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time2sub: Episode 13 BTS

Who Are You stills

More soju & "ganbei~ing" for our officer Gunwoo...haha 

GuiGui tree

GuiGui FB update

Gui Gui updated her FB

many faces of Gui Gui part 2

now that the thread is back to normal lets us celebrate it with the many faces of Gui Gui 

the many faces of Gui Gui

many faces of Gui Gui  

mv: can i have this dance?

Granted, there is fact and there is fantasy.  We don't know all the facts of TaecGui and how they are now.   Most often, our fantasies may get the best of us, and we choose to see what we want to see and relate whatever they do individually to each other.  Fact:  they are both working diligently on their respective projects.  Fact:  they are working with people of the opposite sex.  

mv: I honestly love you - TaecGui 鬼澤 taecyeon guigui taec グイグイ テギョン 鬼鬼 귀귀 택연

I don't know if any of us posted this MV here before or not but I just happen to check all the TaecGui videos and found this one.   It really tell about GuiGui's feeling with Taec and about Taec's reacted to her.  Their memories and this song created a very emotional feeling for me, I miss them, love them want to cry again for their love story.

Taec in Barefoot Friends

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Taec signing Who Are You Poster

Taec signing Who Are You Poster

Taec, Who Are You

Episode 7: Jejudo Honeymoon trip, May 17

day 7: March 5: Highlights
-at airport: fighting over GG’s passport, flight
-arrival at Jejudo, driving to the beach
-beach scenes: dancing 10 out of 10 for the first time, GG’s aegyo hug, kai bai bo, piggyback
-at the hotel: exploring the room, bathtub “not right now”,unpacking the luggage, GG spills facial powder, changing into couple shirts

Episode 6: Photoshoot, May 10

still day 5: Feb 17: Yes/No game, photoshoot with friends(making),  traditional hanbok, jujube/date
time lapsed between day 5 and 6
day 6: March 4: 
at beauty salon:
-Taec comes to pick her up, planning their wedding “just with you is enough”,
-“have the baby?” TY’s reaction: No….wha?t…what do you want???GG: Just kidding!!!...TY; No!!
-GG’s necklace: “Oppa, you wanna try? TY: No. it’s scary…I’m okay...voice trailing GG puts it on anyways. GG: “You are mine, Oppa” TY: ooo ye. agreeing…...GG: “Oppa, don’t angry…,
-Taec books their flight, draws plans for ceremony
-at the jewelry store to buy rings, “another ring”
-unseen bts: at the salon: GG: speaking in chinese ni xiang wo ma?“(did you miss me?) TY answers blandly...GG: “I’m not a fan, I’m your wife, again, ni xiang wo ma?”  TY: O, wo xiang ni

mv: Taecyeon & Guigui 택연&귀귀 鬼澤夫婦 - K. Will (Feat. MC Mong) Love 119

More fan-made music videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy~

2013.7.5 胡夏鬼鬼甜蜜互搞 不願腳貼腳寧熱吻 mv bts

3:photo: Taec reads Harry Potter

okie about the pictures i did my if it really harry potter that will be Deathly Hallows i think....though the camera are too far and they didnt zoom in and i tried to wait it out a little however when the books appear again Taec had two mugs sitting on they are covering the the same times from the angle of the books i cant find the titles which should be printed in bold red to be visible from that angle so it hard to tell....but im convince after seeing the book cover myself can see the outlines of the title right at the edge of the books as the book a little slanted so it only right  so well well our Taec is also a kid at heart huh and i remember him calling gui gui kid at heart he meet his match after all  

Episode 7 -- Highlights even celebrities are never happy with their passport photo. why? is there a universal law that prevents us from taking passport photos that we are happy with?..

Episode 6 -- Highlights

.....what was he doing that he had to explain to her popo and pata pata kiss?!lmangla

socmed: GuiGui and her birthday present

Connecting the dots:
July 31:  her birthday gift: a huggable pillow
chatter: it is like the doll from the drama Goong; if you turn over the doll, will there be another picture?

