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analysis: analysis from GuiGui's FB posts, part III

....Just like her youtube links can be split into various categories: so, can these..
by Lmangla

analysis: GuiGui promotion of WGM, part II

....lets look at how she promoted it in terms of posting the youtube links.
by Lmangla
2PM CF Nepa

3: stills: the gaze

I know you're not asking me but I just want to say; what attracted me to our Taecgui couple is...the way he looked at her, eyes don't lie.

14: stills: holding back tears

When Gui Gui cries...I feel like crying too!  :((    Especially, knowing that they will not be able to see each other anymore and for us fans, not to see their happy, fun times together.

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4: gif: a pixie, a gentleman and some fairy dust


unseen wedding preparation making film 1 from elis luvgeunscouple

photoshoot collage

11: gif: who's aaron yan?


collage: on Guigui and biting

Heard this on a local radio station yesterday.  Biting indicates claim of ownership!  Sort of marking a territory!  and uri GG likes to bite her Oppa!     

GuiGui's Profile

 Guigui's Profile

mv: TaecGui: Come What May by 129alphabet

timeline: GuiGui FB/WB by Lmangla part 3

Part 3: digging through GuiGui's FB -- these were the pictures that I remember we all got excited by, though some I cannot remember why..can someone remind me how this was connected to Taec? I know there was a "miss you" somewhere but guess it was uploaded on weibo perhaps? 

GuiGui FB/WB by Lmangla part 2

part 2: digging through GuiGui's FB
so this was very interesting.. I was under the impression that she posted links to every episode preview but she didn't. previews for episode 10, 12 and 13 were not posted..
its really interesting that in the beginning, she just posts the links and tells people to watch.. but as the episodes gain, there seems to be more personal messages attached to the links.. read through and post your thoughts...

analysis: GuiGui WGM posts Part 1

by lmangla
Part 1:
So digging through GuiGui's FB and picked up the WGM related posts from when it started airing till it ended.... the translations for some of the captions make me laugh.. but never mind that.. so put on your analyzing caps and see if you can spot trends 

7 gif: the honeymoon they would never forget

the heart
slips backward,
remembering, remembering,
where the god had been
as he beat his furious wings.

-- Anne Sexton (poet) 

5: gif: waking up sleeping beauty

Photographer to Taec: "wake her up with a kiss, a slight kiss on the chin"; "we won't help you to kiss her"; "your nostrils are flaring"; "it looks like you are smelling her"; "closer, she likes it, bit closer"

9: gif: a couple in a field

in a field on a beautiful day, a hug

Alright! some contribution from me since I saw OKCAT is posted here!

7: gif: aftermath

that is why vacuum cleaner was invented... for occasions like these..

mv: Season of Love by 129alphabet


guigui's audio message

Hello, friends of HengDian World Studios! Hello, everyone!  I'm GuiGui Wu Ing Jie.  Right now I'm in HengDian filming "The Incisive Great Teacher'.  Please support it when it broadcasts. Bye, bye!  

Taec's tweet on Okcat


mv: Recalling by Ou Any

collage: the power of her aegyo

@packmule3   If Taiwan ever were to be invaded by aliens, she could be her country’s sole front-line defense. She’d disarmed the hostile army with her smile and cuteness.   
You mean like this?  -- Biruangel



mv: TaecGui: A Thousand Years by Maber Mabert

August 29

Thursday, August 29, 2013

vid: George and GuiGui interview



Posted Image

Thank you China Times also MJ, let me wear a Mei Mei Mei Mei shot.

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Posted Image

here's a pic of the whole cast and they are filming at JinMen..

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GuiGui Ad

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oh well... she looks so happy to see her face in the convenience store... she gave a kiss on the pic... MUA!!!

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here are some pics posted by gui gui...

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Oct. 22, 2011
Shoot down the lake today, drink a lot of water! In fact, very exciting ...

Posted Image
Oct. 24, 2011


GuiGui article

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guigui buy a new house before and news about her ex relationship with G.Hu..(OLD NEWS, last year i think)image
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戀情事業皆得意 鬼鬼千萬買屋筑愛巢












Love and Work both successful. Gui Gui buys a 10 million TWD Love home (Approx.$300,000 USD)

Because of filming Liu Zhi Chian's <<Nian Ni>> mv Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) became famous, thus her and her company's senior George Hu's relationship got around the media, even though she smiles and denies the rumors many people from the entertainment industry have witnessed their relationship start. When someone has something happy going on there's a lot of good energy, recently real estate brokers spread that Gui Gui at then end of August bought a condo in Nan Gang, Taipei. The seller sold it for 10mil (TWD), and Gui Gui without hesitation immediately bought it.

