is their eye contact...never leaves each other when talking...and I noticed that when taec explaining something to gui gui and gui gui leaning over without looking at taec...taec will still looking at her face...sweet! 

episode 1 highlights

taec walking towards the an even steps....but how uneven the meeting and the rest of the progress is going to be he never knew for sure.....lols and the surprises that he will get and gain....he treated it as a job as a show from the beginning  that is something we all knows.... 

gif: TG: mirror

as uri couple protect each other and also us....we shall protect uri couple too agreed???   

credit: as tagged

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13: stills: handcuffed together

uri couple are tied together.....they are fated to be meet....and meet they did....two different person from two different planet some how managed to be match up to do a show that neither had thought possible....

13: petting the giraffe

so now we go find our loving Gui Gui to give us a pet because you girls know what....we are laughing and we are having fun...

13: stills:GG BRI

nah no angry....remember what guigui did when she got angry??? she trick taec into putting his gun down and so that she can take revenge ROFL....

TaecGui mirror image

ohhhhhhhhhh...........we so freaking....freaking freaking......**what the words???** ah damns i forgot the words.... **pouts***

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ahhhh...forget it and lets cheers **peace**  hehehehe 

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13: gifs: GG smashing cookies

hahahah cookies smashing is here ROFL

8: stills: stretching

best and final part....stretching ROFL.... 

8: stills: Proposal


8: stills: Jejudo part 14

at the pool sides, cold!

8: stills: Jejudo 13

at the pool sides -- Hot Chocolate anyone???   Poor Taec

8: stills: Jejudo part 12

Jejudo part 12 by the pool sides, dancing with their robes on

commentary: episode 1 BTS

..... there are several indicators that he is attracted to GG from the beginning of the show...

photoshoot; TaecGui looking at shots

TaecGui looking at shots

8: stills: Jejudo part 11

Jejudo Part 11 -- at the pool: flicking forehead and goofing off

8: stills: Jejudo part 10

Jejudo Part 10 -- playing in the pool

8: stills: Jejudo part 9

Jejudo Part 9 - at the pool, goggles on

8: stills: Jejudo part 8

Jejudo Part 8 -- at the pool

8: stills: Jejudo part 7

Jejudo Parts 7 -- heading down to the pool

first post: Taec and ahjummas

.....taec really gives the vibes of a very good husband and son in wonders most of the women that like him are ahjummas....

7: stills: Jejudo part 6

jejudo part 6 -- 10 out of 10 dance together

7: stills: Jejudo Part 5

Jejudo Part 5 -- kai bai bo, the hug

7: stills: Jejudo part 4

Jejudo part 4 -- frolicking in the water

7: stills: Jejudo part 3

Jejudo Part 3 -- walking to the beach, adjusting the camera

7: stills: Jejudo part 2

Jejudo Parts 2 -- at the beach, taking photo to "jump!"

7: stills Jejudo part 1

Jejudo Parts 1 -- at the airport parking lot

3: stills: Alien Attack

Alien Attack ROFL 

1: stills: at the snow mountain

at the snow mountain

1: stills: First Meeting

First Meeting 

photo: Conference Part 4

Conference Part 4

photo: Conference Part 3

Conference Part 3 -- the ring on his finger

photos: Press Conference Part 2

Press Conference Part 2

Photos: Press Conference Part 1

Press Conference Part 1

Taec's proposal

Iulia Stefania said: As far as I know Hong Ki sang to Mina when he proposed to her , in the same episode with the photo shoot (smart thing to do since he has a very good voice). 

photoshoot: sweet and sexy TaecGui

Let's just concentrate on our sweet, cute, & sexy TaecGui   Gosh, just love this pic! 

7: gifs: piggyback at the beach

i love the way taec carry her on his back  and how guigui concern for taec worrying she is too heavy for taec.....  it so sweet how each of them take note of each other 

6: fan art: TaecGui in hanbok

commentary: on translations

Mr OkCat


funny/personal: we like to troll ourselves, part 1

ninja training by chu3x

gifs: Korean wifey duty

GG started to perform her Korean wifey duty 'almost' since day 1 (nothing pervy) .... sweet ....!

GG FB/Taec's tweet: Afternoon tea time

Connecting the dots: 
Sept 30: GuiGui updates: just finished with swimming, had you guys eaten?
Sept 30: Taec tweets:  afternoon tea time with OkCat

11: highlight: on Jun Ho

 Junho reveals that Taec bragged about GuiGui...

11: highlights: kwanghee, bobo?

the arrival of Kwanghee....

chatter & sleuths: who is that girl in the video?