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Taec mirrors GuiGui

Screencap from "Who are you"

15: highlight: GuiGui: I love you message

".....Ladies, ladies, ladies. If we’re going to be delusional, why are we holding back? lol. We might as well be delusional all the way and be hanged for a sheep as a lamb..."

2: TaecGui: feet cuddling

vid: grandpa Taec

Ok... time to go to bed....and I will leave grandpa Taec with you guys... I just can't help but laugh at his antics...

socmed -- GuiGui: I will catch you

Connecting the dots:
29 July: GuiGui updates FB with 'catch you' message...
28 July: Taec tweets pics from sets of 'Who are you?' with message saying "find geonwoo" (the character's name he was playing..)
29 July: Taec tweets again with another set of find me pics..

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Episode 5: Photoshoot, May 3

still day 5Feb 17: Wedding Studio, ilsan, Gyunggi-Do
photoshoot continues, Nickhun mentioned twice, “Taec BRI: Am I not good enough?”, sheep attack, Taec’s Oprah moment, GG chasing after goat, shooting indoors with GG in her pink gown, Taec playing the piano, recharge!, Taec’s friends arrive, meal with friends, talking about their first kiss,  playing with Kwanghee:“OMG, I am Korean top star”

time2sub: Episode 12 BTS

Episode 5 -- Highlights

.....Gui Gui is quite funny and honest in that she does not even pretend that she knows kpop..

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Episode 4: Wedding Studio/Photoshoot, April 22, 2013

day 4: Feb 16: at Primavera Wedding Shop, Gangnam,Seoul: fittings, TY calls friends to join them later, choosing concept
day 5: Feb 17: Wedding Studio, ilsan, Gyunggi-Do: heading for photoshoot, secret signal for recharging, shots on the boat, this is the part where GG can’t look at Taec in the eyes

Episode 4 -- Highlights

...PD: your gaze has changed....
by lmangla

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Episode 3 -- Highlights

....In the interview, she says it was attractive that he could cut chicken.. Hmm, does she not visit the local butcher shop?...
by lmangla

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Episode 2 -- Highlights

......the caption hilariously reads "Taec having weird thoughts" -- what a PG friendly show!!!...
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Episode 1: First Meeting, April 8, 2013

day 1: 5th Feb: at OO Hotel: GuiGui’s first interview
day 2: 6th Feb: 
-at JYP office: Taec’s first interview
-at Chougabi Shoe Cafe: first meeting, “Oppa”, ganbei, silver shoes, kai bai bo, TY putting on shoes for  
GG, jump
-at ski resort: Ty putting on scarf for GG, on lift: Barney song, hand bobo, Taec carries her off lift
-at “snow field”: igloo, snow fight, Taec feeling appa, skinship

BTS #1

BTS #2

English Subtitles            
Korean Version          
Chinese  Subtitles          

Episode 1 -- highlights

......He tries to hold her hand the first time and she sort of jumps back and he says, "you are going to fall, thats why"; good excuse for skinship!...
by lmangla

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GuiGui hidden camera prank

China tv show "男左女右” will broadcast @ 7/20 i think.
This is one of their hidden camera/prank preview video clip.
Maybe someone can do a translation for people who can't understand chinese.
(sorry, my english sucks)
You can see GG's personality, she is a very good friend and no wonder all her co-stars love her!

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Episode 2 : Moving into the New House, April 13

day 3: Taec covers GG’s eyes, piano, Taec carries GG up the stairs, scene reenactments, playing in the snow (backyard), unpacking GG’s stuff, rules

2: highlights -- all in the eyes

look at their eyes their eyes is always on each other when they talk or communicate and one do not have to really finish their sentences and still the other party will totally catch on what the other wanted to say  they never look away from each other when the other tried to talk to each other....and slowly this path of communications grows when all they need was a words and a look and a touch 

8: stills: by the pool

Taec, the composer at work

GuiGui and her dogs

Gui Gui does love dogs dont her  and her love for animal is genuine...remember how the giraffe came back for another pet ? 

commentary: Taec and his camera interviews

......but he is well trained and very careful and never gives anything away. Even when he is talking on shows now, it seems like he might be saying something when it usually is very generic....

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commentary: Taec's affectionate ways

......Extravagant and grand gestures equals love and affection? I think not......

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