The condo Gui Gui bought is located in Chong Hsiao Dong Lu sixth section, known as the Park Hyatt region,(then they talk about the size of the place n square footage but I don't get it). The condo itself is about $7,800,000TWD and the parkng space was about $1,500,000TWD so all together is about 10mil(TWD). It's reported that in August she officially signed the contract.

Due to her sudden turn over in popularity she felt sad and cried but her new home is still in renovations, and it's ghost month so she still has to wait awhile before she can move into the new home.

Recently Gui Gui told the newspaper because her mother and aunt or older now everyday they have to hike up the stairs which is very tiring, so she wants to save up enough money to buy them a house that has an elevator. But because often she has no day or night when filming, so she bought the house to move out first so she doesn't bother them resting.

Recently she had a 22nd yr old birthday party, and at the partly she suddenly started crying and sobbing that before the release of the music video about 10 days at the Love recipe Press Conference none of the reporters paid attention to her. She sat there for 2 hrs thinking out of the 10 questions would the reporters mention/ask her anything at all. Mentioning this sad memory at the party was her senior George hu who gave her a concerned gaze silently caring for Gui Gui. In the drama she painly loves someone else but outside of the drama she's very happy, according to rumors George Hu and Gui Gui's relationship has already started undergroud for a year now, but they carefully protects their relationship, afraid that their relationship will be exposed.

The drama where their relationship started <<Me and My Brother, En>> was currently broadcasted in CTV. In the drama George Hu is in love with Gui Gui but Gui Gui loves someone else. The guy that Gui Gui loves goes after another girl because of this Gui Gui got pissed and decided to marry George Hu. Right before the wedding Gui Gui suddenly ran away, wearing a wedding gown she fled to the beach to think. After George Hu finds her at the beach he did not make her finish the wedding ceremony, he only said to her "No matter what your decision is I will support it, I just hope we can still be friends." But outside the drama their relationship is going very smoothly.

Last year <<Me and My Brother, En>> was filmed in Dan Shui, George Hu constantly drives Gui Gui home and to the film set, even though George is older that Gui Gui 8 years they are both very lively people and especially have things to talk about. The two started due to the sweet picking up and dropping off set and officially started dating. George Hu loves to do sports, currently riding bikes is very popular and George loves to go biking, thus Gui Gui goes along. They often go biking together. And constantly goes out with friends together to eat.

After <<Me and My Brother, En>> finished filming Gui Gui went to mainland China to film <<Painted Skin>> which was produced by Yang Deng Kui and therefore met his personal assisstant and Polyland Internation Entertainment's manager Chen Xiu Qing. And following her boyfriend signed into Polyland. However, to others they do not want their relationship exposed. Recently when we interviewed her and asked her if she had a boyfriend she gave a sly smile and said "I can't tell you, I can only say there is someone but nothing official." Previously we interviewed George Hu and he said "No No! I'm too busy I don't dare to have a girlfriend right now. Because of trying to not expose their relationship the two seem to be saying things that are not like what it seems. Gui Gui and George Hu's manager Chen Xiu Qing says "the two know each other from filming and are very good friends, the two are in the same company and have some of the same friends. Probably because they often go out to eat together so is mistaken by others that they are dating." As to the new house Gui Gui's manager explains that "she decided to buy it. She always loves to buy stuff so the pressure of paying the mortgage loan is a good thing."


socmed: GuiGui & her hat

Connecting the dots: 
27 July -- GuiGui hidden behind her hat...
25 july -- Taec tweets with hiding partially his face behind his script

7: gif: Disastrous Event

so after the softly piggy back the stroll down the edge of the waves hitting softly at the sands together....

the moments dont stay sweet forever :D so after sweet moment are u girls ready???


collage: a caring man

GG was asked by a fan on how she felt about her Oppa .... "Oppa is a very caringly thoughtful and attentive man"  
Here are some instances of his "Tender Loving Care" for GG .....       

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