Friday, May 26, 2017

chatter : 2pm album cover and GG

2PM Gentlemen's Game (Chess Board theme)
Logo Design is "GG" chess king piece
GG ☆ GG ☆ GG ☆

interview: gugui birthday party press conference "my husband"

I feel extreme happy to get back to Taiwan.  During my training in Korea, I am with my agent, coworkers, and teachers almost daily.  My new album should be published by beginning of October in Korea.   It will be available in Taiwan as well.  The album is included in both Korean & Chinese language; the song styles have both fast and slow type of songs.

chatter: the spiderman mystery

random: did anyone ever figure out who was her spiderman?.....
last year:
2015.08.11 - Joanna Chiao Wishes Gui Gui a Happy Birthday
Joanna Chiao: “Dear ‘carefree ghost’~ Although you left us to go on a date with Spiderman [depressed] during this important day, I will give you my blessing. [cake] I hope that in the days to come, regardless of where you are, you will be happier and happier~ I also hope that, regardless of where we are, we will always be able to reunit every year to celebrate 8.11 [heart] Love u u [blow kisses] @Gui Gui Wu Ying Jie” ( cr: )
wait a minute, she left her bday celebration to go on a date?


fan art: cat pose


socmed: okcat and yeoncat

now, they're finally introducing the pink girl cat, Yeon Cat, okcat's new friend... hehehe

No automatic alt text available.

PS: If someone could help translate this, that would be nice ^_^ 

socmed: taec , ghost and gui

30 june 2016: taec twitter: 싸우댜 귀시나  (translation 2pmalways: lets fight ghost)
kekekeke... this is how bing translated it for me... "Fight multiple ear: I" hahahah... multiple ear? as in gui gui ? :lol: - lmangla june 30 2016

socmed: guigui and ferris wheels in london

why do these two like to post pics of these wheels in different places?? ^_^
guigui fb : june 11 2016 
caption: 站在倫敦,躺在倫敦 GB

the answer that popped into my head when i read your question @Lmangla :
Because ferris wheels are circle and is the same shape as an eye, especially the one behind her in the pic, the London Eye, and you know how someone's name has a character that sounds like "eye".
what am I saying????? LOL -- mikoshine june 14

good answer! I like! :D
but -- lmangla june 14

interview: guigui and her relationship goal

wow wow wow lols
okie guys this is freaking coincidence? :D
GG latest interview with Cool Magazine was talking about her deepest wish is to be in a relationship that she can openly admit or that something she can actually do it out there in the open without hiding! :D
Thinking cap on guys? :D -- angelangie june 2 2016

Guigui as MC in M-Count in Shanghai

From CJ E&M's instagram and Guigui also shared the same video on her weibo :) - mikoshine may28, 2016

it's the first time I've heard someone call her Ying Jie... most people just call her guigui... hehehe ^_^
something interesting during her MCing :)
Cao Lu was asking her which Korean celebrity she liked and took her a few seconds to say she liked TOP... then she asked Cao Lu the same question and Cao Lu answered she likes her husband, Jo Seho and then guigui quickly wanted to change her answer and said, "Ok Taecyeon!" kekekekeke
- mikoshine, may 29 2016

hehehhe yea she said Ok TaecYeon :D since Cao Lu supported her husband so she did the same for her own husband :D - angelangie

Yes!! She said it loud and clear..haha..
She was drop dead gorgeous in that red pink dress. Simply stunning. However, did the stylist not coordinate the MCs outfit? Coz Cao Lu dress was in skin toned color. Compare to GGs, she was bland.
I also love the fact that she met with Hong Ki..hahaha...she seem still struggling in her korean though. -- taecgui4real

Friday, December 2, 2016

news: taec is her standard?

Lols....knew im going to catch your interest on that :D
lets see it is in this article :D
i wont translate the whole article i'm too lazy for it....but there will be 2 phrases that you guys will love :D
(GuiGui who was standing at the sides kept saying awesome, laughingly said [Just like my previous oppa TaecYeon (2PM Member) as handsome as great, can dance can sing, totally dazzling)