Connecting the dots: 
2PM films a CF, "come in when you hear this song." The song featured a girl, whose face was covered, and the audience only saw her hands. 
chatter: Who was this mysterious girl? Could it actually be GuiGui?

11: highlights: nickhun

".....For me, the presence of Khun in this episode is more than just the 'jealously' element...."

11: highlight: from like to love?

Taecyeon: what can i say?'s tilting, little by little towards an emotion of love rather than of liking...
<3 -- strawberrypen, june 14

11: highlights: on the TV

I think the newer TV models all have build-in app, such as youtube, Netflix.
Mine has thses features.
I think they are doing promotion for TV sponsor, because Hongmi did it too.
My gossip mind want to believe that 2PM already did youtube search at home, especially Taec.
He brags about her with 2pm all the time, right?
He always have ipad with him wherever he goes, right?
He is famous for spending too much time online. haha
And Taec knows to picked the safe/most interesting one to show. (remote was on his hand)
I saw a George Hu +Gui Gui video there on screen, thank god he didn't play that one. -- bladerunner, june 14


first post: Queen Inhyun's man?

"......I had that same feeling when I saw "Queen Inhyun' s man" leads Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo....."

7: stills: a nap under the sun

BTS still in Jejudo
-- straweberrypen, june 14

11: stills: the guests and hosts

GuiGui posts pics with her guests, BTS...

11: highlights: from mine to ours

towards identifying themselves as a couple...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sina Exclusive 2PM Interview 06/18/13

commentary: on buying the shoes

angelangie said:

15: vid: continuous story by ou any

Ou Any from YT combined the making and actual footage of episode 15 into one continuous story.  

Pops in Seoul - 2PM (A.D.T.O.Y (All Day I Think of You)) 2PM (하.니.뿐.)

Found this clip.... @3:15 Taec said he browse the internet very often and reads the comments...

10: gif: gantong


2PM Lotte October Calendar

cr: as tagged
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TaecGui rocking same sunglasses

same sunglasses....i think someone mention about it before right that TaecGui share the almost similar shape of sunglasses 

cr: as tagged

GuiGui pic collage

Taec gifs

Cr : Tumblr

Taec grabbing GuiGui by the wrist

Did some of you notice that there are a lot of scenes where Taec is grabbing GuiGui's wrist instead of holding her hand? Like in this one..

11: kwanghee and paparazzed

I always wondered why celebrities wear sunglasses in public esp. at the airport .....  then I remembered   @packmule3   aka KwangHee has the perfect answer ....

TaecGui: Halloween edition

With Halloween next month Haunted Houses will be starting and with all the scary ghouls and goblins not sure if Taec would be jumping into GuiGui's arms to save him or if he would be beastly and save her! 

Let's design a Haunted House for them, shall we?

1. When they open the door and step into the foyer, the floor should drop a little. That way, Guigui will fall onto him and he'll have to put an arm around her shoulder.

2. When they walk down the corridor, air vents at the bottom of the floor should blow air AND squeaking sounds should be an impression of mice brushing up against their ankles. Guigui will jump into his arms or wrap her arms around his neck. 

3. A portrait on the wall should change faces and show Taecyeon's face as a scary ghost OR it should have eyes that follow them down the corridor. 

Your turn, @angelangie. Not too frightening though because we might have minors and scaredy-cats lurking around. 

4. walking down there two door one with spider web over it the other is just a plain look door.....taec and gui gui turn to look at each other......they did kai bai bong and it was gui gui to decided since it winder to decide......and well gui gui pick the one with spider web.....which had Taec wince lols....well Gui Gui will be Gui Gui 

5. so turn out Gui Gui choice is right....the room is total white in color so they walking down but still Taec rein gui gui in besides him as u know sometimes normal is not normal.....just as they near the exit door....the room was plunge into total darkness that you cannot even see your hands right in front of you giving both a start and both stop short with Gui Gui gripping taec's hands with both hands now....while Taec slowly patted with his other hands and try to stay calms himself

lols............okie anyone else to take up the haunted house challenge? @wishstarz you started this now pit in a lil 

The Haunted Horror house (of amusement parks)- they have staff in scary costumes inside right?

Well Taec & GG will have a mission to explore the whole horror house and Taec will lead walking ahead holding the hand of GG who's behind him (but she's not really afraid. The prankster that she is, she will have one of those in costumes the "sadako white lady with long hair" take her place in holding Taec's hand from behind tagging along in the dark corridors, and Taec concentrating on the mission doesn't notice at first, until he noticed she was unusually silent and asks, "GG-ah, kechana?" then the lady will answer in a scary low voice, "kechana...Oppa" Taec will turn around and totally freaking out "Y-yaahhh!!"
while in one corner GG is laughing so hard..

11: highlights: GuiGui's name

Gui Gui nickname is derived from a Chinese saying 鬼灵精怪 'Gui Ling Jing Guai' meaning a michievous person,

Taecs airport fashion

Taec strutting down the runway airport... 

sharing top TaecGui moments

yup, i think he was trying to steel himself from her charms. and probably so not to miss her so much after?

TY's sensitive area and matrix move

TY: This is a very sensitive area .....    

11: highlights: sheep massager

Now we all know where the sheep came from heheheh and not to mention another person definitely have another 1 of it

it came as a pair!!! -- angelangie, june 14

11: stills: the kiss!

LMAO...Look at Taecyeon's face!!

...and Junho's screaming so loud, you can't see his eyes anymore --

11: stills: love shot



-- yukiyama, june 14

chatter & sleuths: Taec & his phone

what is Taec looking at on his phone? fans chatter....

GuiGui: a superstar in my family

photo image_zpsd92fd06d.jpg

commentary: who are you and ghost cat

from one ghost to another... ghost cat?

Birthday Greetings to 129alphabet

This is not a TaecGui related post but instead of sending a private message to @129alphabet I decided to surprise her here...a short one shot of you and Junho ^__^

trust is like an eraser

okie girls suddenly a thought came into my minds..........taec said

'trust is like an eraser, keep using it and it will goes away'

Taec at the games

so TaecYeon on holiday....he went to the base ball games....and the girl that taking pictures with him seems to be very tight with him? cant see the face cause it already had a flower on it lols

9: highlight: Taec or oppa?

in BTS, GuiGui refers to him as Taec

oppa time

Girls, I have put together all your suggestions for What to do for Oppa Time and we have an impressive list of activities (whistle)     Feel free to add on.

what time is it? it's oppa time!

Ok, since permission to be delusional has been given.... bring it on, girls!!  Here's one:

10: gifs: inviting friends to the housewarming

one thing i find funny in this is that when Taec told WooYoung to come over for the house warming party he acted busy??? BUSY???

2PM Emoticons

Cutie 2PM Naver Line Band Stickers/Emoticons...

gifs: are you okay oppa?

Packmule3   The different times TY said a joke and she responded with a frown and/or sternly said (something - italics mine) ....

variety show: who is Taec talking to?

Taec startled and shocked after guerrilla date host asks who was he on the phone with....


I don't know how long we will have to be on this forum before we get some evidence that Taec and GuiGui are dating after the show. Like every other TaecGui nut on here, I have watched the episodes multiple times.

other work: GuiGui and music videos

a collection of music videos that GuiGui worked in...


You see in English, there’s a difference in degree or attitude of the murmur-er.  For me, 

To say something quietly, you whisper.
To say something quietly because you’re shy or unsure, you mumble.
To say something quietly because you’re complaining, you mutter.
To say something quietly because you’re speaking privately to someone or you’re expressing your thoughts out loud, you murmur. 
To say something a little bit louder but still in the quiet sense because you’re annoyed, you grumble.

I’d like to see what GG thought TY was doing. Mumbling, muttering or murmuring. 

chatter & sleuths: where is GuiGui travelling to?

Connecting the dots:
June 13: GuiGui updates she is traveling. 
chatter:  2PM is in Japan for concert and GuiGui updates her Facebook that she is traveling? where is she off to? 

commentary: on anti-fans

 ....even a kid now has the anti fans cafe...

analysis: Taec likes to clean up GuiGui

......Taec demonstrated his care for Guigui in small ways. He simply wasn’t the type to showcase his emotions in a big, self-aggrandizing, “Look at me! I’m being such a hero” manner.....

variety show: JYP told 2PM they can date

I did find the video that Taec said JYP no longer has "no dating policy" on 2PM.

commentary: the heart of marriage is memories

while updating the blog, here's a quote I used as a caption -- isn't it fitting for TaecGui?
The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.
 -- Bill Cosby (comedian)

commentary: shiny faces?

@angelangie  Ange, my hubby said Taec is very much more "shine" whenever he's with Gui Gui that's why he looks more handsome as I told my husband I like Taec more whenever he's with Gui Gui because he's more handsome. -- d300oi, june 13

actually i found them alike here....this looks just like they share what we chinese love to call 'Fu Qi Xiang = 夫妻相 -- angelangie, june 13